POE Bleed Puncture Gladiator Build Guide

01/06/2023 17:45:30
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POE Bleed Puncture Gladiator Build Guide

In the ever-evolving world of Wraeclast, finding a unique, hard-hitting, and resilient character build can be a daunting task. Today, we delve into the Bleed Puncture Duelist Gladiator build, renowned for its remarkable damage output and durability, courtesy of the potent Bleed mechanic. In this comprehensive guide, we will dissect everything from the core Ascendancy choices, the Passive Skill Tree, Gear, and Gem Links, to helpful tips and tricks for making this build your own.

Build Concept:

The Bleed Puncture Gladiator's cornerstone is the manipulation of the bleed mechanic to create a veritable damage-dealing machine. Using Puncture as the primary skill, enemies are inflicted with a Bleed debuff, especially punishing when they're in motion. Furthermore, this build balances offense with defense, incorporating an impressive block and armour system, contributing to a versatile, high-survivability Gladiator.

Ascendancy and Pantheon Choices:

Gladiator's Ascendancy tree has powerful nodes for a Bleed-focused build. We recommend the following progression:

  1. Painforged: Your journey begins with a considerable boost to your block chance and damage.
  2. Versatile Combatant: This offers balanced block chance against attacks and spells, a key defensive node.
  3. Blood in the Eyes: It provides a higher chance to inflict bleeding, enhanced damage against bleeding enemies, and a handy blind mechanic.
  4. Gratuitous Violence: The cherry on top. The bleed explosions offered by this node will drastically improve your clear speed.

For the Pantheon, go for Soul of Arakaali (Major God) to augment your life recovery rate and lessen damage from Damage over Time (DoT) effects. For the Minor God, Soul of Gruthkul is a solid choice for the physical damage reduction and slowed enemy attack speed.

Passive Skill Tree and Bandits:

In your journey through the Passive Skill Tree, prioritize nodes that amplify bleed damage, increase life, boost armour, and improve block chance. The "Crimson Dance" keystone is a must-have as it allows bleed to stack up to 8 times on an enemy.

Key clusters include:

  1. Master of the Arena and Art of the Gladiator: These nodes enhance your attack speed and melee physical damage, boosting your damage output.
  2. Bloodletting: This cluster significantly enhances your bleeding damage.
  3. Versatility: Increases accuracy and attack speed.
  4. Bravery and Juggernaut: These are life-saving nodes, improving your life pool and armour.
  5. Iron Reflexes: Converts all Evasion Rating to Armor, a vital defensive boost.

In terms of Bandits, side with Kraityn for the increased attack and movement speed or simply kill all for the additional 2 passive points.

Skill Gems and Links:

Your primary skill setup should be a 6-link consisting of:

  • Puncture (Main Skill) linked with Brutality, Chance to Bleed, Deadly Ailments, Swift Affliction, and Maim support gems. This setup maximizes your bleed damage output.

For a secondary attack skill, consider Lacerate. It has a nice synergy with the build, especially when linked with Brutality, Chance to Bleed, Deadly Ailments, and Multistrike.

Your Cast When Damage Taken (CWDT) setup is your life-preserving mechanism. It should include CWDT, Immortal Call, and Increased Duration. For the fourth slot, consider Molten Shell or a personal preference skill like Enfeeble.

Vaal Ancestral Warchief is a powerful tool for boosting your DPS during boss fights and challenging encounters. It also creates a valuable distraction, giving you more freedom to maneuver.

Remember to include a mobility setup with Leap Slam, Faster Attacks, and Fortify. This combo offers quick maneuverability across the battlefield and the Fortify effect for added damage reduction.

Gear Selection:

In terms of equipment, prioritize increasing your life, resistances, and physical damage. The Bleed mechanic benefits greatly from high physical damage, as it is based on the base physical damage of the attack. Furthermore, Armour and Block mechanics will provide you with impressive durability in the face of adversaries.

Unique items to consider include:

  • Weapon: Aim for a one-handed Sword with high physical damage. Scaeva is an affordable option with good DPS.
  • Shield: A high block, Armour, and Life shield is crucial. Lioneye's Remorse is a notable unique for this slot.
  • Armour: High Armour and Life are priorities. Consider Belly of the Beast for a massive life boost.
  • Gloves: Look for high Life, Resistances, and added Physical damage. The unique Haemophilia synergizes well with our build, causing bleeding enemies to explode.
  • Boots: High Life, Resistances, and Movement speed are what you're after. Redblade Tramplers is an excellent unique choice.
  • Helmet: A high Armour/Life helmet. If possible, it should also boost your Puncture skill gems.
  • Jewelry: Amulet and Rings should provide Life, Resistances, and added Physical damage. Daresso's Salute amulet can be an excellent choice for its offensive capabilities.
  • Belt: A Rustic Sash with high Life and Resistances is ideal.


Mastering the Bleed Puncture Gladiator is no small feat, but the payoff is substantial. This build allows you to tear through maps, delve deep into darkness, and tackle fearsome bosses with impressive resilience and damage output. Remember, PoE rewards creativity and customization. Use this guide as a foundation, and feel free to experiment to fit your playstyle. Now, go forth, Gladiator, and carve your path of blood and glory through Wraeclast!

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