PoE 3.21 Update: Ruthless Modes, Returning Events and more

08.11.2022 - 07:23:11
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PoE 3.21 Update: Ruthless Modes, Returning Events and more

Path of Exile 3.21 is on the way, and Grinding Gear Games has adjusted the upcoming event to suit the preferences of different types of players. Ruthless will be released with the 3.21 expansion pack, a mode about friction, tension and anticipation. With extremely rare item drops, very few reliable sources of currency, and limited crafting, the goal is to make progression very difficult, but more rewarding.

What is Ruthless Mode?

Additional character creation badges for Ruthless along with Hardcore and Solo Self-Found, allow you to opt in for extreme item scarcity and various other variations. In short, switching results in a massive reduction in the number of item drops and the removal of many items from vendors.

With Grinding Gear Games unveiling its new Path of Exile Ruthless Mode, Ruthless Mode both maximize the difficulty with sweeping changes to the core game loop and introduces small but notable tweaks to make the game even harder.

What is the role of the Ruthless mode?

The tweaks that Ruthless brings include stacking character experience penalties to make leveling up harder and harder, removing almost all movement skills, free loot drops, flasks that don't automatically refill when entering towns, and facing true permanent death Not a standard role after the hardcore role being transferred to fails.

Some players find this mode cool, while others find it brutal, and in Ruthless mode, every new drop has the potential to be a little upgrade you desperately need. This makes PoE's standard mode more interesting.

PoE 3.20 Returning Events

Path of Exile3.20 Returning Events are Mayhem, Endless Delve and Delirium Everywhere. Grinding Gear adjusts each event to cater to different types of players.

If you like chaos and action, you can challenge Mayhem, which officially opens on November 4th and will run for ten days.

If you want to experience fresh PoE gameplay then you can head over to Endless Delve, which kicks off on November 14th and will run for a week.

If you want to experience challenging events, Delirium Everywhere is the way to go. The event started on November 21st and will run for a week.

As the level increases, you will be exposed to more and more content. When your level is between 60-95, then you have a chance to randomly enter the microtransaction prize pool and enjoy rewards such as exclusive character effects, armor packs and portals.


Path of Exile 3.20 update will bring more surprises and challenges, players will have more choices to participate in different events, but with the change of the mode, the drop of rare items will be reduced, therefore, players will get PoE Currency Items Reliable sources will also be reduced, to complete upgrades or build quickly, you can get a free guide from RPGStash, if you don't have time for Farming Gold, then you can quickly buy PoE Currency from rpgstash.com, cheap, efficient, and help you get rid of Boring grinding, happy gaming!

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