Prove Yourself To Ponts - OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded

06.12.2023 - 09:16:32
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Prove Yourself To Ponts - OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded

Majority of the tasks in OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded seem simple enough but there are a few headscratchers thrown into the mix. One of which is the task 'Prove yourself to Ponts' which rewards you with 10 points under your name. As the task is very vague as to what you need to do, a lot of players get stuck with this particular objective.

Who Is Ponts?

As you quest around the vast world of OSRS, you'll encounter Ponts, a notable NPC who plays a crucial role in your adventures. Operating under the title "Ponts the Bridgemaster," he stands guard at the eastern dungeon entrance of the Myths' Guild.

Ponts is not just a static character; his interactions with players vary based on the quests they have completed. The dialogues shift, offering a dynamic experience tailored to your in-game achievements. However, there's a catch - if certain quests remain unfinished, Ponts sternly denies entry to the dungeon.

To gain access to the dungeon and unlock its secrets, players must prove their worth to Ponts by completing the requisite quests. Only then will the Bridgemaster grant passage, allowing intrepid adventurers to explore the mysteries that lie within the eastern dungeon of the Myths' Guild.

How To Prove Yourself To Ponts

Have you done many quests and Ponts still don't deem you worthy? Ponts don't require you to complete all quests. In fact, you'll need to finish Dragon Slayer II. This is a lengthy and challenging quest, however.

To start this quest, you'll need to have beaten Dragon Slayer I, among other quests. Just so you're prepared, here are a few level requirements you'll need to meet.

  • Quest points 200 Quest points
  • 75 Magic (not boostable)
  • 70 Smithing (not boostable)
  • 68 Mining (not boostable)
  • 62 Crafting (not boostable)
  • 60 Agility (not boostable) (higher recommended)
  • 60 Thieving (not boostable)
  • 50 Construction (not boostable)
  • 50 Hitpoints (not boostable)

Once done, talk to Ponts and he'll deem you worthy. This doesn't just complete the Trailblazer task, it will also give you access to the basement area of the Myth's Guild.

Show Ponts Your Worthiness

Ponts is a tough nut to crack but if you've been doing your quests, it will be easy to impress him. Whether you want to explore the rest of the Myth's Guild or you just want those 10 points for Trailblaze Reloaded, you at least now have an idea of what you need to do.

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