[3.18] Pyroclast Miner Shadow Saboteur Guide

02/08/2022 10:37:18
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[3.18] Welcome to the Fire Pyroclast Miner Saboteur build guide! 

Table of contents:

> Basics

> Mechanics

> Playstyle

> Class, Tree, Pantheon, Masteries

> Equipment

> Flasks

> Skill Gems


Pyroclast Mine is one of the mine types introduced during the great mine rework a long time ago. For some reason, it still flies under the radar for a lot of people - even though it has some of the most fun visuals and great single target DPS. In this build, we will focus on scaling its damage output to its maximum, while still having a good amount of defenses :)


https://pastebin.com/WY44Hbqr to use in Path of Building





Pyroclast Mines deals fire damage around it and then fires mortar-like projectiles around it in random directions. Every mine applies an added fire damage buff against enemies around it, and for every 4 mines detonated before them in sequence, they get an additional projectile, letting you ramp to a sky-high amount of projectiles if you throw them out during an already started sequence (CLICK for video). They鈥檙e some of the best for clearing and bossing due to their interaction with a certain unique ring, which I鈥檒l mention later into the guide :)

Pros and Cons


+ High single target damage

+ Being able to frontload all of our mines

+ Scales really well with investment


- Mines have delayed damage
- Requires a medium budget (at least 10ex)


Mechanics Used


Low Life - A character counts as Low Life whenever they are below 50% maximum life. The Pain Attunement keystone gives us 30% more damage while we are in this state - the problem being, Chaos Damage bypasses Energy Shield (our main source of defense) and as much as 1000 chaos damage could kill our character. Because of that, we use the Shavronne鈥檚 Wrappings, which prevents that from happening - letting us reserve most of our life with auras.

Ghost Dance - This keystone provides us with Ghost Shrouds every 2 seconds. These charges can stack up to 3, recovering 3% of our Evasion Rating per Ghost Shroud when we are hit, essentially recovering us around 1800 energy shield. 

Essence Reaver - This keystone prevents us from recharging our energy shield, in turn making us leech energy instead of life and doubling our leech. An important thing to remember is that it disables exclusively recharge, we can still regenerate energy shield freely.

Useful Links and Path of Building


Path of Building: A powerful tool for planning/sharing builds. To have all info from this build compressed into one simple character sheet, use this link in the 'import' section.




Get Path of Building here!




Playstyle and Leveling




At the start of the game, use Explosive trap, as its damage is unrivaled early into your progression. Once you have more links available (at least four) switch to a Purifying Flame + Mine support setup. We can use Pyroclast Mines around the middle of Act 3.


If you dislike pressing D constantly to detonate your mines, remember to rebind the button to something else, like Space!

For clear, we want to use Pyroclast Mines exclusively, as we don鈥檛 need any of the other gems. If you feel like the clear is too slow due to the Minefield support, swap it out for Swift Assembly, which doesn鈥檛 have the mine throwing speed penalty. 


For bosses, just lay down all of the mines you can and start the detonation sequence whenever the boss starts being vulnerable to damage. Remember to use Bear Trap, Sniper鈥檚 Mark and our Arcanist Brand WoC


Map Mods


No mods are scary for this build, except maybe for less effect of auras from our skills.


Class, Tree, Pantheon


Passive Points

Tree for level 100


The main version of the build



Import this link to Path of Building.



 +25% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Unique Enemies

30% increased Effect of Auras from Mines

30% increased Life Reservation Efficiency of Skills

30% increased Maximum total Energy Shield Recovery per second from Leech

8% increased Damage for each of your Aura or Herald Skills affecting you

Auras from your Skills have 15% increased Effect on you

Discipline has 25% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency

Each Mine applies 2% increased Damage taken to Enemies near it, up to 10%

Each Mine applies 2% reduced Damage dealt to Enemies near it, up to 10%

Mines cannot be Damaged



The Ascendancy (subclass) we鈥檙e using for this build is the Saboteur


Pyromaniac (Normal): We really want to take this node as fast as possible. It鈥檚 our main source of life recovery, making us recover about 10% of our maximum life every second, all the time. On top of that, we are also immune to shock and ignite - meaning we just have to get freeze immunity to be unaffected by all of the most annoying ailments.


Bomb Specialist (Cruel): More speed, more AoE - nothing to write poems about, but we have to take it to get access to the next notable.


Demolitions Specialist (Merciless): This is undoubtedly the best passive for mines. Doubling the aura effect of our mines increases the added damage we get per mine from 31 to about 77 added fire damage per mine.


Explosives Expert (Eternal): Since we apply all elemental ailments to our enemies (shock and chill through Skitterbots, ignite through Wave of Conviction) we can get the full benefits of this node, increasing our DPS by about 25%.



路 Soul of the Brine King: We want it solely for the Cannot be Frozen upgrade, as we are already ignite/shock immune.

路 Soul of Shakari: Lowers damage taken from poison, while also limiting the maximum amount of poisons on us at the same time. Must take!



路 The passive points we want to anoint are either the Tranquility notable, which makes increases to energy shield also apply to our damage at 鈪 of their value, or the Charisma notable, which lowers the mana reservation of our skills greatly. 




Click here to get your gear quickly by buying POE Currency and Exalted Orbs




Rare Helmet - Since the items in our other slots are mostly uniques, we absolutely want this slot to be rare, as we need it as a source of our resistances and energy shield. Look for a helmet with:
- at least 300 energy shield
- +30% to an Elemental Resistance
- +30% to another Elemental Resistance
- crafted %mine throwing speed or another resistance (suffix slot).

If you can, get the Pyroclast Mine fires an additional Projectile enchant.

For implicits, get whatever gives u the most DPS.



Rare Boots - For the endgame you want rare boots. There are no real other options.


Mods you should look for on rare boots are:

- + to movement speed

- at least 100 energy shield

- +% to one elemental resistance

- +% to another elemental resistance 

- crafted Cannot be Frozen mod


Get the action speed implicit by using the eldritch currency.


Since Mines don鈥檛 count as us killing stuff, we can make great use of two enchantments:
- Damage penetrates 10% of Elemental Resistance if you haven鈥檛 killed recently
- Adds 1 to 160 Lightning damage if you haven鈥檛 killed recently



Machina Mitts are the best choice for this build, as they give us a huge amount of recovery - due to the 1% of Damage dealt by your Mines is Leeched mod. Leech is basically PoE鈥檚 version of life steal or spellvamp. The Energy Reaver keystone converts life leech into energy leech, letting us recover as much as 2.8k energy shield every second.



Body Armour


Solaris Loca is the cheapest of the cheap options. You can get a very cheap 6-linked version of it, but I鈥檇 advise you not to use it if you can afford even a 5-link Shavs. Please.


Shavronne鈥檚 Wrappings - this is the best body armor for this build. It has an okay amount of Energy Shield, some lightning resistance, but most importantly, it has the Chaos Damage does not Bypass Energy Shield mod, which saves our build from dying instantly whenever we get as much as tapped by any chaos spell. If possible, try to get one with good corruptions.



路 Shimmeron - If you want to use this wand, you can ignore some of the %increased critical strike chance on the tree and/or gear and instead spec into more Power Charges, as it scales splendidly with it. We use it before we can afford a better, rare wand.
路 Rare Wand - this is the best choice for this build, although the most expensive one too. Mods we care about are:

- +1 to Level of All Fire Spell Skill Gems
- Adds Fire Damage to Spells
- Increased Spell/Fire Damage
- Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- Critical Strike Chance with Spells


Prism Guardian is the only unique shield we can use. It might be a bit pricey, but it鈥檚 absolutely crucial because of its 鈥済ems reserve life instead of mana鈥 effect. Normally, you can get that by using the Arrogance support gem - but that doubles the reservation of our auras, while this shield doesn鈥檛. That鈥檚 the reason we socket our Grace, Anger and Zealotry in it.



Circle of Anguish - this is the first ring we want on this build. The synthesized Circle of X rings come from the distant memory encounters in the endgame in five variants (for every Herald skill in the game). The one we鈥檙e most interested in is Anguish, which gives us bonuses based on the Herald of Ash skill. The 2 specific mods we鈥檙e looking for are %increased fire damage while affected by Herald of Ash, and Herald of Ash has %increased Buff Effect.

Astral Projector is a really interesting ring. Normally, the Pyroclast Mines鈥 projectiles go into random directions around the place they鈥檝e been fired from, but this ring changes their behavior - with it on your finger, the projectiles will aim towards where the enemies are standing, making it a huge boost to both clear and single target.



Rare belt - since we can鈥檛 really use any unique belts other than Mageblood, we instead shift our eyes to the Crystal Belt, which has the highest implicit energy shield.


- + to maximum Energy Shield

- %increased Energy Shield

- Any resistances needed

- Any attributes needed (can be crafted with bench).




Presence of Chayula is the only amulet we want to use. It gives us the valuable Cannot be Stunned mod, huge bonus chaos resistance and it also converts some of our not needed life into Energy Shield, basically giving us about 1.5k energy shield when our build is finished. Remember that this mod scales with catalysts, so use them to buff it from 20% to 24%.








Flasks in Path of Exile are different from other games. Not all of them are made for regaining life and mana - a lot of them are more offensively oriented. This build's setup looks like this:


Dying Sun - this is one of our three DPS flasks. It increases the amount of projectiles, giving us more overlaps on bosses. If possible, use the %increased effect or %increased duration enkindling buffs on it.


Bottled Faith - our second DPS flask, which grants our enemies increased damage taken while they are on Consecrated Ground, which this flask spreads on nearly the entire screen upon use. It also reduces the effect of curses on us and gives us life regeneration.


Quartz Flask is a flask that gives us the really strong Phasing buff. Phasing prevents us from being body blocked by enemies, letting us phase through them.


The Wise Oak - this is our third DPS flask. If you keep your uncapped fire resistance as the highest (uncapped meaning the number in brackets, next to your actual resistance) we will benefit from the 8% fire penetration bonus. Additionally, if you manage to balance all of your resistances so they鈥檙e even, you鈥檒l get all of the bonuses at once.

Quicksilver Flask - this is the flask used most commonly in all of PoE. It grants us the most important stuff of all - speed :)






Jewels are items socketable in Jewel Sockets found on the passive tree.

Rare Jewels - try to get maximum life, critical strike multiplier and maybe some missing resistances if needed.


On Cluster jewels, look for:
Large - Cremator/Prismatic Heart/Widespread Destruction
Medium - Guerilla Tactics/Expert Sabotage (get both)

Watcher鈥檚 Eye - this jewel can roll multiple modifiers connected to the auras we use. Look for ones with Anger, Zealotry or Grace connected ones.









Pyroclast Mine = Minefield = Trap and Mine Damage = Increased Critical Strikes = Inspiration = Elemental Focus


This is our mine setup. The most important support gems are Minefield, which makes us lay down 4 mines instead of 1, at the cost of lowering our mine throwing speed significantly, the other one is Inspiration, which lowers the mana cost of our Pyroclast Mines. The other support gems are pure DPS.





Vitality (level 8) = Clarity (level 5) = Defiance Banner


This is our minor aura setup. Vitality and Clarity have mana reservation scaling with their gem levels, so we want to keep it on the lower end so it doesn鈥檛 take too much of our mana. Defiance Banner is there for the %increased evasion rating it provides, we don鈥檛 ever want to lay it down.




Grace (optionally Vaal) = Anger = Zealotry

This is very important. We want to have these auras in our shield slot because that way, they will reserve our life instead of mana. Grace gives us a high amount of base evasion and a more evasion multiplier. Anger and Zealotry are our offensive auras, granting us added fire damage and more spell damage.



Bear Trap = Arcane Surge (level 6) = Frostblink


Bear Trap is a skill we use on bosses, as it applies an increased damage taken from traps and mines debuff to the enemy hit. It also hinders their movement speed greatly, making it a great way to increase our damage. Frostblink is our movement skill, which we link to a low level Arcane Surge support to make sure we have that buff on us as often as possible.





Arcanist Brand = Combustion = Wave of Conviction ||| Sniper鈥檚 Mark 

Arcanist Brand is a support gem that changes the behavior of linked skills. It makes them become a brand, that casts the skill on our enemies as long as the brand persists for a duration. This is why we link it to Wave of Conviction and Combustion, so it applies the Exposure and Combustion debuffs for as long as possible. Sniper鈥檚 Mark increases damage taken from projectiles, which is why we use it on single target.





Herald of Ash = Discipline = Summon Skitterbots


This is our third mana reservation setup. Herald of Ash gives us more spell fire damage, while Discipline gives us some extra base energy shield. Summon Skitterbots is a skill that summons two robots, which apply both chill and shock to enemies around them. Occasionally, they will detonate our mines without using them up, letting us deal some extra damage. This effect can occur once every 3 seconds.


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