Rift Runeword - D2R 2.6

04.10.2022 - 10:00:40
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Rift Runeword - D2R 2.6


Hel + Ko + Lem + Gul

4 Socket Polearms / Scepters

Ladder Only Runeword

20% Chance To Cast Level 16 Tornado On Striking

16% Chance To Cast Level 21 Frozen Orb On Attack

20% Bonus To Attack Rating

Adds 160-250 Magic Damage

Adds 60-180 Fire Damage

+5-10 To All Stats (varies)

+10 To Dexterity

38% Damage Taken Goes To Mana

75% Extra Gold From Monsters

Level 15 Iron Maiden (40 Charges)

Requirements -20%


Rift is a very niche weapon that is used most commonly in the “Riftsin” build. This is a Kicksin variety that relies on Frozen Orb procs from Rift + Dragon Talon to boost its damage output. This variety of assassin is still able to run with fully synergised lightning traps, making it viable for all Hell content.

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