Roblox Blox Fruits Leveling Guide

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Roblox Blox Fruits Leveling Guide

There are lots of ways to become powerful in Blox Fruits. There’s by using swords and guns, mastering one of the fighting styles available in the game, and even eating the dangerous but rewarding Blox Fruits. A core element to progression in the game is the same as with many other RPGs - the level.

How Do Levels Work In Blox Fruits?

Leveling works similarly to other RPGs when it comes to Blox Fruits. For starters, the current max level cap in the game is currently 2550. You can level up in various ways such as defeating enemies, doing quests, partaking in Raids, and much more. The higher your level is, the stronger you become. You’ll need 105,774,383,121 XP to reach the max level.

Everytime you level up, you’re awarded with 3 stat points which you can use to increase one of the five stats in the game. Each stats increases a certain trait seen below:


This increases the amount of damage you deal using Fighting Styles. It increases by 0.5 per level and your energy increases by  per level.


Increases your max health by 5 per level.


Increases the damage you deal using swords by 0.5 per level.


Increases the damage you deal using guns by 0.5 per level.

Blox Fruit

Increased the damage you deal using Blox Fruits by 0.5 per level.

The max amount of points you can put into a certain stat is 2550. While it may sound like a good idea to balance out your character, a lot of players recommend putting focus on Defense, Mele, and one of the combat types. The good news is that you can reallocate your points eventually so you can practice many builds in the game.

Best Tip Before You Grind For Blox Fruit XP

There’s a lot of strategy that goes into leveling up in Blox Fruit. While you might want to scour the game and look for foolproof methods of you, here are a few things to keep in mind.

It’s highly recommended to use an Elemental Fruit for level grinding while you’re still in the First Sea. Ideally, you’d want to keep an eye out for the Light Fruit. Once you reach 775 or whenever you reach the Second Sea, it’s best to use the Buddha Fruit instead. This is one of the best Fruits to get, especially if you’re going to focus on using Fighting Styles for Combat.

If you want to start doing PvP from level 2200 onwards, then it would be best to use Fruits that are strong for that purpose. Some include the Leopard or Dough Fruit. If you have the budget for it, try to look for the Kitsune Fruit as well.

Blox Fruit Leveling Guide

For this guide, we’ll tackle the best methods to level up per Sea. This will make it easier for you to get to 2550 as you progress through the game. We won’t be going through all of the regions per Sea as we’ll only focus on areas where you can get decent XP for leveling.

The First Sea Leveling Guide

Pirate Starter Island/Marine Starter Island

Depending on what you choose, you’ll be placed either no the starter island for Pirates or for Marines. This is a helpful area in the game and try to get the most out of it as there’s very little risk for getting your stats up.

If you’re a pirate, you can train against Bandits, while for Marines, you’ll face off against Trainees. These are level 5 enemies that both have Elemental immunity of level 2.

The best way to farm these is by grouping them up in fours. Since your resources are very limited, focus on killing them using Melee. You can eventually get an Elemental Fruit in the island which will make grinding easier. Try to level up to level 10 in the starter island.


With the money you acquired on the starter island, look for the Blox Fruit Gacha that’s located at the top of the Jungle Temple. If you’re lucky, you can get a really good Fruit as early at this point in the game. This is completely optional though as you can just get more fruits later on in the game.

First off, try to focus on killing the level 14 Monkeys at the island first. They have level 14 Elemental Immunity which isn’t that problematic. Unlike in the Starter Islands, you don’t have to group the monkeys up first as they’re pretty scattered. This can be a lot of work but it’s the best way to grind until you reach level 20. Once you reach level 20, start fighting the Gorillas which are level 20.

Grind them until you reach level 25. At that point, fight the Gorilla King next. The best way to kill this boss is to use Ranged moves as it has a very slow movement speed and short range attacks. There’s also an elevated ledge on the side which will let you kill the boss without getting hit.


You’ll be grinding at this island for a very long time. If you have 2X XP codes, you can even get to the hundreds at this area. You’ll first have to focus on killing the level 60 Desert Bandits and then the Level 75 Desert Officers. You can group up both enemies and kill them in batches.

Frozen Village

Try to hit at least level 125 in the Desert Area. There are some decent enemies inside the Frozen Village that will help you level up like the level 90 Snow Bandits, level 100 Snowman, or the level 105 Yeti Boss.

While you’re here, however, make sure to talk to the Sword Dealer of the East to buy the Triple Katana for $60,000 and the Pipe for $100,000.


This island can be hard to farm if you don’t have a good Elemental Fruit but it’s still worth the trouble. You’ll first want to farm the level 150 Sky Bandits up until you get to level 177. Once done, focus on doing the level 175 Dark masters until you reach level 192.

While you’re here, try to buy the Dual-Headed Blade for $400,000 and the Bisento for $1,000,000 from the Master Sword Dealer. If you have enough funds, learn the Electric Fighting Style from the Mad Scientist as this can be a very useful combat style for PvP at this point.

Magma Village

There are a few bosses and enemies that you can fight in the Prison and Colloseum areas but we don’t recommend farming them. Once you get a few kills in or if you get to level 300, head to the Magma Village immediately. The Military Soldier, Military Spy, and Magma Admiral are all decent enemies to fight until you get to level 400 and above.

Try to get the Soul Cane from the Living Skeleton at $750,000. This is an amazing weapon at this point in your journey.

Upper Skylands

You’re going to be spending the rest of your time on the First Sea here as there are pretty good enemies to farm in the area. First are the level 450 God’s Guard and then the Level 475 Shanda. You can group all of these enemies together before killing them for maximum efficiency.

If you can, try to fight the Wysper Boss at level 500 because he gives out pretty good XP. There’s also a chance for him to drop the Bazooka which is a decent gun.

In the second area, farm the Royal Squad until you hit level 560. Then move on to the Royal Soldiers. Group them up in squads of 3 or 4 before killing them. You can farm these enemies up to level 637.

The Second Sea Leveling Guide

Once you hit the Second Sea, the leveling areas open up even more. The key is to progress through the islands in the right order so that you’re able to increase your level in accordance to the difficulty of the enemies. The best order to go about the Second Sea islands is:

  • Kingdom of Rose 1st Area

  • Kingdom of Rose 2nd Area

  • Green Zone

  • Graveyard

  • Snow Mountain

  • Don Swan’s Mansion

  • Hot And Cold

  • Cursed Ship

  • Ice Castle

  • Forgotten Island

There are also lots of great weapons and Fighting Styles in the Second Sea. While here, make it your main goal to reach until at least Level 1600. Defeat all of the bosses and look for areas where there are enemies that are easy to farm and group up so that you can get maximum XP. At this point, it’s best to start earning resources and money as well so that you can brace yourself for PvP fights, harder raids, and bosses in the Third Sea.

The Third Sea Leveling Guide

Port Town

There are great enemies here but unless you have or are using the Buddhe Fruit, we don’t recommend farming them. Namely, the Pirate Millionaires and the Pistol Billionaires. Both enemies are level 1500 and above. It’s hard to group them together and they can be rather dangerous to fight so farming them isn’t a good idea.

Instead of the enemies, try to fight the Stone, This is a boss at level 1550. He does high damage at a close distance. The best way to fight the boss safe;y is by using Guns or other ranged attacks. This will make short work of the Stone. You can get to level 1700 with the boss, as well as the enemies in the area.

Great Tree

Skip Hydra Island and head to the Great Tree immediately as that area is bad for grinding. However, as the enemies here are relatively strong, it’s best to have the Buddha Fruit with you to make the fights relatively easier.

First, fight the Marine Commodore. You can group the enemies in 3 or 2 to make the fights more efficient. You can fight the Great Tree until you reach 1775.

Once at a high enough level, try to fight the Kilo Admiral boss. Beating the boss gives you $35,000 which is relatively high. If you have Buddhe, you can easily kill the boss for quick high XP.

Floating Turtle

This is the next best island to farm and it’s right next to the Great Tree. Again, Buddha is highly recommended here. You’ll also find the Previous Hero, several Blox Fruit Dealers, and more. The island opens up a ton of opportunities for getting items and you’ll be spending a lot of time here.

There are a few enemies here that are worth fighting. Namely, the Fishman Raider, Fishman Captain, Forest Pirate, and the Mythological Pirate. All enemies can give you tons of XP and it’s possible to fight them in groups as well. Your goal in the Floating Turtle Island is to get to at least level 1950 so that you can gain access to the Pirate Domain.

Road To 2550

At this point, there are only three islands left to explore. Those are the Haunted Castle, Sea of Treats, and the Tiki Outpost. The Tiki Outpost is not a good area for XP grinding though so you’ll have to focus more on fighting the enemies at the Haunted Castle or the Sea of Treats.

You don’t need to get into PvP fights to get to level 2550. The enemies in the last three islands are more than enough to give you the XP to get to the maximum level in the game.

Start Leveling Up

Level 2550 might be the max level in Blox Fruits now but there’s a good chance that it will change in the future as more updates are released for the game. Before the level cap increases, make sure to start grinding using the methods above.

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