Roblox Blox Fruits: Strongest Fruits To Get In 2024

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Roblox Blox Fruits: Strongest Fruits To Get In 2024

Blox Fruits is the latest craze to hit Roblox. It’s heavily inspired by One Piece and as expected, there are fruits in the game that give you spectacular powers. These aren’t your traditional devil fruits though. In this game, it’s your job to collect the Blox Fruits. We’re going to talk about the strongest ones in the game but before that, let’s talk about how these special items work.

How Do Blox Fruits Work In Roblox Blox Fruits?

Blox fruits provide your character with great power. However, once you consume them, you will be susceptible to water in the world. In Roblox Blox Fruits, water is literally everywhere so being weak to it is a huge disadvantage in exchange for getting special abilities. Whether or not the risk is worth it is completely up to you.

As of now, there are 39 fruits in the game. They can be categorized into rarities and the type of abilities they have. There are 21 Natural, 10 Elemental, and 8 Beast Blox Fruits.

Natural fruits provide you with “superpower”-like abilities such as the ability to harness the power of gravity or the ability to turn your body into stone or diamonds. Elemental fruits are ones that let you harness the power of the elements such as fire and smoke. Beast fruits grant transformation powers into powerful monsters or beasts. 

As for rarity, they are classified as such:

  • Common (gray): Cheap fruits that are very easy to get

  • Uncommon (light blue): Cheap fruits that have a lower chance of spawning

  • Rare (dark blue): Mid-ranged fruits

  • Legendary (purple): Pricey fruits that can be hard to find

  • Mythical (red): Very pricey fruits that are very hard to find.

How To Get Blox Fruits

There are numerous ways to get the fruits in the game. Here are the easiest ones to do:

  • Make sure to deal the most damage whenever you join a Factory raid.

  • Kill the last enemy during Castle on the Sea when playing as the Marines.

  • Purchasing a fruit via the Blox Fruit Gacha or Blox Fruit Dealer. You can also get a Permanent Blox Fruit from the in-game shop or the Fruit Dealer. Your friends in the game can also give you a Permanent Blox Fruit.

  • Picking one from fruit spawns. You can do this once per hour but it’s faster at weekends as the fruits spawn every 45 minutes.

  • Taking one from another payer that dropped it.

  • Participate in in-game events. These types of events will give you access to time-limited fruits. These can’t be acquired elsewhere.

If you’re finding it hard to find Blox Fruits, you can buy a Fruit Notifier gamepass. This makes it a lot easier to get new fruits. There are also a few fruits that are acquired by doing specific things. Namely:

  • Physical Rocket Fruit - Buy from Wenlock with premium currency. You can get this fruit in the gacha so it’s not recommended to buy it.

  • Physical Kitsuna Fruit - Redeem Azure Embers from the Kitsune Shrine. Azure Embers are a Legendary-rarity material that you can get from Kitsune Shrine events.

There are some Fruits in the game that get vaulted too. There are currently just a few of those in the game so far and they’ve been vaulted because of issues. Limited-time fruits do get removed from the game but unlike vaulted fruits, they make a comeback when their respective events return. You can also still get them in-game from other players.

Strongest Blox Fruits To Get

39 Blox Fruits will take a long time to get. Even if you’re spending money, you’ll need a ton of luck to get the best fruits via the gacha. Not all blox fruits are worth getting though. Now, we’re going to show you the best blox fruits and give you some tips on how you can increase your chances of getting them. These fruits aren’t ranked from best to worst. We’re simply listing them randomly.

Kitsune Fruit

Type: Mythical Beast

Cost: $8,000,000 or 4,000 Robux

Alternative Way To Get: Offer Azure Embers at Kitsune Shrine located in the Third Sea. The chances of getting the Kitsune Fruit are abysmal though.

This is considered by many players as the best fruit in the game. However, it’s also considered as one of the toughest to get due to its price. Even by doing the Azure Embers method, you’re going to have to be very lucky to get the Kitsune Fruit.

This turns the user into a legendary fox. While in the transformed state, you have 20% damage reduction regardless of what type it is. Additionally, you’re also getting better running speed and jump height which makes you harder to hit. This is a good thing too as your friends can ride on your back while in this form for a quick escape. One of the best things however is that you can run on water while in Kitsune form.

The fruit is also useful while you’re in your regular form. You can gain a tail per attack that you deal with. Having 1 tail adds no benefit. Having two tails grants you a speed boost and a dash boost. Once you reach the max of three tails, you’ll have three glowing orbs surrounding you. This flame can deal tick damage to those it hits.

Dough Fruit

Type: Mythical Elemental

Cost: $2,800,000 or 2,400 Robux

Alternative Way To Get: None. The fruit has a 1.4% chance of spawning at a shop.

It might sound like a rather comical fruit but this is one of the best Blox Fruits in the game. One of the reasons why players love it is that it has a passive ability that lets you become immune to all physical damage. Fighting styles, swords, and guns are useless once this fruit takes effect.

Aside from that, the fruit is also revered for having a ton of PvP potential and the fact that it’s easy to grind with this fruit makes it even more desirable. It’s strong enough in its base form but the Dough Fruit becomes even more powerful once you awaken it. Awakening it is tough though as it requires finishing the Dough Raid.

Blizzard Fruit

Type: Legendary Elemental

Cost: $2,400,000 or 2,250 Robux

Alternative Way To Get: None. 

While most of the Elemental Fruits are amazing, perhaps none is better than the Blizzard Fruit when it comes to overall strength and ability. This is considered as one of the best fruits in the Legendary category because of its versatility. It has a high damage output, insane PvP potential, and more importantly, a lot of players favor this during Sea Events as it deals AoE damage. If you’re afraid of using this fruit while on Sea Events because of the water, you don’t have to worry as it has a flight ability.

The only problem with the Blizzard Fruit is that it can be very easy to avoid when you’re very far from the enemy. It would be best to zoom in using your Fighting Style abilities first to make sure that you’re getting every hit in with this fruit’s abilities.

Venom Fruit

Type: Mythical Elemental

Cost: $3,000,000 or 2,450 Robux

Alternative Way To Get: None. 

The Venom Fruit is often regarded as one of the deadliest fruits in the game. As the name implies, the Venom Fruit can deal poison damage to enemies around you. The poison will force players to either retreat and recuperate, or to stay behind and just let the poison take over them. Either way, the abilities of the fruit can shake up your enemies and open them up for even more damage.

Although it’s an elemental type of fruit, the Venom Fruit actually lets you transform into a powerful three-headed hydra. When in that form, you can’t be damaged by LMB attacks made by NPCs. On top of this, you’re getting a 50% boost to your defenses and a massive buff to your damage as well.

Dragon Fruit

Type: Beast Elemental

Cost: $3,500,000 or 2,600 Robux

Alternative Way To Get: None. 

Keep in mind that this Fruit is currently impossible to get. It’s not that it’s vaulted though. The developer has simply removed it from storefronts currently and it’s planned for release in the future. Because of this, it’s a rather expensive fruit in the in-game market and a lot of players are spending lots of money for it.

This is one of the best fruits for PvP as it has a lot of high-damage AoE abilities, as well as Instinct Break moves. If you’re going up against fighters that are always flying, this is the best fruit to use because it’s a direct counter to them. Its strength against air campers make the Dragon Fruit the perfect counter against some fruits such as Blizzard, Ice, and the Awakened Dough Fruits.

When used, you’ll have a Fury Meter that you need to fill up. It has to be in 100% before you can transform into a dragon. While in dragon form, you’re given boosted stats all-over, access to powerful abilities, as well as the ability to fly. The Dragon Fruit is often regarded as one of the most powerful fruits in the game other than the Kitsune Fruit.

Magma Fruit

Type: Rare Elemental

Cost: $9,600 or 1,300 Robux

Alternative Way To Get: None. 

There aren’t a lot of non-Mythical or Legendary Fruits in the game that are actually worth the trouble getting but one of them is the Magma Fruit. Despite being a low-rarity Fruit, it’s still pretty decent and it can be one of your best assets while farming in the game.

The Magma Fruit has high DPS and AoE potential. As that is the case, it can be used for various purposes such as PvP, Sea Beast runs, and even farming. As it is significantly easier to get compared to Mythical and Legendary Fruits, the Magma Fruit is considered as one of the best fruits to get when you’re just new to the game.

Portal Fruit

Type: Legendary Natural

Cost: $1,900,000 or 2,000 Robux

Alternative Way To Get: None.

Do you find yourself constantly running away from Bounty Hunters? Are you tired of putting yourself at risk while fighting them? If you are, then the Portal Fruit might just be what you’re looking for. With this Fruit, it will be very easy to get in and out of battle or to simply run away from fights that you know you can’t handle.

The Portal Fruit is mostly beloved for its fast-travel ability. This will help you easily get to any previously visited island in the game without having to risk going on water. Outside of this, you can create quick portals on land and air. As this is its key ability, a lot of players actually use this for hunting Fruit spawns in the game. In terms of sheer mobility, this is possibly the best Fruit there is.

Ready To Look For Fruits?

Blox Fruits are easily the heart and soul of the game and finding the best ones will make your life easier. The fruits listed above take a lot of time and effort to find but trust us when we say they’re worth the trouble. Whether you’re a Marine or a Pirate, these fruits are a good addition to your arsenal.

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