Roblox Guide: Tips For Making The Next Big Game

13.05.2024 - 23:39:40
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Roblox Guide: Tips For Making The Next Big Game

Playing the endless amount of games on Roblox is just the beginning. You can also create amazing experiences of your own. Who knows, you might be the developer of the next smash hit like Pet Simulator 99, Blox Fruits, and countless others? Playing a game is easy but making one, even on a platform like Roblox is going to take more time and effort.

If you want to start becoming an expert game developer by making baby steps on Roblox, here are some tips that you need to consider.

Starting Out

Before anything else, you’ll need to have the Roblox Studio to start creating games. The good news is that this is free software you can download from The software is only available on PC and Mac. As of this writing, there’s no way to create games on Roblox using your phone or console. Despite this, the games you make on Roblox Studio can still be made replayable on other platforms. That said, here are the system requirements for Roblox Studio:

  • Windows (64-bit) – Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or 11. For Windows 10 or earlier. Additionally, make sure that your device has Internet Explorer 11 or higher and the latest version of WebView2.¹

  • Mac – macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and above.

  • Processor – Processor with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz or better.

  • RAM – 4 GB of system memory.

  • Hard Disk – At least 10 GB of available hard disk space after installing Roblox Studio.

  • Graphics Card – A computer less than 5 years old with a dedicated video card or a laptop less than 3 years old with an integrated video card.

  • Internet Access – At least 4-8 MB/s to keep the software updated. Additionally, you’ll need this to save any projects to your Roblox account and to upload them on Roblox.

Once you have all of these, it’s time to create the game of your dreams. Roblox Studio doesn’t really require much in terms of hardware but it’s going to benefit you if you have better specs than above. You can create bigger and better-looking games without the hassle.

The creator features a simple interface with drag-and-drop mechanics so you shouldn’t take long before you fully understand how it works. As you progress, you can make use of its other features which opens up a ton of opportunities when it comes to game quality.

Choosing A Genre

The genre of the game is one of the first things that you need to consider when making a game not just on Roblox, but on any platform out there. Not all genres are available on Roblox and some games have multiple genres too. Some games are also more popular than others. If you want to make a successful game, you need to carefully think about which genre to choose. Otherwise, simply make a game that you’ll love. Here are the genres on Roblox.





Games like these are focused on allowing the players to build various types of creations. These can range from buildings to entire islands, and more. It puts the creativity of players to the test - much like the act of creating a Roblox game itself.

  • Build A Boat For Treasure

  • Plane Crazy

  • Build To Survive Simulator

  • Welcome To Bloxburg

  • RoCitizens


One of the most common genres in Roblox. It stands for first-person shooter which essentially means that the game is viewed from a first-person perspective. It’s perfect for shooters and horror games.

  • Phantom Forces

  • Arsenal

  • Big Paintball!

  • Island Royale!

  • Shootout


These are the games for the thrill-seekers and for those who love jumpscares as well. Horror games heavily rely on graphics and audio direction, making them a bit harder to make as you need some degree of knowledge to make these aspects effective.

  • Dead Silence

  • Alone in a Dark House

  • It Lurks

  • The Mirror

  • The Mimic


Obby is short for obstacle course. This is essentially a type of game where you need to run a source. It’s all about speed, agility, and reflexes with games like these. Games where you race against others are also considered an Obby in Roblox.

  • Tower of Hell

  • The Really Easy Obby

  • Escape Prison Obby

  • Escape Inflatable Obby

  • Legend of Speed


To put it simply, these are games that are heavily inspired by the global phenomenon. In games like these, you can catch monsters, train them, and battle against others too. These games can be very lengthy as there are lots of monsters to collect.

  • Bloxymon

  • Plasma

  • Loomian Legacy

  • Hatching Legends

  • Pet Simulator X


RPGs or role-playing games are typically the largest and longest pieces of content on Roblox. These games usually have robust progression and competitive systems in place which make grinding for XP, and loot, a requirement for overall success.

  • Blox Fruit

  • Dungeon Quest

  • Royale High

  • Fantastic Frontier

  • Anomic


Games like these are usually less on the action and actually gameplay and more about storytelling. These can be scary, sad, and a lot of other things. As Story games are typically text-based or purely cinematic, they’re best played casually. While they’re typically easy to make, creating a good story can actually be tough.

  • Field Trip Z

  • Break In!

  • Airplane 4

  • Daycare

  • Home Alone


The goal of survival games is to outlast other players. In most cases, it’s you against strong and powerful forces. Survival games on Roblox aren’t just about staying alive though. These can also be about inventory management, combat, and more.

  • Natural Disaster Survival

  • Flee The Facility

  • Build A Boat To Survive

  • Those Who Remain

  • Sharkbite


Tycoon games are mostly about managing businesses or other industrial establishments. These games are more relaxed but in Roblox, there are still some games like these that have a touch of competitiveness in them. These require lots of planning and dedication as that’s what managing businesses is about.

  • Restaurant Tycoon 2

  • Themepark Tycoon 2

  • Retail Tycoon 2

  • Tropical Resort Tycoon

  • Vehicle Tycoon


As the name suggests, these are games that are specifically made to be played in VR. While creating games through Roblox Studio, there will be a prompt that helps turn the game into a VR experience. VR games are all about immersion so it’s best to focus on improving the visuals of a game.

  • Cook Burgers

  • Project SCP

  • VR Hands

  • Ragdoll Simulator

  • Sound Space


Everyone knows what zombie games are at this point. These are essentially survival horror experiences on Roblox. Most games give you the ability to use guns and weapons to fight off zombies while there are some experiences where you simply have to survive.

  • Zombie Uprising

  • Project Lazarus

  • Zombie Stories

  • Zombie Attack

  • Field Trip Z

At the end of the day, it’s still up to you to choose which type of genre your game is going to be. Still, it’s worth checking out the most trending genres from time to time to see what people are into.

Aim For A Simpler Game

If this is your first time making a game on Roblox, don’t be blinded by what other creators have done already. Instead of overwhelming yourself by creating something unique and complex, focus on doing something more simpler and accessible at first. It could be a simple game where you get to explore a house. Or maybe even something where you just push objects around.

The goal of your first game shouldn’t be to create a masterpiece, it’s to first understand the tools and feel of the Roblox Studio creator. Once you get the hang of things, slowly work your way up and start doing more complex gameplay features. By taking a more relaxed approach at the beginning of your journey, you shouldn’t have any issues adjusting to bigger games later on.

Work With Others

You and your friends can collaborate with each other to create games. It doesn’t have to be a solo affair. In game development, the biggest games you see out there are made by the hands of hundreds if not thousands of people working as one. There are also some indie games that are created by some friends who decided one day to make something new and fun to play.

The Roblox Studio creator provides a lot of tools for collaboration. Everyone in the game can contribute something to the table. For instance, you could work on the story while other members of the team work on design and the gameplay features. Working alone does have its caveats but working with others can also help you get the job done as fast as possible.

Use Templates First

Roblox can be used by newbies and experts alike. If you’re a newbie to Roblox game development, we highly suggest using the templates readily available for all users. These tools are free and can help you create full games in just a couple of hours. Even the most seasoned developers use templates as it helps save them a lot of time.

There are templates for full games, assets, and more in the Roblox Studio. What’s great is that all of these assets come free of charge so you can start making games right away. Of course, having your own unique assets will allow you to create stunning and amazing games but for starters, you can start with simpler tools first.

The templates in Roblox are all customizable so there’s still a lot you can do in terms of giving your game its own identity even if you’re just using templates from Roblox Studio. 

Play Tons Of Games On Roblox

If you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to create a good idea for a game, make sure to play lots of other titles on the platform first. Try to gain inspiration from your favorite games. We’re not telling you to copy what they have from top to bottom though.

Take a look at Blox Fruit for instance. Check out what makes the game work and what it’s currently lacking. At the end of the day, gamers know games the best so you should have an idea of what you can add to the equation. The more games you play on Roblox, the better, as you’ll have a better idea of what makes the most successful games on the platform work.

Publishing And Criticism

Once you’re done with creating and testing the game, the next step is to have it published on Roblox. You can make the game available across all platforms, or just a select few. When launching for other platforms, make sure to make the necessary adjustments for the controls on the console and mobile.

If you’re not confident about the game just yet, you can have your friends test it out first. Be open to criticism especially if it’s your first time making a game on Roblox. Instead of feeling bad about what others say about your game, you should use those words to improve what you’re working on. Most of the successes you see on Roblox didn’t happen overnight. They’re all a product of hard work and dedication. You can update and make changes to your game even after it’s published so you can make it a work in progress.

A Step Towards Game Development

Even making a simple game is a big achievement on its own already.  A lot of people focus on just playing titles on Roblox and they’re already set on that. If you want to create an exciting new hit on Roblox, make sure to consider our tips above as they’re going to be very helpful in your journey.

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