Roblox: Make Your Games More Popular With These Tips

13.05.2024 - 23:36:07
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Roblox: Make Your Games More Popular With These Tips

Have you made your Roblox game and are confident with its quality? Despite that, you’re still not getting a lot of players to test it out? Unfortunately, developing the game in Roblox is just one part of the journey. To get others to play your game, you’ll need to consider a few important things first.

Constructing The Title

A good title can make or break your game’s success. First off, make sure that your title is clean and free of potential violations of Roblox’s terms of conditions. Basically, avoid words that are offensive or harmful to others. Don’t use any curse words in your title as well. Players suggest not adding in things that can be considered as tags on your title as this can affect the game’s searchability.

There are a few ways to go about the title of your game. Some prefer it simple and direct. Examples include Jailbreak and Murder Mystery. The titles of these games are pretty direct and immediately tell you what the game is about. The advantage to this is that you’re upfront about what you’re offering to the players. The downside is that many games could share the same title with what you’re choosing.

Some developers choose to go with something more playful and something that attracts curiosity. Adopt Me! is a good example of such a title. It’s an innocent title and it makes you wonder what the game is really about. The same goes for the wildly successful Blox Fruits.

Make sure to give your game a title that can stand out. There are thousands of games on Roblox right now and having something that doesn’t catch the immediate attention of gamers is already a bad sign.

Creating The Perfect Icon And Cover Art

This is one of the more challenging aspects of finishing developing a game on Roblox. If you’re not that good when it comes to visual arts or graphic design, then you might struggle a bit when creating these too.

Roblox Studio has a built-in camera that allows you to capture game footage outside of actually running the game. You can create set pieces to take shots of. Just add in your game’s title and this is a good cover art already. There is online software that lets you create Roblox cover arts easily and you might want to consider these as well.

Creating Your Game’s Description

Your game’s description is an important aspect as it tells a lot about what players can expect from your title. You can treat this as creating the introductory paragraph of an essay. You need to hook players in without giving too much away. Ideally, the description should include a sentence or two about your game and description of the current version of the game.

The game’s description shouldn’t dive into gameplay.  Let’s talk a look at the first paragraph of Blox Fruit’s description:

Welcome to Blox Fruits! Become a master swordsman or a powerful blox fruit user as you train to become the strongest player to ever live. You can choose to fight against tough enemies or have powerful boss battles while sailing across the ocean to find hidden secrets. 

It doesn’t fully describe what the game is but it does give you an idea of what the overarching goal is. Those familiar with One Piece should understand then and there what the game is really about. Under this description, the developers added important details such as the currently available fruits in the game, the current level cap, and more.

Tag Or No Tag?

Roblox doesn’t have a system like in Steam where you can add tags to your game. As such, some developers opted to add tags on their own which would look like: TAGS: RPG, Pirates, or something in the same light. We highly discourage you from doing this as this affects the searchability of your game.

Other developers say that by adding tags like this, the Roblox search engine will make the word “TAGS” or “TAG” a part of the keywords needed for your game to appear. Instead of adding in tags this way, add keywords to your description instead. Adding them naturally makes your description read better and it makes it easier for the game to appear on searches too.

Designing A Game For Roblox

As the makers of Roblox would put it, there are three conditions that your game must meet in order to increase its chances of succeeding. These are design choices which include:

  • Designing a game for behavior

  • Designing a game for the audience

  • Designing a game for the engine

By keeping these in mind, you’ll be able to create a Roblox game that appeals to the players. Let’s discuss each one and see why it’s important.


To put it simply, this refers to how users interact with Roblox as a whole. Behavior refers to the things they do within the game and this is one of the most important aspects to consider. With that said, one of the first things you need to keep in mind is that the initial impression of the players matter, and this more or less affects the success of your game. In that regard, consider the following:

  • Make The Tutorials Easy And Fun - The tutorial experience matters more than the game itself. A tutorial that’s way too long and complicated could put players off of the game even if they’ve yet to fully immerse themselves with it. Make it as simple as possible and make sure to use visuals aids to make the learning process more engaging.
    Not everything about the game should have to be revealed in the tutorial section. You can gradually introduce the more complex elements of the game as they progress through it. For the most part, the tutorial should only teach the basic game mechanics and controls.

  • Players Love Socializing - Many players treat Roblox as somewhat of a social media platform. With that in mind, you should consider making communication and socializing key elements of the game. Make sure that it’s relatively easy for players to talk to each other from the get-go.
    If players are constantly interacting with each other, there isn’t going to be any dull moments between them and the game. If they’re not playing, they’re talking with each other and this can benefit you in the long run. 

  • Making Private Servers - On the topic of socialization, make sure to make private servers affordable for players should you choose to have them. A lot of multiplayer games provide this option because players are simply more comfortable playing with their friends. Making private servers expensive is a costly mistake that can gravely affect the success of your game.


This simply refers to the people you want to play your game. While designing a game “for all ages” sounds like a good idea in hindsight, aiming for such a feat can actually cripple your success even further. By focusing on a certain demographic, you’ll be able to reach out to more quality players - or players who are most likely to stay and make purchases for your game.

The developers of the game typically categorize the audience of games into three: influencers, young audience, and old audience.

  • Influencers - These are your YouTubers, Vloggers, and Twitch Streamers. A lot of these influencers actually use Roblox games as a primary means of content. If you’re going to keep these people in mind, make sure to consider whether or not your content is actually worth streaming. In most cases, streamers like horror games and just plain and wacky games on Roblox.

  • Young Audience - As per the developers, young players tend to be more interested in games that have exploration, experimentation, and socializing. They’re also more fond of simple designs. When making games for young audiences, it’s best to focus more on the gameplay rather than the visuals as for kids, the way a game looks is only secondary.

  • Old Audience - Old and mature audiences weren’t in mind when Roblox was designed but the influx of complex and mature games drew these types of players in. A lot of creators on Roblox find success in appealing to an older audience and this might be a good idea in your next game. When designing games for them, finding a perfect balance of visuals and gameplay is a good idea.

Audiences are not one and done. You can still try to appeal to a broader demographic but at least consider these three audiences that Roblox developers have pointed out.


This refers to designing your game with the idea of the platform that gamers use. Roblox is available on PC, consoles, and smartphones. Surprisingly, the majority of the player-base play the game on their phones. While Roblox is supported by a good engine, there’s not much it can do when games are being run on weaker devices.

What this means is that you should consider tweaking your game in a way to make it run smoother across all platforms. A game that has too many particles, effects, or visual spectacles might run slower or perform poorer on mobile phones. Players are likely to leave the game immediately if they’re not getting a smooth performance.

In that sense, the UI and UX of the games also matter. Making these elements more complex in the eyes of users can heavily affect your game’s popularity. Ideally, it should look good on all platforms as well. It should not be hard to read on smaller screens.

Partner Up With Players

Partnering with players and streamers will do your game well. Streamers in particular, will expose your game to a larger audience. When it comes to transactions like these, it’s only common courtesy that you give something back to the streamer that promotes your game.

This can be in the form of exclusive items or even a few Robux. Over time, some streamers will naturally come across your game and they’ll play it without even you noticing it. If this does happen, you’re lucky as your game’s going to be exposed to a large audience free of charge. 

Be Active On Social Media

Promoting your game is highly advisable if you don’t have a lot of players yet. You can go on forums, subreddits, and Facebook groups to promote your game. Just don’t get too spammy with it as players could feel off about your game if you do it this way. The best way to market your game is by being more clear about what the game is. 

A good start would be to create a Facebook page or an X account for the game. Try to make an account in various social media platforms and then begin marketing your game from there. The more active you are, the more naturally your game is going to appear online. If you have the budget for it, you can even create a website for your game.

When it comes to marketing, you need to be more creative and resourceful. Aside from social media photos, you might want to create videos as well. There are lots of tools that will help you create videos for trailers easily.

Give It Your Roblox Game Some Time

Most importantly, make sure to give your game some time. Many of the successful games on Roblox didn’t become the way they are overnight. It’s a work in progress and it will require a lot of dedication.

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