Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Beginner’s Guide

11.04.2024 - 19:35:31
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Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Beginner’s Guide

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 launched only a few months back but it’s already easily one of the most played games on the platform. With thousands of players in the game, you might be afraid to hop in right now and start collecting pets. To make your early hours as a beginner easier, here’s a quick Roblox Pet Simulator 99 beginner’s guide.

Trade With Players

Trading is one of the more crucial aspects of Pet Simulator 99. You can trade anything from pets to items in the game. This is also a great way to start building up your resources in the game. What’s great about trading is that it also gives you access to items or pets that are no longer in the game.

There are lots of players within the community who are willing to help out newbies in the game. They’ll trade you high-value items for the low-value ones that you might have. You should also check the forums for Pet Simulator 99 and start connecting with others. You might be able to snag a few helpful items along the way.

Focus On Ranking Up

One of the things that you should focus on doing in the game is to rank up first. Not only are you able to flaunt your new title to players per rank, but you’re also getting a variety of rewards as you progress as well. If you don’t plan on spending a little extra money for resources in the game, you can use the rank-up rewards to significantly boost your account. Here are the ranks in the game right now.

  • Rank 1: Noob

  • Rank 2: Beginner

  • Rank 3: Rookie

  • Rank 4: Adventurer

  • Rank 5: Experienced

  • Rank 6: Pro

  • Rank 7: Elite

  • Rank 8: Expert

  • Rank 9: Master

  • Rank 10: Legend

  • Rank 11: Champion

  • Rank 12: Superstar

  • Rank 13: Guardian

  • Rank 14: Titan

  • Rank 15: Sentinel

  • Rank 16: Overlord

  • Rank 17: Immortal

  • Rank 18: Hacker

  • Rank 19: Mastermind

  • Rank 20: Ascendant

  • Rank 21: Tech Titan

  • Rank 22: Tech Sentinel

  • Rank 23: Tech Overlord

  • Rank 24: Tech Hacker

By getting to rank 24, you’re going to get the following rewards:

Agility Charm (1)

Apple (4)

Bag of Diamonds (16)

Banana (3)

Basic Coin Jar (2)

Blast (2)

Booth Slot Voucher (1)

Charm Stone (1)

Charm Stone (10)

Coins Potion (1)

Coins Potion I (2)

Coins Potion I (2)

Coins Potion II (4)

Coins Potion II (4)

Coins Potion III (14)

Coins Potion III (3)

Coins Potion IV (24)

Coins Potion V (23)

Coins Potion VI (19)

Comet (7)

Criticals IV (2)

Crystal Key: Lower Half (2)

Crystal Key: Upper Half (2)

Crystal Key (1)

Damage Potion (1)

Damage Potion I (1)

Damage Potion II (2)

Damage Potion IV (9)

Diamond Fountain (1)

Diamond Fountain (10)

Diamonds Flag (6)

Diamonds Potion (1)

Diamonds Potion I (2)

Diamonds Potion I (2)

Diamonds Potion II (1)

Diamonds Potion III (16)

Diamonds Potion IV (11)

Diamonds Potion V (1)

Fortune Flag (1)

Fortune Flag (8)

Giant Coin Jar (1)

Giant Coin Jar (5)

Gift Bag (16)

Happy Pets (1)

Happy Pets (1)

Hasty Flag (1)

Hasty Flag (2)

Hasty Flag (6)

Hoverboard (1)

Insta-Plant Capsule (1)

Insta-Plant Capsule (9)

Large Gift Bag (1)

Large Gift Bag (13)

Lucky Eggs III (1)

Lucky Eggs Potion I (2)

Lucky Eggs Potion I (2)

Lucky Eggs Potion II (2)

Lucky Eggs Potion III (2)

Lucky Eggs Potion IV (2)

Lucky Eggs Potion V (1)

Lucky Eggs Potion VI (1)

Magnet Flag (1)

Magnet Flag (1)

Magnet Flag (4)

Magnet III (2)

Orange (4)

Pineapple (4)

Rainbow Fruit (1)

Rainbow Fruit (10)

Seed Bag (16)

Speed I (1)

Spinny Wheel Ticket (4)

Squeaky Toy (1)

Squeaky Toy (6)

Strong Pets I (1)

Strong Pets II (1)

Super Charm (1)

Super Charm (10)

Tap Power (1)

Tap Power I (1)

Tap Power III (1)

Tap Power IV (3)

Tap Power V (1)

Tap Power VI (1)

TNT (7)

TNT Crate (1)

TNT Crate (12)

Toy Ball (1)

Toy Ball (3)

Toy Bone (1)

Toy Bone (3)

Treasure Hunter IV (3)

Treasure Hunter Potion (1)

Treasure Hunter Potion II (2)

Treasure Hunter V (3)

Walkspeed Potion I (1)


As of the most recent update to the game, there are a total of 26 ranks in Pet Simulator 99 right now. If you want to avoid getting overwhelmed by the rank-up rush every time a new update arrives, we suggest focusing on this first. Luckily, there are a few ways to do so in the game.

Prioritize Quests

The best and most important way to start rising through the tasks is by doing quests. Doing this rewards you with stars that are also needed for progression in the game. With that said, you should always focus on doing tasks first as these are essentially the most rewarding of all the side content in the game.

You can use the stars you get in exchange for rewards which vary depending on your rank. These rewards are going to be helpful when it comes to doing more quests and objectives in the game. As you progress through the game, the number of quests available to you will change as well. If you find yourself stuck as you no longer have quests to do on your current rank,

Optimize Your Objectives

You can have more than one objective active at a time in Pet Simulator 99. As such, you need to make sure that you’re doing them in the right order so that you’re able to hit two birds with one stone. This saves you the trouble of having to make multiple trips just to finish two objectives which are in separate areas.

Say, for instance, one objective wants you to explore a specific area in the game. Try to look for another quest with an objective that has you complete another task - such as mining in that area. By doing this, you’re going to save up on time and effort. Many of the quests and objectives in the game are designed to be done side by side so do it whenever possible.

Harder Quests, Better Rewards

There are 4 levels of difficulty quests in the game. The lower the stars, the easier the quests. Doing multiple 1 and 2 star quests might seem pretty convenient at first but it’s not really practical to focus on doing these at all. Instead, you should put more attention on doing the hard quests.

The 3 and 4 quests take more time and effort but they’re still pretty worth it. Another tip to keep in mind is to put the quests you hate in the 1 or 2 star lots and then just leave them be. Doing this prevents the quests from appearing as long as they’re there. This helps you optimize the quests you do moving forward which is handy especially if you’re used to doing specific types of objectives.

Tips For Specific Quests

While there are a variety of things to do in Pet Simulator 99, they still loop around the same concept. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you beat specific quests in the game.

  • Diamonds: Instead of doing diamond breakables which you’ll first have to find, it’s best to just open Free Gifts rewards or even collect the grown Diamond plants from your Flower Garden. This helps you finish this type of quest with minimal effort.

  • Breakables: The best place to find diamond breakables is in area 25 of Tiki. These spawn a higher rate of diamond breakables compared to other areas. You can do this quest at the same time as the Diamonds quest to finish two at once.

  • Potions And Enchants: There’s a gathered version of this quest that you can easily complete by upgrading. You can do so via the Potion and Enchant Upgrade Machines. This helps you save time and a lot of effort as well.

  • Eggs And Converting: Try to save any of the pets that you get from a “best egg.” The common thing to do is to convert them to Gold/Rainbow immediately. By saving the pets, you’ll have a lot of them already lined up for whenever you get this quest.

Farm All The Time

Farming is actually a boring activity in Pet Simulator 99 but if you want to make more Diamonds, farming is the cheapest and easiest way to start getting rich in the game. Farming is very important for beginners as it’s very likely that you won’t have a lot of resources at the current state.

This activity will require a ton of potions, enchants, and fruits. Luckily, these are all easy to come by as you explore the world. Just in case you run out of these items, you can use the vending machines around the world to start getting more. As quality is better than quantity, make sure to upgrade your items as soon as you can so that you get the most out of them.

Master The Art Of Fishing

One of the activities that you can get into in Pet Simulator 99 is fishing. While this might seem like a rather mundane task to do in the game, it’s well worth doing it because of the rewards you get for your troubles.

You can begin fishing in the game once you reach Area 27. In the area, talk to the fishing merchant who’ll give you your first fishing rod. To fish, you have to:

  • Stand near any water surface and interact with it to cast your reel.

  • Wait patiently and wait till a prompt appears for you to start pulling on your fishing rod.

  • To catch the fish, make sure that the red ball doesn’t go outside of the green bar.

As you catch more fish, you’ll get fishing coins which you can exchange for various items. However, we strongly suggest saving up to get advanced fishing rods. Better fishing rods don’t just help increase your chance at catching fish, there are also certain Huge pets that you can only catch by fishing. Currently, these are priced at:

  • Sturdy Fishing Rod: 100 Fishing Coins.

  • Advanced Fishing Rod: 2.5k Fishing Coins.

  • Super Fishing Rod: 30k Fishing Coins.

  • Pro Fishing Rod: 150k Fishing Coins.

There’s also a Golden Fishing Rod but you can only get these at level 5 merchant slots and via rewards from minigames. 

Why should you fish? For the rewards of course. These are what you can get from fishing in Pet Simulator 99.

Name of Drop


Image of Drop



Fishing Coins

50 - 30000+

PS99 Fishing Coin

Used to buy more effective Fishing Rods.

Very Common



PS99 ApplePS99 PineapplePS99 Icon Fruit BananaPS99 Orange

Temporarily boosts your stats for 5m.





Increases (stat) by (amount) when equipped.

Common - Very Rare



PS99 Icon Potions

Gives a temporary boost when used.

Common - Very Rare




Used to unlock more pet equipment, amount of eggs you can hatch, etc.


Old Boot


PS99 Old Boot



Toy Bone


Toy Bone

Pets deal damage 10% faster for 5m.


Toy Ball


Toy Ball

Pets run twice as fast for 5m.


Basic Coin Jar


Basic Coin Jar

Drops a destructible coin jar to be broken for coins.


Squeaky Toy


Icon toy squeaky

Pets deal damage 25% faster for 10m.


Giant Coin Jar


Giant Coin Jar

Drops a destructible coin jar to be broken for coins.


Rainbow Fruit

1 - 2+

PS99 Rainbow Fruit

Gives all the effects of every fruit.



1 - 5


Blows up all coins in a small area.


Rainbow Swirl


PS99 Rainbow Swirl

Rainbow particles appear around the user for a short duration.




PS99 Comet

Drops a destructible comet from the sky.




Icon flag yellowIcon flag redIcon flag orangeIcon flag blueIcon flag purplePS99 Strength FlagShiny FlagPS99 Rainbow FlagIcon flag aqua

Increases a specific stat for all nearby players for a few minutes.




PS99 Gift BagPS99 Large Gift Bag

Gives a variety of items when opened.

Rare - Very Rare

TNT Crate


TNT Crate

Drops down a rain of TNT Crates, blowing up coins in the area you're standing in.

Very rare

Spinny wheel ticket


Icon ticket

Allows players to spin the spinny wheel.

Very Rare



PS99 Nametag

Changes the name of a selected pet.

Very Rare

Huge Poseidon Corgi


Huge Poseidon Corgi

Equips to your team. Stronger than your best pet!

Extremely rare-Impossible

Don’t Hoard!

Stop being sentimental on the items that you have in your inventory. Unless they’re eggs or anything that you can use for fishing, it’s best to sell them and make a profit instead. One of the biggest mistakes you can make early on is to hoard the items you get - even the most basic ones. You’re making it harder to manage your inventory, and you’re missing out on making a decent profit by doing this.

The best place to sell your items is always going to be the trading plaza. You shouldn’t just trade all of your items for diamonds. Be on the lookout for players who are searching for specific items. You might be able to sell your low-value item for something more with the right player.

Consider Using Two Accounts

This isn’t always a good tip to abide by but you can effectively double your resources by having two accounts that trade with each other. If you’re missing a few early-game items, you can create a new account and just trade what you have there into your real account.  This is a great way to maximize the resources that new players get.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to level up both accounts at the same time though. If you want a huge boost, you can buy a high-level account online from others and then trade the stuff they have into your real account as well!

Be Updated!

The developers of Pet Simulator 99 are very active when it comes to delivering updates to the game. Update 8 which was released a few days back was filled with tons of new things in the game. If you want to maximize your hours spent on Pet Simulator 99, you should take the time to listen in on what the developers have cooked up for the game.

The official website of the developers should have everything you need to know when it comes to the game. Their updates usually include new eggs, new features, tweaks, and more.

Make Your Early Hours Easy

Pet Simulator 99 is all fun and games until you realize that there’s actually a lot of things to worry about. By following our guide, you should be able to maximize your first hours in the game. You’ll be able to catch up to your friends in no time!

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