Rotmg Character Stats

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Rotmg Character Stats

Realm of the Mad God Character Stats Guide

There are 6 skill based stats in RotMG: Attack (ATT), Defense (DEF), Speed (SPD), Dexterity (DEX), Vitality (VIT) and Wisdom (WIS) and 2 general rechargeable stats: Hit Points (HP) and Magic/Mana Points (MP).

Hit Points (HP)- Character health. If you are unlucky to reach 0 your character will die. Death in RotMG is permanent. Watch your health bar: there are no exuses and therefore no respawns.

To restore your health you need to use health potions which are availabe as a drop from almost every monster in the game. Each health potion can restore 100 HP of your health bar. Health potions have a special slot which can hold up to 6 health potions.

Magic/Mana Points (MP)- Magic mana of your character. This stat to be used with abilities, which depends on class of your RotMG character and ability item tier you are using.

To restore your MP faster so you can use abilities your character can consume magic potions. Each magic potion can restore 100 MP and it carried out the same way as a health potion in dedicated slot which holds up to 6 potions.

Attack (ATT)- This decipline increases the amount of damage done by weapons. Attack does not affect ability damage.

Attack effectiveness is calculated via Damage Multiplier = 0.5 + (ATT / 50)

Total Damage= Base Damage * Damage Multiplier(0.5 + ATT / 50)

Therefore each additional point will increase your damage by 2%


15 ATT WIzard with a Comet Staff (T2) (15-35 DMG) = 12-28 DMG

Defense (DEF)- This skill will decreas the amount of damage taken by yor character.

Deduction from the damage: 1 damage point per 1 point of defense capped at 85% of total damage.


55 Damage Attack against 25 DEF = 30 Damage

Speed (SPD)- The skill increases the speed at which RotMG character moves.

Character in-game speed (tiles per second) = 4 + 5.6 * (Speed (SPD) / 75)

Dexterity (DEX)- Increases the speed at which the character attacks. Very important skill which can help to make more damage by your character.

Number of attacks per 1 second = 1.5 + 6.5 * (Dexterity (DEX)/ 75)

Vitality (VIT)- Vitality increases the speed at which hit points (HP) will be restored.

By deafault with vitality 0 it is 1.0 HP per second. Every next point will add about 0.12 HP per second.

Wisdom (WIS)- This skill increases the speed at which magic points (MP) are recovered.

RotMG character with wisdom 0 will recover 0.5 MP per second. Every next additional wisdom point adds about 0.06 MP per second.

Character stats will be increasing as you are progressing with the character level. At level 20 (max level in RotMG) it will stop. At this point you can increase stats permanently with stat potions such as:

Potion of LifePotion of Life: will increase your HP bar by 5 points

Potion of ManaPotion of Mana: will increase your MP bar by 5 points

Potion of AttackPotion of Attack: will increase character ATT skill by 1 point

Potion of DefensePotion of Defense: will increase character DEF skill by 1 point

Potion of SpeedPotion of Speed: will increase character SPD skill by 1 point

Potion of DexterityPotion of Dexterity: will increase character DEX skill by 1 point

Potion of VitalityPotion of Vitality: will increase character VIT skill by 1 point

Potion of WisdomPotion of Wisdom: will increase character WIS skill by 1 point

Every Realm of the Mad God class has its skills capped at different level. You can find stats caps level in the table below:


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