RPGStash July Store News

03.07.2023 - 12:04:52
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RPGStash July Store News

Dear RPGStash friends and gaming fans,

Another eventful month passed, and we have plenty of exciting news, so let’s review the main changes that happened in our beloved store!


Diablo 4

Lucky for us, the game turned out to be great! With plenty of endgame activities, including Tree of Whispers Quests, Nightmare Dungeon farming, Field of Hatred PvP activities, and last but not least defeating World Bosses at Helltide Events, players can choose from all these options to put in hundreds, or even thousands of hours in the game without getting bored!

Another great news is that Season 1 will start shortly on July 6th. Seasons are expected to happen once every 3 months, and Rpgstash is dedicated to be the first shop to have services and items available in each new season.

While we already have the widest selection of products and services, we are not done yet! Expect loads of rare items to appear on the site, so that you can find best-in-slot gear for your character build! Check out our complete selection at the Diablo 4 Store!


Diablo 2 Resurrected

We are at the late stages of the 4th ladder season, but that does not mean we are done working on bringing you the best deals.

As usual, you can buy Runes and Runewords at the cheapest prices at us. Even more new character builds have been added in our D2R Build selection, and our Rare Item selection is also about to be launched.

As always, our delivery time is close to being instant, 24/7. If you look for the best deals on the market, Rpgstash is guaranteed to make you satisfied! Use our weekend promo codes and get further discounts and bonuses, or just visit our store now and gear your character to perfection!


OSRS and RS3 

Runescape has been our flagship game for many years now, and we continue to be the #1 Store for OSRS and RS3 fans. We offer Cheap Gold, Gold Swapping, Ready Accounts, Special Chests, the Best Items in the entire game, Membership Bonds, and the widest selection of services! Check out our Runescape Store now and see it for yourself!

If you are looking for a reliable, legit place to Sell your Gold, we also have you covered!

And let’s not forget about our promotions! If you order Gold in Bulk, you can get up to 10% discount. For even better deals, use our weekend promo coupon codes, and don’t about your XP points either! (you can check out our Level Up XP program here)

Dedicated to serve you and cover your back every time!
The RPGStash Team

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