Rpgstash June Store News

05.06.2023 - 13:08:09
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Rpgstash June Store News

Dear RPGStash friends and gaming fans,

Once again we have exciting news for you! We continued to expand our game and product selection to better serve you. Here are some of the news for our main games!


Diablo 4

The game is finally released, and we couldn’t be happier about it! Having spent 3 days playing the game, we can confidently say that D4 is a masterpiece both for casual and hardcore gamers.

We are now working tirelessly to bring you the best items and services as soon as we can! We have Diablo 4 gold already available, but our complete Diablo 4 Store will also shortly get launched!

Our team is fully prepared to bring you the widest range of products and services at the best prices, and be the first store to launch it’s Diablo 4 product selection. We are looking forward to  keep serving you for years to come!


Diablo 2 Resurrected

We are starting to get deeper in Season 4, and our full selection has been added to softcore, hardcore, ladder, and nonladder.

You can buy runes and runewords at the cheapest prices. We have also added plenty of full build equipments, so if you want to play a new character, we have you covered!

As usual, we offer 24/7 support, and delivery in minutes. If you want to get your items at the cheapest price, use our weekend coupon code! Don't miss out on our best deals, visit our store now and get ready to become a true gaming legend!


OSRS and RS3 

Our Runescape Store always welcomes RS fans! We have unbeatable offers both for OSRS and RS3. Whether you would like to Sell RS Gold, Swap Gold, or look for OSRS Accounts, Membership Bond, Group Ironman Items, and much more, we are ready to serve you!

Order Gold in Bulk and get up to 10% off. If you are looking for the best deal, use our weekend promo coupon codes, and don’t forget to use your XP points (you can check out our Level Up XP program here.

Excited to serve and cover your back every time!
The RPGStash Team

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