RS3 1-120 Dungeoneering Guide

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RS3 1-120 Dungeoneering Guide

Dungeoneering is different from any other skill on Runescape 3. It is more like a mini game rather than a skill. To train it you need to clear dungeons and each clear will give you experience points which in turn allows you to enter higher level dungeons to earn even more experience. You can enter dungeons as a group or as a solo player. If you want to find a group you must join a Dungeoneering world which is world 77. The good thing about Dungeoneering is the fact that you don't need any items to begin training it. That being said, there are some items that can still help you.


Useful Items for Dungeoneering

Deathless Relic Power


This relic power prevents any penalties that you receive in a dungeon if you happen to die. Dying will reduce your overall achievements and score in a dungeon which inturn reduces your experience, this relic negates that debuff.

Shadow' Grace Relic Power


This relic reduces the cooldown of Surge, Escape, Dive and Barge by 50%. This is a way for you to increase your mobility inside the dungeons which is huge for some of the methods involving rushing dungeons.

Gorajo Cards


These are cards that can be obtained from the Gorajo resource dungeon which requires level 95 Dungeoneering or you can purchase them from the Elite Dungeon Reward Shop. These cards offer a variety of different effects and buffs while training Dungeoneering:

Beguiling smoke devil cardAllows you to open skill doors without meeting level requirements.
Cloning mosquito cardDoubles the tokens you gain for the dungeon.
Consistent yak cardWith this your chances of finding a Clan Meilyr combination potion recipe is guaranteed when you open a door. Also you will not get a penalty after your second death.
Preening ibis cardMultiplies your Dungeoneering experience by 1.5.
Protecting titan cardReduces damage taken by 5% against normal monsters and halves the damage taken against bosses.
Reversing phoenix cardIncreases the chance for slayer creatures to spawn.
Scavenging meerkats cardCompleting the dungeon will provide a sinkhole replay ticket.
Thieving locust cardDoubles your Dungeoneering experience for the floor.
Trading leech cardStart the dungeon with additional selection of items.
Trading mantis card10% chance of getting additional items when a creature dies.
Whimsical bunyip cardEffect of a random card is played.
Dungeoneering WildcardThis card will allow you to get 50% more experience for the floor that you are on.

Dungeoneering Lock Melter


This is an Invention device that you can unlock for 55 Dwarven Currency at level 70 Invention. This item allows you to unlock any non-key dungeon door that you do not meet the requirements to open.

Gorajan Trailblazer Outfits


These outfits provides the player with a lot of Dungeoneering bonuses. To get these outfits first you need to reach level 80 Dungeoneering and level 20 Invention. You can craft them at an invention workbench by combining Dungeoneering fragments.

These fragments can be collected at the end of every dungeon after level 70 Dungeoneering. There are 5 sets of this outfit named after the Dungeoneering floors:

Frozen, Furnished, Abandoned, Occult and Warped. Warped being the ultimate one that you will be looking to obtain. Warped can be made by combining all 4 of the outfits together. Here are the effects that it provides:

  • 7% discount on rewards shop, floor prestige and Elite Dungeon Reward Shop.
  • 7% experience boost to all skills with Daemonheim.
  • 7% base experience boost for the floor.
  • 7% reduced depletion rate on skilling nodes.
  • 7% damage boost to all combat in Daemonheim.
  • +3 Level boost to all your stats except Dungeoneering and Summoning, while Dungeoneering.
  • Increases the spawn rate of slayer creatures.
  • Allows you to walk freely on ice.
  • Ability to skip a puzzle room in a dungeon once per party per floor.
  • 20% chance of not using up a Dungeoneering lock melter.
  • 3 additional daily sinkhole teleports.
  • Lamps you get from sinkholes provides an additional 10% experience.

Perfect Juju Dungeoneering and Herblore Potion

rs3_1_120_dungeoneering_guide_7 rs3_1_120_dungeoneering_guide_8

Drinking a perfect juju dungeoneering potion before entering a dungeon will provide you with a 5% damage boost, Increases your chances of obtaining journal pages and gives your skills an invisible +2 bonus to open doors.

Drinking a perfect juju herblore potion before entering a dungeon will increase your chances of finding a combination recipe by 10%.


Dungeoneering Skill Cape

You can wear this cape inside the dungeons and it will provide you with the regular capes stats inside the dungeon.

1-120 Dungeoneering Training

Unlike other skills this skill has only one primary way of training, that is to keep completing dungeon floors. To start, first talk to the dungeoneering tutor, he will give you a ring of kinship. You can use this ring to form a party and teleport to Daemonheim.


After you form a party click on one of the entrances and enter the dungeon. At level 1 you can bind 1 item to your character, it is recommended to bind the highest level, 2-handed weapon you can find.

At this point you should follow the following points to maximise your Dungeoneering experience:

  1. Solo Dungeons.
  2. Open and discover all the rooms. You are only required to kill guardian monsters and bosses so do not waste time killing regular mobs.
  3. Complete the floors in order. Once you complete all the floors that you have access to, reset your progress and start over.


Prestige is a really important aspect of Dungeoneering. In a nutshell once you complete all the floors that you have access to you should reset and start over again until you unlock a new floor.


This is done for two reasons:

  1. You get way less experience for completing the floors that you have already completed so resetting solves this issue.
  2. Resetting each dungeon will give you experience based on the average of the floor completed and your previous progress. Meaning the more you complete and enter prestige the higher experience that you will get.


  • Try to obtain the highest tier pickaxes and hatchets.
  • Maximise your experience on the deeper floors by doing them on large 5:5 and on complexity 6.
  • Always maximise your mods to gain more experience. Dungeons yield the best experience on complexity 6 and you can further increase that experience by killing monsters and unlocking every room. However do keep in mind that it is not always worth it to kill all the monsters as it might decrease your experience by taking more time.
  • Do not die, as it will greatly reduce your experience per hour.
  • Turn off guide mode as it gives you a negative experience bonus.
  • Always bind the best weapon that you can find.
  • Unlock the resource dungeons as you level up to gain free experience.
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Optimising Floors



Dungeoneering Level

Frozen (1-11)Small/MediumRush/SkipRush/SkipRush/Skip
Abandoned 1 (12-17)Small/MediumRush/SkipRush/SkipRush/Skip
Furnished (18-29)LargeSmall (18-24), Large (25-29)Rush/SkipRush/Skip
Abandoned 2 (30-35)-LargeLargeRush/Skip
Occult (36-47)--LargeLarge
Warped (48-60)---Large

Rush: Make your party small sized and put your complexity at 1. Alternatively you can rush it faster with 5 people. Your goal here is to rush these floors to get them done quickly. You are not looking to increase your experience.

Skip: At higher levels you will have enough tokens to skip all of the floors that would usually be done on complexity 1. Doing this will make you lose some tokens but will greatly save time.

Small: Meaning small size, complexity 6 and set difficulty to recommended.

Large: Meaning large sized, complexity 6 and difficulty at maximum. Try to be in a party of 5 for these.

Ring of Kinship & Shadow Silk Hood

Shadow silk hood is an item that you can get while doing Dungeoneering. It will make your character invisible to any humanoid monster excluding mages, necromancers or bosses. This item should be immediately bound to your character as you will be always using it.


Ring of Kinship can be altered to accommodate your combat style of choice. There are a variety of versions providing a variety of bonuses and they all can be upgraded up to 10 times. To check out the full list click here.

Floor Strategies

Small Floors

Small size is usually used for completing a floor quickly. If you are looking to rush, put the floor on complexity 1 as well. Here are some helpful tips for this type of floors:

  • Avoid skilling, bosses usually don't even require food or potions on small floors so it is recommended that you do not waste time collecting or creating resources.
  • Only look for the boss room, opening extra rooms can give you up to +13% more experience but this is not worth it on small floors.
  • Do not kill monsters unnecessarily. As mentioned before, killing monsters does give additional experience but this is not worth it on a small floor. It is better to complete it fast.

Medium Floors

You can pick this floor if you are a solo player and you do not want to complete large floors. Medium sized floors result in much better experience rates than small floors. You can pretty much follow the small floors guideline for this one as well. However if you have run into the Skeletal Trio or Runebound Behemoth boss monster, you should not risk it and gather additional food.


Large Floors


These dungeons have the highest experience and token rates, however they are much bigger and harder than the medium and small floors. Make sure you have a good team or you are well prepared:

  • Unless you are looking to finish the dungeon completely do not enter dead end rooms to avoid taking unnecessary damage.
  • If you want to gather hides it's better to hunt bovimastyx rather than killing them.
  • Only open potion doors if they have at least 4 rooms behind them. Otherwise it is generally a waste of time.
  • It is usually not worth crafting potions to kill a boss faster.
  • Upgrade your ring of kinship as much as possible.
  • Make sure to use regenerate or other restorative abilities to regen your health to conserve food.

Alternative Methods



You can enter a sink-hole twice per day. It provides you with experience lamp rewards and tokens.

Elite Dungeons


Any enemy you kill in an elite dungeon will reward you with Dungeoneering experience. With a team of 3 high level players it is possible to get 130K Dungeoneering experience per hour. This is done by only killing early mobs and mini-bosses.

Resource Dungeons


By entering a resource dungeon for the first time you will be rewarded with some Dungeonerinng experience. If you unlock all resource dungeons you will be getting a total of 282,600 Dungeoneering experience.

Now you know how to optimise your Dungeoneering training. Good luck grinding!

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