RS3 Agility Guide

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RS3 Agility Guide

Why Should You Train Agility ?

Training your agility, allows you to traverse through the game much faster and easily. Each agility level increases your run energy duration and rune energy replenishment also it unlocks all sorts of shortcuts and fast travelling methods.

Aside from these, there are a lot of quests that require a certain agility level, those quests are as follows:

  • The Dig Site - Agility level 10
  • Curse of the Black Stone - Agility level 12
  • The Lost Tribe - Agility level 13
  • Haunted Mine - Agility level 15
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - Agility level 15
  • Troll Stronghold - Agility level 15
  • Mountain Daughter - Agility level 20
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun - Agility level 23
  • Ghost Ahoy - Agility level 25
  • In Search of the Myreque - Agility level 25
  • Watchtower - Agility level25
  • The Darkness of Hallowvale - Agility level 26
  • Troll Romance - Agility level 28
  • Legacy of Seergaze - Agility level 29
  • Dishonour Among Thieves - Agility level 30
  • Cold War - Agility level 30
  • Crocodile Tears - Agility level 30
  • Evil Dave’s Big Day Out - Agility level 30
  • Shilo Village  - Agility level 32
  • Horror from the Deep - Agility level 35
  • Land of the Goblins - Agility level 36
  • One Small Favour - Agility level 36
  • The Fremennik Isles - Agility level 40
  • Royal Trouble -  Agility level 40
  • A Guild of Our Own - Agility level  40
  • Cabin fever - Agility level 42
  • The Path of Glouphrie -  Agility level 45
  • The Chosen Commander -  Agility level 46
  • Recipe for Disaster - Agility level 48
  • Dealing with Scabaras - Agility level 50
  • Desperate Measures - Agility level 50
  • Glorious Memories - Agility level 50
  • Legends’ Quest - Agility level 50
  • Defender of Varrock - Agility level 51
  • Back to my Roots - Agility level 55
  • Vengeance - Agility level 55
  • Regicide - Agility level 56
  • Azzanadra’s Quest - Agility level 58
  • Grim Tales - Agility level 59
  • Rocking Out - Agility level 60
  • The Elder Kiln - Agility level 60
  • Kindred Spirits - Agility level 60
  • The Curse of Arrav - Agility level 61
  • The Branches of Darkmeyer - Agility level 63
  • The Firemaker’s Curse - Agility level 64
  • The Prisoner of Glouphrie - Agility level 64
  • Eye of Het 1 - Agility level 65
  • Within the Light - Agility level 69
  • Fate of the Gods - Agility level 73
  • Plague’s End - Agility level 75
  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat - Agility level 77
  • The Light Within - Agility level 80
  • Pieces of Hate - Agility level 83

To get a quest cape you will need at least level 83 Agility. Lastly to complete all the aerial tasks in the game you will need at least level 90 Agility.

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Agility Guide

Before beginning your Agility training journey, you will first need to know about all the items and buffs you can get to help you in your Agility journey. If you are not interested in this part simply skip over to the “1-99 and Beyond Agility Training” section.

Nimble Outfit

Nimble outfit is an outfit that boosts one's Agility experience. You can obtain these parts from completing The Pit. They could also be created from lightweight feathers. Wearing silverhawk boots will act as a piece of the set.

  • Nimble headwear - Experience boost 1%
  • Nimble chestpiece - Experience boost 1%
  • Nimble legwear - Experience boost 1%
  • Nimble gloves - Experience boost 1%
  • Nimble boots - Experience boost 1%
  • Set bonus (wearing the full set) - Experience boost 1%

Silverhawk Boots

These boots can be acquired for free from the Oddments store. You can charge these boots with silverhawk feathers. Wearing a pair of charged boots will periodically give you Agility experience:

  • Once per minute spent running.
  • While skilling. (a maximum of once every 45 seconds.)
  • When using an ultimate ability. (a maximum of once every 45 seconds.)

Agility experience received from the boots scales up with the player's agility level.

Brawling Gloves (Agility)

When worn, this item provides a 50% XP boost outside of the Wilderness. When used at level 47 Wilderness this exp boost turns into 300%.

Infernal Puzzle Box

Upgrading this box to tier 4 will provide an additional 25% experience boost to all brawling gloves.

Improved Mobility

With invention you can augment a worn item with the “mobile” perk, allowing you to use your surge ability more often. You can also purchase or obtain the “double surge codex” to be able to use surge twice as often.

Toadflax Incense Sticks

Toadflax incense sticks are a consumable item that provides the player with 12.5% chance of avoiding failing an Agility obstacle. Each incense stick consumed provides 10 minutes of this effect. You can consume more than 1 stick at a time to increase this duration.

Torstol Incense Sticks

This stick requires level 75 Firemaking to use. Each potency level of Torstol incense sticks provides a 0.5% increase to base XP gain. The potency level will increase every 10 minutes and will reach its maximum at level 4. Overloading consumes 6 sticks but instantly provides the maximum potency.

Enhanced Excalibur

This weapon can be obtained after completing the hard Seers’ Village achievements. This sword can be used to heal 20% of a player’s health which makes it a perfect source of healing. The effect goes up to 40% after completing elite Seers’ Village achievements.

Collector’s Insignia

Collector’s insignia is an item that can be worn in your pocket slot. Wearing it increases your agility experience by 5% if it is charged this becomes 10%.

Surefooted Auras

When active these auras prevent you from failing agility obstacles. These auras have a 1 hour recharge time after being used.

Summer Pies

Consuming a summer pie increases one's agility level by 5. This allows you to access obstacles over your current level and makes it less likely for you to fail an obstacle.

Relic Power

If you have level 116 archaeology you can activate the “Inspire Love” relic power for a 2% experience boost for agility.

Weight-Reducing Clothing

Your success rate of crossing an obstacle increases if you have weight-reducing clothing equipped.

Agility Cape

Wearing an agility cape prevents you from failing any agility obstacle.


1-99 and Beyond Agility Training

If you have the resources to do so, always have your silverhawk boots equipped while training your agility for the best experience rates.

Levels 1-18 Gnome Stronghold: To start off your agility journey head over to the gnomes stronghold and start doing the basic agility course there. This course will give you 6.8K experience per hour. It will take around 31 minutes to reach level 18.

Level 18-30 Watchtower Shortcut: The best way to reach level 30 is to repeatedly climb the watchtower shortcut. After using the shortcut simply climb down the stairs and repeat. This method will yield 10K experience per hour.

Level 30-38 Wilderness Easy Tasks: Since the experience rates with agility are really low, the best way to skip these 8 levels is by completing the easy wilderness tasks and using the two reward lamps on agility.

Levels 38-50 Northern Anachronia Agility Course: At level 30 you will be able to traverse two sections of the Anachronia agility course. The northern section will grant you around 28K experience per hour. Also there are some other mechanics that takes place in this agility course, those are:

  • You will still progress and get experience even if you fail an obstacle.
  • Each obstacle you cross has a chance to reward you with 1-4 codex pages and materials for the base camp.
  • From time to time the entire island will receive a powerful roar which will give you an extra 25% experience and drop rate boost.
  • You can also build a base camp spa and receive 5, 7 or 10% experience boost from the course.

Levels 50-52 Southern Anachronia Agility Course: After reaching level 50 you can move to the next section of the agility course. You must only repeat the new section for receiving the best experience per hour.

Levels 52-65 Wilderness Agility Course: As the name suggests this course is in the wilderness so you shouldn’t bring any items that you do not wish to lose. The damage you receive from the agility course scales depending on your current health, so keeping relatively low hit points is recommended. Also while training there, there is a chance of monsters spawning and attacking your character. These monsters are high level and can become very annoying. You will be receiving around 39K experience per hour. There are also additional ways of by which you can boost this course:

  • If you have wilderness sword 2 or higher equipped or in your inventory, you will receive 5% more experience.
  • If you have elite wilderness diaries completed, you will obtain wilderness sword 4, which has unlimited teleports to the agility course.
  • Having a demonic skull will give a scaling bonus to all agility experience while doing the course. With this skull you can expect to get around 50K-74K experience per hour at these levels. The wilderness swords bonus stacks with the demonic skull.

Levels 65-77 Het’s Oasis Agility Course: At level 65 agility you can switch to the course located in the Het’s Oasis. This course gives around 70K agility experience per hour.

Levels 77-80 Hefin Agility Course: Hefin agility course resides in Prifddinas, you must first complete the elf quests to be able to access the city. There are some unique features of this course:

  • While training in this course, there will be a velocity bar that fills up each time you pass an obstacle. When this bar is full the next obstacle on the course will be automatically completed.
  • Upon each completion, there is a chance of a shortcut spawning. You can use these to complete your next course more quickly.
  • There is a chance for you to obtain a reward upon each completion as well. These can include small agility experience lamps or Hefin course multipliers.
  • The Voice of Seren also provides benefits for players training at the Hefin course. As well as receiving 20% additional experience in Agility, players will receive Prayer experience at a rate equivalent to 25% of the base Agility experience that they gain. The Voice of Seren also increases the player's chance of spawning shortcuts and doubles the rate at which velocity is gained while it is active.

Levels 80-99+ Advanced Anachronia Agility Course: This course has the best experience rates in the game. To access the full course you actually need level 85 agility but we can mitigate this by eating a summer pie. Having double surge codex is highly recommended for this course. Just like before you can earn the pages during this course. Depending on your level and equipment you can expect to get around 120K-220K experience per hour.


Alternative Methods

Levels 30-40/52 Clockwork Suits: This is a very niche and unique way to train your agility. To be able to do this you will need to have the quest “Cold War” partially completed. Make at least 4 clockwork suits and go to a small confined area such as the eastern tower of the White Knight’s Castle. Put a wound and unwound version of the clockwork suit on your actionbar. After that spam click both, and at the same time click on the ground to pick up the clockwork suits that you release. Around 40K experience can be earned per hour doing this method.

Levels 30-48/52 Penguin Agility Course: After completion of the quest “Cold War” players can use the penguins agility course as an alternative way to train their agility. This course yields around 35K per hour.

Levels 35-48 Barbarian Outpost Agility Course: If you are looking for a less click intensive method to train your Agility, barbarian course is the way to go. To access the course you will first need to complete a miniquest called “Bar Crawl” which takes around 5 minutes to do. You will be receiving around 13K experience per hour doing this course.

Levels 48-52/77 Ape Atoll Agility Course: After the completion of the quest “Monkey Madness” players can access the monkey agility course. You can only do this course if you possess the ninja monkey greegree. You can gain around 30K experience per hour doing this course. If you have level 70 agility or above you will no longer fail this course and that increases the experience rates to 49K.

Levels 65-76 Wilderness Agility Course: This method only works if you have a demonic skull. The demonic skull gives an additional 4% experience for each Agility level the player has over 50 Agility. You can expect to get around 90K-100K per hour doing this method. Do remember that each death will cost you 550K gp.

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