RS3 Best Money Makers

19.02.2023 - 14:10:36
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RS3 Best Money Makers

This guide contains the bestmoney making methods for Runescape 3. The easiest and quickest way to get RS3 Gold is by buying it at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:


Killing Zamorak, Lord of Chaos

 Zamorak is the latest boss fight that is added to the game. It is a challenging fight and it has some high requirements:

  • Max combat level
  • 96 Summoning for binding ripper demons
  • 106 Herblore for elder overload
  • 95+ Prayer for best prayers
  • 89+ Invention for perks
  • Tier 90+ weapon and tier 80+ armour both with perks
  • Elder Overload potion
  • Best healing food
  • Mahjarrat aura or Supreme invigorate aura/Inspiration aura
  • Erethdor’s grimoire
  • Superior scrimshaw of vampyrism
  • Enhanced excalibur
  • A spirit shield
  • Cryptbloom armour recommended
  • Infernal puzzle box recommended

The gp per hour you can get from this boss depends on it’s enraged level. If you can kill this boss at 2000 enrage you can expect to get:

GP/H: 225M - 2000 Enrage

GP/H: 138M - 500 Enrage

GP/H: 124M - 300 Enrage

GP/H: 138M - 100 Enrage

GP/H: 75M - 50 Enrage


Killing Telos, the Warden

This is another endgame boss that if successfully killed yields a lot of good rewards. The requirements and recommended items to farm this boss efficiently is as follows:

  • Max combat level
  • 106 Herblore for elder overloads
  • 95+ Prayer for best prayers
  • 99 Summoning
  • 89+ Invention for perks
  • Tier 90 magic weapon and armour with perks
  • 3x Grasping rune pouch
  • Dreadnips
  • Tier 90+ Shield
  • High healing food
  • Pack mammoth pouch or Ice nihil pouch
  • Enhanced Excalibur
  • Completion of the quest “The Temple at Senntisten” recommended for ancient curses

After killing Telos you will have the option to claim your loot or let it stack. The way to make a lot of money from this boss is to let your loot stay and keep killing the boss. This will increase its enrage level and that inturn will allow you to get more and better loot. If you claim your loot it will reset its enrage level. Here is the gp you can expect to make.

GP/H: 165M - 2449 Enrage Claims

GP/H: 68M - 999 Enrage Claims

GP/H: 13M - 100 Enrage Claims

Killing Nex: Angel of Death

Another endgame boss that requires a lot of game knowledge and items to defeat. Here is what you need in order to defeat this boss:

  • Max combat level
  • 96 Summoning for ripper demon binding contract
  • 106 Herblore for elder overloads
  • 95+ Prayer
  • 89+ Invention for perks
  • T90+ Magic Armour, T90+ Melee Armour or T90+ Ranged armour (all perked)
  • T90+ Magic Weapon, T90+ Melee Weapon or T90+ Ranged Weapon (all perked)
  • Elder overload salve
  • High healing food with no adrenaline cost (Guthix rest flasks with blue blubber jellyfish recommended)
  • Maniacal or Berserker aura
  • Erethdor’s Grimoire
  • Enhanced Excalibur
  • Tier 90+ Shield
  • Ring of Vigour

The angel of death can be killed in groups which yield better loot compared to soloing. This is due to the fact that you can get a lot more kills per hour with a group.

GP/H: 96M - Quad group

GP/H: 75M - 7 Players group

GP/H: 55M - Duo group

GP/H: 39M - Solo

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