RS3 Divination Guide

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RS3 Divination Guide


Divination is a unique gathering skill in RuneScape 3, allowing players to harvest energy from the environment and create a variety of helpful items. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with the necessary information and tips to master the art of Divination in RuneScape 3.

  1. Getting Started:

To begin training Divination, you must complete a short tutorial with Orla Fairweather at the Divination Camp, located just south of the Draynor Village lodestone. She will teach you the basics of harvesting wisps, converting memories, and creating items using divine energy.

  1. Harvesting Wisps:

Wisps are floating energy nodes found near Divination colonies throughout Gielinor. To harvest wisps, simply click on them and you will begin siphoning energy and memories. As you level up, you will be able to harvest higher-level wisps, which yield more experience and valuable resources. Each wisp will last a certain amount of time before disappearing, and you will need to click on a new wisp to continue harvesting.

  1. Converting Memories:

After harvesting memories from wisps, you can convert them into energy or experience at an energy rift. There are three conversion options:

  • Convert to energy: Receive divine energy and a small amount of experience.
  • Convert to experience: Receive more experience but no energy.
  • Convert and weave: Combine memories with energy to create portents, signs, and other items.
  1. Training Divination:

The most efficient way to train Divination is by harvesting the highest-level wisps available to you and converting memories for experience. It is recommended to focus on leveling up as quickly as possible to unlock better wisps and energy types.

  1. Divination Training Locations:

Here is a list of Divination training locations, ordered by level requirement:

  • Pale Wisp (Level 1): Draynor Village
  • Flickering Wisp (Level 10): East of Varrock
  • Bright Wisp (Level 20): South of Seers' Village
  • Glowing Wisp (Level 30): West of Catherby
  • Sparkling Wisp (Level 40): North of Mobilising Armies
  • Gleaming Wisp (Level 50): East of Shilo Village
  • Vibrant Wisp (Level 60): East of Canifis
  • Lustrous Wisp (Level 70): South of Sophanem
  • Brilliant Wisp (Level 80): North of Mage Training Arena
  • Radiant Wisp (Level 85): Dragontooth Island
  • Luminous Wisp (Level 90): South of Elf City
  • Incandescent Wisp (Level 95): South of the Poison Waste
  1. Portents and Signs:

Portents and signs are Divination-created items that provide various effects, such as automatic healing or item collection. Some notable examples include:

  • Portent of Restoration: Automatically heals you when your health falls below a certain threshold.
  • Sign of the Porter: Teleports collected resources directly to your bank.
  • Sign of Life/Death: Revives you upon death with a certain amount of health.
  1. Useful Items and Boosts:
  • Divination outfit: Increases experience gain by up to 6%.
  • Diviner's outfit: Increases experience gain by up to 5% and provides additional benefits if you own the Divination outfit.
  • Divination urns: Collects energy while you train and provides bonus experience upon teleporting them.
  • Enrichment aura: Increases the chance of harvesting enriched memories.
  • Wise perk: Obtainable via Invention, provides up to a 4% experience boost in any skill.
  • Familiars: The Light Creature familiar provides a 10% chance to harvest twice as much energy and the Nightmare Muspah familiar can store harvested memories.

Divination Daily Challenges and D&Ds:

  • Daily Challenges: Complete assigned tasks, such as gathering a certain amount of energy, for bonus experience and rewards.
  • Guthixian Cache: A Distraction & Diversion that occurs every hour, where players can collect memories and deposit them in a cache to gain points and Divination experience.

Additional Tips and Tricks:

  • Use bonus experience, experience-boosting outfits, and auras to maximize your Divination training efficiency.
  • Harvest enriched wisps whenever they spawn, as they provide double the experience and resources.
  • Join a Divination-themed Friends Chat to find active training locations and socialize with other players.
  • Use the "convert and weave" option when creating portents and signs to level up faster.
  • Prioritize unlocking the Sign of the Porter as it is a valuable tool for training other gathering skills.
  • Complete quests that reward Divination experience to give yourself a head start.
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Divination is a unique and rewarding skill in RuneScape 3, offering various benefits and opportunities for character growth. With dedication, practice, and the help of this comprehensive guide, you will become a master of Divination in no time. 

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