RS3 Fishing Guide

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RS3 Fishing Guide

Why Should You Train Fishing ?

Fishing is a gathering skill that you can mostly afk while making some decent money. The higher your skill level the better fish you can catch which will result in more gold per hour.

There are also a lot of quests that require a certain fishing level, those quests are:

  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - Fishing level 5
  • Fishing Contest - Fishing level 10
  • Land of the Goblins - Fishing level 36
  • Rum Deal - Fishing level 50
  • Heroes’ Quest - Fishing level 53
  • Swan Song - Fishing level 62
  • Some Like It Cold - Fishing level 65
  • Deadliest Catch - Fishing level 70
  • Crocodile Tears - Fishing level 72
  • Head of the Family (miniquest) - Fishing level 90

To be able to get a quest cape, you will need at least level 90 fishing. Also if you are looking to complete all the aerial achievement tasks in the game you will need at least level 96 fishing.

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Fishing Guide

Before getting into the actual methods for training your fishing level, you will need to know about useful buffs and items that will aid you greatly throughout your journey. If you already know this part you can skip ahead to “1-99 and Beyond Fishing Guide”.

Fishing Outfit

This outfit can be purchased from the reward shop of the Fish Flingers minigame for 560 tokens. (Each piece costs 140 tokens). Wearing this outfit boosts the experience players gain while fishing.

  • Fishing hat - 1% Experience boost
  • Fishing jacket - 1% Experience boost
  • Fishing waders - 1% Experience boost
  • Fishing boots - 1% Experience boost
  • Set bonus - 1% Experience boost

Wearing the full set gives you 5% experience boost while fishing.

Shark Outfits

Shark outfits are fishing outfits that you can start obtaining after level 70 fishing. There are 3 different outfits which are, shark, burnt shark and tiger shark outfit. After obtaining all of these you can combine it to get the fury shark outfit. 

After level 70 fishing you will be getting fragments at 5 minute intervals which, then you can use to craft these pieces. To craft them you will need to have level 80 fishing and 20 invention. 

Wearing the full set of fury shark outfit gives the following bonuses:

  • Ability to toggle between receiving the caught fish or destroying the caught fish.
  • Your chances of catching fish is increased by 7%.
  • Living rock creatures will not be aggressive towards the player.
  • 5% fishing experience boost.
  • Players will have a 10% chance of catching two fish at once, doubling their experience.
  • Players will have a 60-70% chance of not using bait when a fish is caught.
Call of the Sea Auras

Call of the sea auras increases one's fish catching rate greatly. There are 5 different tiers of this aura and you have to buy the lower tiers before you can buy the higher tiers. When activated these auras last for 1 hour. This time can be increased if the players use 5 or 10 vis wax. Using 5 increases the time by 50% and 10 by 100%.

  • Call of the Sea - 3% Catch rate increase
  • Greater Call of the Sea - 5% Catch rate increase
  • Master Call of the Sea - 7% Catch rate increase
  • Supreme Call of the Sea - 10% Catch rate increase
  • Legendary Call of the Sea - 15% Catch rate increase
Summoning Familiars

With the summoning skill you can summon familiars that will aid you in your fishing journey. The following familiars will give an invisible fishing boost when summoned. This boost doesn’t allow the players to access higher level content but will allow them to catch fish faster.

  • Granite crab - Summoning level 16 - +1 Invisible boost
  • Ibis - Summoning level 56 - +3 Invisible boost
  • Granite lobster - Summoning level 74 - +4 Invisible boost

Granite lobster also forages fish while you are fishing. Players will get 10% of the fishing experience of the fish that is foraged.


When summoned this familiar grants a 5% chance of duplicating the caught fish. The familiar stores the fish within itself and you can use a waterfiend scroll to teleport all the stored items to your bank.


Urns is a stackable item that can be used to gain additional experience while fishing. Urns fill up automatically while you are fishing and when they are full you can teleport them away to gain 20% of the experience you gained while filling that urn. You can only have 10 filled urns at a time so make sure to teleport them away when they are full. Urns (nr) form can be purchased from grand exchange. You can add a rune to these to activate them which requires a crafting level.

  • Cracked fishing urn - Level 2 crafting - 150 Experience for teleporting
  • Fragile fishing urn - Level 15 crafting - 350 Experience for teleporting
  • Plain fishing urn - Level 41 crafting - 500 Experience for teleporting
  • Strong fishing urn - Level 53 crafting - 600 Experience for teleporting
  • Decorated fishing urn - Level 76 crafting - 1,900 Experience for teleporting

If you have at least level 24 invention and if you have completed Nomad’s Elegy, you can discover and make an urn enhancer to gain 25% additional experience for teleporting a full urn. This consumes divine charges.


Skillchompas are items that can be used to catch fish instead of traditional fishing equipment. They increase your catch rate and also prevent the need of using any type of bait. Skillchompas are consumed for each attempt at catching a fish whether it’s successful or not. You also receive an additional 10% experience if you successfully catch a fish with skillchompas. If you are unsuccessful at catching the fish you still gain 5% of the experience you would have gained on a successful attempt.

  • Cobalt skillchompa - Fishing level 31 - 1% Catch rate increase
  • Viridian skillchompa - Fishing level 41 - 2% Catch rate increase
  • Azure skillchompa - Fishing level 51 - 3% Catch rate increase
  • Crimson skillchompa - Fishing level 61 - 4% Catch rate increase
  • Crystal skillchompa - Fishing level 71 - 5% Catch rate increase
Whopper-Baiting Scrimshaw

When activated these scrimshaws give the player a chance to gain additional experience while fishing. Inferior version gives 15% and the superior version gives 20% chance at receiving additional experience.


With at least level 63 construction, players can build aquariums in their player owned house. After this players can earn golden fish eggs while fishing and for each golden egg received you can unlock a prawn perk from your aquarium.

Serene Spells and Prayers

There is a good combination of magic and prayer that increases one's experience rates from fishing. To do this you will need to have access to ancient magicks and curses and you will also need to complete the quest “The Light Within”. Crystallise is a spell that can be cast on a fishing spot to increase the experience you gain from that spot by 50% but it also prevents the player from gaining any resources from that spot. If the player also has level 80 prayer they can combine this spell with the prayer called light form. This further increases the experience boost from 50% to 87.5%.

Torstol Incense Stick

This item can be consumed to gain 0.5% bonus experience from fishing per potency. Each stick consumed provides 10 minutes of the effect. When the incense is active, its potency increases every 10 minutes so consuming at least 4 sticks at a time is recommended.

Perfect Juju Fishing Potions

Each dose of this potion lasts for an hour. While active it provides a 5% increase to the players catching rate.

Fishing Boosts

You can consume some items to gain a visible fishing boost to increase your catch rate. Those items are: Fishing potions, admiral pies, fishing pies and spicy stews.

There are also items that provide invisible fishing boosts such as: ring of whispers which provides an invisible +3 fishing boost. This effect stacks with other boosts.

Crystal Fishing Rod

To get this fishing rod you will need to have 93 fishing, 90 agility, 90 ranged and 90 strength. Fishing with this rod provides a 5% increased catch rate.

Taiva’s Fishing Rod

This is the best rod a player can use in this game. You can obtain this in Tavia’s Island after locating a red uncharted island map from deep sea fishing. Alternatively you can purchase this from other players. It increases your catch rate by 10% and has a chance to activate the following effects: 

  • Barrel of bait: 10% chance to catch additional fish.
  • Tangled fishbowl: 5% fishing experience boost.
  • Broken fishing rod: Additional 10% bonus catch rate.
Augmented Tools

Players with level 22 invention can manufacture a fishing rod-o-matic, which can be used at any fishing spot. Players can also augment their crystal fishing rod by using an augmentor. Just attaching an augmentor grants an additional 5% fishing catch rate to your rod. You can additionally add tool gizmos to this rod to gain additional benefits. The best tool gizmos to use are as follows:

  • Furnace: Has a 5% chance per rank of consuming a gathered resource for an extra 100% experience.
  • Honed: Has a 2% per rank higher chance of successfully gathering items.
  • Wise: When equipped, +1% per rank additional experience, up to 50,000 experience per day.
Fishing Accumulators

These are items that players can create with at least level 60 invention. While you are fishing it will gain charges any time you fail to catch a fish. After it has maximum charges it can be studied to receive 2,500 fishing experience.

Relic Powers

If you have level 117 archaeology you can activate the relic power called “Inspire Effort” which increases your fishing experience by 2%.

Fishing Cape

Wearing a fishing cape provides a 5% chance to gain an additional catch. You won’t get additional experience for this catch.

Dwarven Fish Extractor

There is no good way of getting this item as it's a reward from treasure hunter. You can use this tool to fish at any fishing spot. There are two modes of this tool which you can switch between any time you want. One of them will catch two fishes instead of one but will not give any experience. Other one will destroy the fish you catch but will provide double the experience.

1-99 and Beyond Fishing Guide

  1. Levels 1-20 Raw Crayfish: Fishing crayfish is the best method to level up your early fishing levels. This process will only take around 25 minutes.
XP/H: 11K
  1. Levels 20-70 Fly Fishing: At level 20 you can start catching raw trout by fly fishing. At level 30 you will start catching raw salmon alongside trout. As you level up you will be automatically getting more experience with this method. After level 58 fishing you can switch to barbarian fishing. The fishing experience rates are similar however you will be getting a little bit of agility and strength experience alongside fishing experience by doing barbarian fishing.
Level 20 XP/H: 17K
Level 25 XP/H: 19K
Level 30 XP/H: 30K
Level 35 XP/H: 34K
Level 40 XP/H: 36K
Level 45 XP/H: 39K
Level 50 XP/H: 42K
Level 55 XP/H: 46K
Level 60 XP/H: 50K
Level 65 XP/H: 55K
Level 69 XP/H: 57K
  1. Levels 70-93 Crystallise Fly Fishing: You will be continuing to do fly fishing if you have access to the ancient magicks and curses and have completed the quest “The Light Within”. Fly fishing with crystallise spell and light form prayer will result in an immense experience rate that goes up to 118K experience per hour.
  2. Levels 70-72 Crystallise Barbarian Fishing: You can alternatively do barbarian fishing with crystallise and light form. You will need to have a decent prayer gear and partly complete barbarian training.
XP/H: 63K
  1. Levels 72-93 Menaphos: For this method you will need to have the quest “The Jack of Spades” completed. This method isn’t as fast as barbarian fishing or fly fishing with crystallise but by fishing here you gain reputation. Also the fishing spots are very close to a bank deposit box. Reaching high reputation levels will unlock many benefits such as increased catch rate.
  2. Levels 92-99+ Croesus Front: This method is an extremely afk one. You can start doing this method at level 88 fishing however it is recommended to wait until level 92. Also this method really shines when the player has both the fury shark outfit and pontifex shadow ring. At level 99 fishing you can expect to get 120K-220K fishing experience.
  3. Levels 93-94 Waterfall Fishing: With level 93 fishing you can start training at the Prifddinas waterfall fishing area. This place is relatively afk and has a bank chest right next to the fishing spots. With level 93 fishing you can only catch small crystal urchins, with 95 medium crystal urchins and with level 97 you can catch large crystal urchins. At level 99 you can expect to get around 130K-200K fishing experience per hour.
  4. Levels 94-99+ Deep Sea Fishing: Starting at level 94 you can start fishing at fishing frenzy spots at the deep sea fishing hub. This fishing spot has a streak mechanic where you will have to constantly click on the moving fishing spot. For every 10 streak you will gain an additional 1% fishing experience boost up to 20%. At level 99 fishing you can expect to gain over 285K experience per hour.

Levels 96-99+ Uncharted Isles: You can find raw wobbegong fishing spots in uncharted isles which is a type of rare fish. To do this method effectively you will need to complete the quests “Flag Fall” and “Impressing the Locals”. These quests will allow you to collect free supplies to voyage everyday and allow you to mark an island so that you can go there whenever you please. This is crucial as you will need to mark the island that has 3 wobbegong fishing spots to return there to fish everyday. From each spot you can fish around 100 wobbegongs before it depletes. The spots reset every day.

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