RS3 Magic Guide,1-99 and Beyond Magic Training Methods

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RS3 Magic Guide,1-99 and Beyond Magic Training Methods

General Knowledge

Magic is one of the 3 combat styles that focuses on utility spells which can boost other skills and combat spells which are really effective against certain monsters. You can train your magic by either engaging in magical combat or by continuously casting said utility spells.

If you want to take the utility route, it will take longer but you will not gain any Constitution or defence experience. You can safely do this method near any bank, with the appropriate amount of runes and items.

If you are looking to train your magic with combat you will need to have magical weapons and armour, food to heal and magical boosting potions or items to help you boost your magic. You can use super magic potions, vecna's skull or if you have the level for it overloads to boost your magic.

You can use your combat options menu to choose whether you want to gain only magic experience or defence experience, of course you can choose to train both at the same time as well. You should always train on monsters that have a weakness to magic attacks, as they will take a lot more damage compared to other monsters when hit by magic attacks. They can be weak to a specific element so choose your spells accordingly.

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When training your magic, you should always use the highest tier equipment that is available to you if possible. For weapons you can choose to wear either a 2 handed staff or a wand and an off hand. 2 handed staffs are slower but have higher overall stats while the wands and off hands are faster but have lower stats. Keep in mind that all the armours listed below have a Defence level requirement as well as a Magic level requirement. Here is a list of items and weapons that you should use:

rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods1 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods2 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods3 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods4 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods5 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods6 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods7 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods8
Level (Defence & Magic)Armour SetWeapons
1Wizards robesStaff/Caitlin's staff/Mindspike/Staff of air/Avernic wand
10Imphide robesMindspike/Imp horn wand & Imphide book
20Spider Silk robesSpider wand & Spider orb
30Batwing robesAir battlestaff/Batwing wand & book
40Splitbark equipmentMystic air staff/Splitbark wand & orb
50Mystic equipmentAncient staff/Iban's staff/Mystic wand & orb
60Grifolic equipmentToktz-mej-tal/God staves
70Ahrim the Blighted's equipmentAhrim's staff/Ahrim's wand & book of magic
75 Magic, 70 DefenceRobes of subjugation (power armour)Staff of light/Polypore staff/Abyssal wand & orb/Armadyl battlestaff
75Ganodermic armour (tank armour)Staff of light/Polypore staff/Abyssal wand & orb/Armadyl battlestaff
80Anima core of Seren ArmourChaotic staff/Attuned crystal staff/Attuned crystal wand & orb/Virtus wand & book
80Virtus equipmentChaotic staff/Attuned crystal staff/Attuned crystal wand & orb/Virtus wand & book
85Seasinger's equipmentStaff of darkness/Seasinger kiba & makigai/Wand & orb of the Cywir elders
90Tectonic armourNoxious staff/Seismic wand & singularity/Wand of the praesul & Imperium core/Staff of Sliske
rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods9 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods10 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods11 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods12 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods13 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods14

Relic Powers

These powers are unlocked through the Archaeology skill, and when activated, provide the player with a passive effect.

Relic PowerEffectArcheology Level
Font of LifeIncreases maximum health by 500.5
Berserker's FuryIncreases your damage, the lower your health is. This effect can go up to +5.5% damage increase. This does not stack with Dharok's armour set.56
Death WardReduces the damage you take by 5% when your life points are below 50%, this effect increases to 10% damage reduction when your health is below 25%.81
Fury of the SmallAll of your basic abilities generate 1% more adrenaline.97
Persistent RageYour adrenaline will not drain outside of combat.98
Heightened SensesYour maximum adrenaline is increased by 10%.105
Conservation of EnergyAfter using an ultimate ability, regain 10% of your adrenaline back.118
Inspire Awe2% exp boost to your combat skills.119

1-99 and Beyond Magic Training


You can do slayer assignments all the way to 200M experience, it is in fact the preferred method as you will be benefiting from the passive effect of the slayer helmet, which greatly boosts your magic attack and damage. If you don't want to train Slayer, here is a list of monsters that you can train on:

Training on Monsters

rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods15 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods16 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods17 rs3_magic_guide1_99_and_beyond_magic_training_methods18
1-35Troll brutes12 Combat & 4 ConstitutionWeak to air spells.
35-40Ice warriors99 Combat & 32 ConstitutionWeak to fire spells.
40-50Crocodiles215 Combat & 71 ConstitutionWeak to air spells.
40-50Ankous179 Combat & 59 ConstitutionCan be safe spotted in the Stronghold of Security.
50-60Ogres240 Combat & 79 ConstitutionWeak to air spells.
60-70Might banshees344 Combat & 113 ConstitutionRequires the completion of the quest "Smoking Kills".
60-70Earth Warriors221 Combat & 73 ConstitutionWeak to water spells.
70-75+Abyssal monsters (3 variants)183,211,233 Combat & 72,77,79 ConstitutionAFK & Fast experience. Ancient magicks are extremely effective.
70-75+Exiled kalphites350 Combat & 115 ConstitutionCan be safe spotted at the bend of the path in the Exiled kalphite hive.
75-80+Gargoyles567 Combat & 188 ConstitutionRequires level 75 Slayer. Must have "learn how to deliver killing blows quicker".
80-99Abyssal demons661 Combat & 218 ConstitutionGood source of money. Very fast & AFK experience.
80-99Corrupted scorpions462 Combat & 152 ConstitutionVery fast & AFK experience. Requires level 88 Slayer. Requires feather of Ma'at for each kill.
80-99Waterfiends934 Combat & 308 ConstitutionHigh experience per kill.

Non-Combat Training Methods

Levels 7-21+ Enchanting Sapphire

At level 7 Magic you can start enchanting sapphire jewellery. Turning sapphire necklaces into game necklaces will provide you with 251 gp profit per cast.

EXP/H: 48K

Levels 21-27 Low Level Alchemy

This will make you lose quite a bit of gold. If you want to have maximum efficiency you can combine your alch casts with another skill such as Fishing or Woodcutting.

EXP/H: 62K

Levels 27-43 Enchanting Emerald

Enchanting emerald rings into rings of duelling will yield 37 experience per cast.

EXP/H: 80K

Levels 43-55 Superheating/Camelot Teleport

This spell trains your Smithing and Magic simultaneously. 30 Smithing is recommended for this method to make steel bars. With 50 smithing you can make rune bars for more smithing experience.

After reaching level 45 you can start casting teleport to Camelot spell, buy a staff of air for this. You will gain 111K Experience per hour.

Levels 55-58/99 High Level Alchemy

Some players prefer to cast high level alchemy all the way up to level 99 magic. It is a very simple method that can yield good profits. You can check this page to see the best items to alch for profit.

EXP/H: 65K-78K

Levels 58-66 Watchtower Teleport

EXP/H: 136K

Levels 66-71 Charging Air Orbs

This is more of a money making method than a magic training method as it is very slow. Keep in mind that the air obelisk is in the Wilderness.

EXP/H: 40K

Levels 71-77 Hunter Kit

For this method you need to have access to the Lunar Spellbook.

EXP/H: 100K-200K

Levels 77-80 Superglass Make

Another slow method that yields a profit.

EXP/H: 40K

Levels 80-86 String Jewellery

This method also yields Crafting experience.

EXP/H: 130K

Levels 86-99 Plank Make Mahogany Logs

For this quest you need to have access to the Lunar Spellbook and you need to have the quest "Dream Mentor" completed.

EXP/H: 150K

This is the end of our Magic guide, hope you found it useful and may you get your desired stats using it! Please leave feedback to help us improve.

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