RS3 Melee Guide, 1-99 and Beyond in All Melee Combat Stats

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RS3 Melee Guide, 1-99 and Beyond in All Melee Combat Stats

General Knowledge

Melee training involves 3 stats:

  • Attack: Ability to hit more accurately and wield better weapons.
  • Strength: Ability to hit higher.
  • Defence: Ability to block damage and wear better gear.

You can train these stats individually by going into your combat options and choosing attack, strength or defence. Alternatively you can choose shared experience and train them slowly but at the same time.


Almost every monster in Runescape 3 has a certain weakness. We will be focusing on the ones that have a weakness against melee attacks. These monsters are split into 3 categories:

  • Weak to stab
  • Weak to slash
  • Weak to crush

You can easily see the weakness by looking at the monster's health bar interface. There you should see an icon indicating its weakness. You should always use the weapon that the monster is weak to. By doing so you will be hitting more, thus gaining more experience per hour.


In combat, you won't be the only one who is dealing damage. Over time you will accumulate damage and will need to heal. There are a few ways to go about negating this damage:

  1. Using food: This is the most common way of dealing with damage. Bring some decent food into the fight and use it when necessary.
  2. Using Rejuvenate and Regenerate: Rejuvenate is an ultimate skill that will heal you for 40% of your total health and regenerate is an ability which can be used outside of combat to convert your adrenaline into health. Alternatively you can use Guthix's Blessing if you have access to it.
  3. Guthans: This is a mid tier armour set that grants a special effect to the player when worn.(You must wear the full set!) Your successful attacks have a 25% chance of healing you. The heal you recieve is the same as the damage you dealt when the ability triggered.
  4. Soul split: This is high level prayer that requires you to have ancient curses unlocked. When turned on it heals you for 10% of the damage dealt. This is the ultimate way of healing yourself while casually training.
  5. Saradomin Godsword: Saradomin godsword requires level 75 attack to wield. Base version of the sword has a special attack that consumes 50% adrenaline and deals 75-275% ability damage and restores life points by half of the damage dealt and prayer points by 2.5% of it.

You can use this godsword on the Saradomin altar in Commander Zilyana's boss room to gain a passive healing effect. This however removes the ability to use the special attack of the weapon and makes the weapon untradable. It gains the passive effect that heals the user 3% of their maximum health and prayer points with each successful hit. This effect has a 25% chance to activate.

  1. Vampyrism Aura and Scrimshaw: You can activate a scrimshaw of vampyrism or vampyrism aura to gain a passive lifesteal effect on each successful hit.
  2. Healing Familiars: Alternatively if you have the required Summoning level, you can summon a bunyip which heals you passively or a unicorn stallion which heals you whenever you use a scroll.


Potions are consumables that will greatly enhance your overall combat experience. They will boost your stats, which increases your damage and reduces the amount of damage you take. They are totally worth their cost and you should use the best ones available to you.

It is highly recommended to get 96 Herblore to create overloads. You can check out our Herblore guide here.

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Relic Powers

These powers are unlocked through the Archaeology skill, and when activated, provide the player with a passive effect.

Relic PowerEffectArcheology Level
Font of LifeIncreases maximum health by 500.5
Berserker's FuryIncreases your damage, the lower your health is. This effect can go up to +5.5% damage increase. This does not stack with Dharok's armour set.56
Death WardReduces the damage you take by 5% when your life points are below 50%, this effect increases to 10% damage reduction when your health is below 25%.81
Fury of the SmallAll of your basic abilities generate 1% more adrenaline.97
Persistent RageYour adrenaline will not drain outside of combat.98
Heightened SensesYour maximum adrenaline is increased by 10%.105
Conservation of EnergyAfter using an ultimate ability, regain 10% of your adrenaline back.118
Inspire Awe2% exp boost to your combat skills.119



Choosing the right equipment for the right task is pretty important and it changes massively depending on the state of your account and which activity you want to partake in.

Generally speaking you would want to have power armour sets, these armour sets provide a lower defensive bonus compared to their counterparts of the same tier but they provide a strength bonus which increases your damage overall. 

Here is the best in slot melee power armour and jewellery in game:

HeadTrimmed masterwork helm
BodyTrimmed masterwork platebody
LegsTrimmed masterwork platelegs
HandsTrimmed masterwork gloves
FeetTrimmed masterwork boots
CapeIgneous Kal-Zuk
NeckEssence of Finality amulet (or)
RingRing of death (i)
PocketErethdor's grimoire

Wearing the armour and jewellery listed above will provide you with a total of 1759 armour, 25 prayer bonus and 236.7 bonus strength.

Now let's take a look at the best in slot tank armour in the game:

HeadAchto Teralith helmet
BodyAchto Teralith cuirass
LegsAchto Teralith leggings
HandsAchto Teralith gauntlets
ShieldMalevolent kiteshield
FeetAchto Teralith boots
CapeSuperior reefwalker's cape
NeckAmulet of defence
RingSuperior leviathan ring
PocketFull charged Defender's insignia

While levelling up, check your skill guide regularly to figure out what is the best gear for your account. Alternatively you can check this wiki page to see everything more clearly.

1-99 & Beyond Melee Combat Training


Levels 1-40

Troll chuckerBurthorpe Troll Cave130 Combat, 10 Constitution EXP
ChickenNorth of Lumbridge124.9 Combat, 8.2 Constitution EXP

Levels 40-50

Flesh CrawlerStronghold of security level 2, southeastern room40232 Combat, 76 Constitution EXPGreat AOE monster, as there are multiple enemies.
Moss giantMoss Giant Island

Varrock Sewers

51136 Combat, 44 Constitution EXP 
GhoulNorth of Canifis64138 Combat, 45 Constitution EXP 

Levels 50-70

Fire giantWaterfall Dungeon85404 Combat, 133 Constitution EXP
TzHaar-XilTzHaar City86297 Combat, 98 Constitution EXP
HellhoundTaverley Dungeon92361 Combat, 119 Constitution EXP

Extremely good method up to level 99.

Abyssal walker, leech, guardianThe Abyss72



183, 211, 233 Combat, 60, 69, 76 Constitution EXP respectively.

Extremely good method up to level 99.

Levels 70-80+

Abyssal demonSlayer Tower98661 Combat, 218 Constitution EXP

Extremely good method up to level 99.

Levels 80-90+

Frost DragonAsgarnian Ice Dungeon resource dungeon1121085 Combat, 358 Constitution EXPRequires 85 Dungeoneering.
Corrupted ScorpionSophanem Slayer Dungeon98462 Combat, 152 Constitution EXPRequires 88 Slayer.
VyrelordDarkmeyer98661 Combat, 218 Constitution, 300 firemaking, 420 prayer EXPBlisterwood weapons required.

River of blood recommended

Sunspear recommended.

Morytania legs 4 recommended.

92 Prayer recommended.

Spiritual warriorGod Wars Dungeon98661 Combat, 218 Constitution EXPRequires 68 Slayer.
Spiritual mageGod Wars Dungeon98661 Combat, 218 Constitution EXPRequires 83 Slayer.

Levels 90-99

Arch-GlacorGlacor Front at Senntisten700010533 Combat, 3476 Constitution EXPDo 0 mechanic kills for fast kills but less loot.
General GraardorGod Wars Dungeon6243204 Combat, 1057 Constitution EXP95 Prayer recommended.
K'ril TsutsarothGod Wars Dungeon6505136 Combat, 1694 Constitution EXP95 Prayer recommended.



Slayer is the most preferred method of training combat stats. It is recommended for you to start doing slayer after reaching base 70+ melee stats. 

With slayer you can craft a slayer helmet, which boosts your accuracy and damage greatly when doing slayer assignments. This helmet out performs any other helmet in the game when you are on a task. Furthermore in Anachronia, you can unlock the Tier 3 Slayer Lodge and place your helmet on a stand to always gain its passive effect on tasks without wearing the helmet.

EXP/H: Anywhere between 50K - 2M EXP

This is the end of our Melee guide, hope you found it useful and may you get your desired stats using it! Please leave feedback to help us improve.

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