RS3 Penguin Hide and Seek Minigame Guide

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RS3 Penguin Hide and Seek Minigame Guide

This minigame (more commonly known as Penguin Hunting), is a fun and exciting way to earn rewards by finding secret penguins hidden throughout Gielinor. You’ll need to be on the lookout for a variety of disguises, as well as the elusive Polar Bear and Ghost Penguin. Join other players to find as many penguins as possible before the weekly reset.

Requirements In order to take part in Penguin Hide & Seek:
Quests Required:

These include: Cabin Fever, Icthlarin's Little Helper, Ghosts Ahoy, Mourning's Ends Part I, Regicide, The Fremennik Trials, The Fremennik Isles, Monkey Madness


You can unlock extra rewards with three optional quests - Hunt for Red Raktuber, Some Like It Cold and Desert Treasure, and Back to the Freezer. Completing Hunt for Red Raktuber will allow a Polar bear worth one Penguin Point to be found in a well, while Some Like It Cold and Desert Treasure will reveal an invisible penguin worth three points. Finally, Back to the Freezer will give players a standard penguin worth two points.

How to start:
Getting Started To get started, speak to Larry in the South West corner of the Ardougne Zoo, near the penguin exhibit. He will give you a Penguin spy device to use while hunting the disguised penguins.Penguins can wander all over RuneScape, including quest areas and the Wilderness. When you have spotted a penguin, just click it.

Possible disguises include Barrels, Bushes, Cacti, Crates, Rocks, Toadstools, Halloween and other Costumes.

You can earn one extra penguin point by hunting down the PJB polar bear agent. When you have spotted the agent, simply ‘inspect’ the well. You can earn an extra 3 points each week by hunting the Ghost penguin. This penguin teleports to a new location every couple of minutes, can only be seen and spied while wearing a Ring of visibility. Alternatively, if you have spoken to Sliske in the Empyrean Citadel, you can use his gift to see the Spirit Realm and spot the Ghost penguin without needing the Ring of visibility.

Agents: These penguins can be found in specific areas for roughly 1 minute before leaving. Once spotted by anyone, they will despawn and leave a random reward casket (easy, medium, hard, elite, or master) in your inventory. In addition to the usual agents, there is a one Agent (007) who will occasionally spawn when spying one of the normal penguins and is only visible to the one who caused him to spawn. As you are spying penguins, you should notice not only that your number of penguins caught increases, but also that you are earning points. Finding all 22 "penguins" (this includes the Polar bear and Ghost penguin) can earn you up to 39 points per week without resetting. You can save up to 250 points before you must use them. In addition to spending points, you will also earn various unlocks when you have found a certain number of penguins.

Redeem your Penguin Points by speaking to Chuck or Larry at the Ardougne Zoo, with the option of a coin reward or experience in a chosen skill. You can only store up to 50 Points, so any over this are lost. You get 6,500 RS Gold per point or experience based on your current level and the number of points redeemed. Completing quests increases the weekly maximum to a maximum of 42 points

Trapping Penguins
It is possible for penguins to become trapped in locations, with players or objects such as doors preventing their escape. Traps can be broken when a player moves through a game square occupied by another player, allowing a penguin to pass freely. If a penguin is unable to move for 7 minutes, they will be teleported back to their initial spawn. Players can spy over different obstacles to trap penguins, while the platypus and tooth creature pets can also help block game squares.

Players can be made aware of the presence of penguins through their loud noises as they don't show up on the mini-map.
Chuck and Larry provide players with hints on where to find disguised penguins. These hints range from general to specific areas. If players receive more than 10 hints, it could be because the penguin has moved to another area. They offer hints for all penguins whether they have already been spied on or not.

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