RS3 Prayer Guide, 1-99 and Beyond Prayer Training Methods

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RS3 Prayer Guide, 1-99 and Beyond Prayer Training Methods

Most Useful Items


First Age Outfit

This outfit, when worn, provides a flat experience boost to your Prayer. You can get the individual pieces by purchasing them from the shady ghost for 1K ecto-token each. Wearing each piece will provide a +1% prayer experience boost. If you wear the entire set you will receive the set bonus and the experience boost will be +6%.

Additionally you can purchase the first age tiara add-on and combine it with your tiara for additional bonuses.


You can purchase this item from the Daemonheim reward shop for 34K tokens. After buying it you can place it in your toolbelt and it will automatically turn bones you get from monsters into prayer experience.

Ectoplasmator (Attuned)

Regular version of this item, provides you with Prayer experience whenever you kill a ghost. Attuned version also scatters demonic ashes that you get as a drop. Basically the ash version of the bonecrusher.

Prayer urns

When carried in the inventory these urns will fill automatically by picking up demonic ashes. After they are full they yield 20% bonus experience required to fill them.

1-99 and Beyond Prayer Training

There are a lot of different ways to train your Prayer in this game, lets go over them:

Burial Powders (Fastest Method)

Powder of burials is an item that grants the player 350% base Prayer experience when burying bones for 30 minutes. You can purchase this item from Grand Exchange or get it as a reward from the Het’s Oasis. Keep in mind that double xp live has no effect on this method.

  • Add your bones to your action bar to bury them faster.
  • Do this on World 84 in Lumbridge,Grand Exchange or Fort Forhintry to receive 10% EXP boost from shared advanced pulse cores.
  • Do not wear a Dragon Rider amulet as the effect of that amulet will override your experience buff.

Chaos Altar

Double xp live has no effect on this method as well.

Chaos altar is an altar that is located in low level Wilderness. Offering bones or ashes on the altar will provide you with the same 350% increase in experience. You can use the NPC called Simon near the altar to restock on your bones or ashes.

If you have hard Wilderness Tasks completed however you can simply un-note your bones by using them on Harrison, which is significantly faster than using Simon.

Keep in mind that this altar is in a PVP zone.

Fort Forinthry


This method also does not benefit from Double EXP live.

If you have a tier 3 Chapel in Fort Forinthry it will yield the same 350% experience boost to your prayer if you use ashes or bones on it. You can use the bank chest on the west side to restock. If you use a beast of burden like a pack yack here this method becomes the second fastest method in the game for Prayer training. Another benefit of this altar is the fact that it can save your offerings, saving you money and yielding more experience per trip.

Player Owned House


This method also does not benefit from Double EXP live.

You can build altars in your player owned house to train your prayer. These altars each have different experience modifiers for Prayer, the best one being the Gilded altar. Offering bones or ashes to your Gilded altar will yield, you guessed it, 350% more Prayer experience.

It is possible to get 900K+ EXP with this method if you are using a beast of burden with frost dragon bones. The downside of this method is the fact that you have to light the incense burners to have a full experience boost effect.

The fastest way to use this method is to hire another player to bring you bones so you do not have to move at all.

You can also use other players' houses to train on their altar.



This method also does not benefit from Double EXP live.

This method is great for people that do not want to grind and pay for a gilded altar. Ectofuntus gives 4 times the experience per bone or ash rather than the usual 3.5x but the process is slower than burying bones. Compared to a gilded altar it gives 14% more experience per bone.

There are two methods one is bones the other ashes. Ashes are far superior as you do not have to grind them.

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Bones Method

What you need:

  • Ectophial for teleporting
  • Morytania legs 4, to teleport to the slime pit
  • Any teleport or method for quick banking.
  • Weight reducing equipment
  • An inventory with an ectophial, one teleport item and 13 bones/ashes and 13 empty slots is the most efficient inventory.
  • 58 Agility to use the slime shortcut
  • A beast of burden familiar for trips to grind bones.

The method steps:

  1. Empty your inventory and teleport to the Ectofuntus.
  2. Head to the slime pool and collect a full inventory of buckets of slime.
  3. Teleport to a bank.
  4. Deposit your slime and withdraw 13 buckets of slime and 13 bonemeal pots
  5. Teleport to the Ectofuntus.
  6. Worship Ectofuntus until your inventory is empty.
  7. Repeat

Ashes Method

Using infernal ashes instead of bones is much better, here is what you need:

  • An inventory with an Ectophial and 13 ashes.


  1. Withdraw 13 ashes and Ectophial
  2. Teleport to Ectofuntus.
  3. Go down the trapdoor and head to the slime pit.
  4. Collect buckets of slime.


  1. Teleport to Ectofuntus.
  2. Worship it.
  3. Go down to the slime pit and collect slime.
  4. Teleport to a bank.
  5. Withdraw 13 ashes.
  6. Repeat.

Cleansing Crystals


This method works in double xp live.

To access this method you first need to have access to the elven city of Prifddinas. Head to the Hefin Cathedral and purchase cleansing crystals from one of the Hefin monks. During cleansing you can use a perfect juju prayer potion or a perfect plus potion to receive an extra 5% experience. Additionally you can cleanse the crystals while the voice of Seren is active granting you additional 20% experience. This method is extremely AFK.

Killing Vyres with Sunspear

This method is an amazing method that can yield a lot of experience while being extremely AFK.


  • Rivers of Blood quest for access to Darkmeyer and reforged augmentable sunspear.
  • Elite Morytania achievements for Morytania legs 4. (Increases your prayer experience by 50%)
  • A lot of AOE abilities of the style of your choice.
  • If you are using magic or ranged augment your Sunspear with the Caroming 3 perk.
  • Soul split for healing.
  • Using greater harmony, greater corruption, greater salvation and penance auras will allow you to completely sustain your prayer points without the need of a potion.
  • Totem of auras will allow you to rotate these 4 auras without any downtime.


  • Stand between the building south of the bank and the tree immediately to its west, one square south of the corner of the nearby path. This spot will have 6 vyre spawns that are within the attack range.
  • If you are using melee be careful to stand in the correct spot as vyres will not walk into melee distance.
  • Turn on your auto retaliate with Revolution++ and soul split and enjoy.
Prayer EXP/H: 400K (with Morytania legs)
Combat EXP/H: 600K
Constitution EXP/H: 200K
Firemaking EXP/H: 270K
Farming EXP/H: 140K (If you are using a seedicide)
GP/H: 5M

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