RS3 Ranged Guide,1-99 and Beyond Ranged Training Guide

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RS3 Ranged Guide,1-99 and Beyond Ranged Training Guide


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For armour you should always wear the best armour set available at your level if you can. At later levels there will be differences between power armours and tank armours. Obviously as the name suggests you should try to pick power armours as they will provide range bonuses that will make you hit more accurately and harder. Here are some notable armours for Ranged:

ArmourTypeRequired LevelBonus
Soft leather armourTank1+1
Spined ArmourPower50 Defence+59
Demon Slayer armourPower60 Ranged & Defence+72
Royal dragonhide armourTank65 Defence+10
Armadyl armourPower70 Defence+87
Pernix armourPower80 Defence & Health+99
Achto tempest armourTank90 Defence0
Elite sirenic armourPower92 Defence+91


There are a lot of weapons that you can use for Ranged, here is a list of recommended weapons for you to use:

rs3_ranged_guide1_99_and_beyond_ranged_training_guide rs3_ranged_guide1_99_and_beyond_ranged_training_guide rs3_ranged_guide1_99_and_beyond_ranged_training_guide rs3_ranged_guide1_99_and_beyond_ranged_training_guide rs3_ranged_guide1_99_and_beyond_ranged_training_guide rs3_ranged_guide1_99_and_beyond_ranged_training_guide
LevelsArrow weaponBolt weapon
1-10Kayle's chargebow.Bronze crossbow or bronze 2h crossbow with bronze bolts.
10-20Oak shortbow with Iron arrows.Iron regular or 2h crossbow with Iron bolts.
20-30Willow shortbow with steel arrows.Steel regular or 2h crossbow with steel bolts.
30-40Maple shortbow with mithril arrows.Mithril regular or 2h crossbow with mithril bolts.
40-50Yew shortbow with adamant arrows.Adamant regular or 2h crossbow with adamant bolts.
50-60Magic shortbow with rune arrows.Rune regular or 2h crossbow with rune bolts.
60-70Elder shortbow with dragon arrows.Dragon regular or 2h crossbow with dragon bolts.
70-75Crystal bow.Karil's crossbow or Karil's pistol crossbow with bolt racks.
75-80-Hand cannon with hand cannon shots or Armadyl crossbow with diamond bolts (e).
80-90Zaryte bow or Attuned crystal bowChaotic crossbow or Royal crossbow with royal bolts.
85-90DecimationWyvern crossbow.
90-99Noxious longbowAscension crossbow with ascension bolts.
92-99Seren godbowBlightbound crossbow.
95-99Bow of the Last Guardian-

Neck Slot

Required LevelItemBonus
Level 1Amulet of accuracy+15
Level 1Amulet of power+15
Level 1Amulet of glory+26
Level 1Amulet of ranging+32
Level 1Amulet of fury+32
Level 1Amulet of fury (t)+34
Level 1Reaper necklace+36
Level 70Saradomin's murmur+36
Level 1Reaper necklace (or)+38
Level 80Farsight sniper necklace+44
Level 80Farsight blood necklace+44
Level 1Amulet of souls+46
Level 1Amulet of souls (or)+48
Level 1Essence of Finality+56
Level 1Essence of Finality (or)+59

Ring Slot

Required LevelItemBonus
Level 1Explorer's ring 4+10
Level 1Archers' ring+17
Level 1Archers' ring (i)+25
Level 1Stalker's ring+30.4

Pocket Slot Items


Illuminated god book is the best one to use for the passive bonuses and no upkeep cost.

God bookHorror from the Deep, fix the books by combining the pages with the books.+2 Prayer, +5 Ranged
Illuminated god bookHorror from the Deep, One piercing Note, 60 Crafting and 60 Prayer+4 Prayer, +7 Ranged
Attacker's insigniaBarbarian Assault, level 5 Attacker, five penance king kills, and 500 attacker points.A bleed for 50 damage (uncharged) or 500 damage (charged) that hits 4 times.
Scrimshaw of cruelty80 Ranged5% Ranged damage.
Superior scrimshaw of cruelty80 Ranged, 92 Fletching, 10 Ancient bones in your player-owned port.6.66% Ranged damage.
Scrimshaw of ranging85 Ranged2% Ranged accuracy.
Superior scrimshaw of ranging85 Ranged,95 Fletching, 10 Ancient bonus in your player-owned port.4% Ranged accuracy.


Auras are buffs that can be purchased by using loyalty points. You can activate them to gain a buff for a period of time. After the period has ended they go into cooldown and can be reactivated once the cooldown is over.

Reckless auraIncreases Ranged by 10% and reduces Defence by 15%.
Sharpshooter auraIncreases Ranged accuracy by 3% to 10%.


Some abilities are unlocked just by levelling up and some has additional requirements here are the most important ones to unlock:

Death's Swiftness85 Ranged, Completion of the quest "The World Wakes".
Corruption Shot70 Ranged, Corruption shot ability codex or Mazcab ability codex.
Greater Dazing Shot8 Ranged, 63M Shattered Worlds anima.
Salt the Wound60 Ranged, 63M Shattered Worlds anima.
Shadow Tendrils75 Ranged, Completion of the quest "The Dig Site".
Tuska's Wrath50 Hitpoints, 4K Anima Islands reward points.
Devotion1 Defence, 3.5K Anima Island reward points.
Sacrifice10 Hitpoints, 3.5K Anime Island reward points.
Onslaught90 Hitpoints, Onslaught Ability Codex or Mazcab Ability Codex.

Relic Powers

These powers are unlocked through the Archaeology skill, and when activated, provide the player with a passive effect.

Relic PowerEffectArcheology Level
Font of LifeIncreases maximum health by 500.5
Berserker's FuryIncreases your damage, the lower your health is. This effect can go up to +5.5% damage increase. This does not stack with Dharok's armour set.56
Death WardReduces the damage you take by 5% when your life points are below 50%, this effect increases to 10% damage reduction when your health is below 25%.81
Fury of the SmallAll of your basic abilities generate 1% more adrenaline.97
Persistent RageYour adrenaline will not drain outside of combat.98
Heightened SensesYour maximum adrenaline is increased by 10%.105
Conservation of EnergyAfter using an ultimate ability, regain 10% of your adrenaline back.118
Inspire Awe2% exp boost to your combat skills.119
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1-99 and Beyond Ranged Training

1-20Chicken25Requires constant attention.
20-40Chaos druid66Weak to arrows and good herb drops.
20-40Giant bat95Semi-Afkable.
40-49Green dragon198Very good drops for its level. Requires dragon breath protection which might hinder experience rates.
40-49Pyrefiends151Requires level 30 Slayer. Weak to bolts.
50-70Blue dragon367Very good drops. Weak to bolts and also affected by bane ammunition. Requires dragon breath protection.
50-70Abyssal demon661Requires level 85 Slayer. Very good drops. Affected by bane ammunition.
50-70Black demon661Good alch drops. Weak to bolts. Can use dwarf multicannon in Taverley Dungeon.
70-99Aviansie491This creature resides in the God Wars Dungeon, so you need to wear an item from all four factions to prevent aggression. Weak to bolts. Drops food so you don't have to resupply.
70-99Exiled kalphite marauder661Drops a lot of alchables so a spring cleaner is recommended. Weak to arrows. Always aggressive, up to 300K EXP/H. Can be AFK'd with soul split.
70-99Rorarius404Requires level 81 Slayer. Fast experience. Very profitable drops. Weak to Ranged.
70-99Waterfiend934Good source of crimson charms. Weak to bolts.
70-99Mature grotworm661High experience rates. Good alchable drops. Drops sharks and brews. Weak to bolts.

Alternative Methods



Instead of camping a monster till you get a specific level, you can choose to do Slayer all the way up to 99. It is recommended that you start this method starting at level 60 Ranged. You can use a Slayer helmet when you are killing a monster on task, which greatly boosts your damage and accuracy, increasing your experience rates.

AFK Waterfiends

This is a high level method which requires level 92 Prayer for Soul Split and level 96 Herblore for overloads. You will need at least tier 70 armour and tier 80 weapons and if possible the use of a Geyser titan is quite useful. Here is what you need to bring per trip:

  • 20 Prayer potions
  • 4 Overloads
  • 2 Geyser titan pouches
  • 2 Sharks

You can AFK these monsters at Ghorrock. Monster aggression timer is 10 minutes so when they become unagressive towards you run away from them and come back to reset the timer.

EXP/H: 450K - Not AFKing
EXP/H: 350K - Total AFKing

Abyssal Training

This is the best way to gain AFK Ranged experience in the game. The south-west and south-east corners of the abyss have 15+ creatures that are aggressive. 

For items, use red chincompas alongside an off hand Armadyl crossbow, blood amulet, power armour and a grand ranging potion or better.

To gain the full benefits use Revolution++ with the following bar:

  1. Corruption Shot
  2. Death's Swiftness
  3. Bombardment
  4. Deadshot
  5. Fragmentation Shot
  6. Needle Strike
  7. Binding Shot
EXP/H: 700K

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