RS3 Skilling Money Making Guide

03.03.2023 - 15:47:24
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RS3 Skilling Money Making Guide

This guide contains the best skilling money making methods for Runescape 3. The easiest and quickest way to get RS3 Gold is by buying it at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:

Crafting Water Runes: Surprisingly enough the best skilling money making method in this game is crafting water runes. Even though you can start crafting water runes at level 5, it won’t make you as much money. To make the amount of money you want to make in this guide, you will need to have the following stats and items:

  • Level 95+ Runecrafting
  • Level 93 Summoning
  • Level 80 Dungeoneering
  • Level 98 Farming
  • Level 68 Archeology
  • Level 91 Herblore
  • Small through massive runecrafting pouches
  • Wilderness sword
  • Demonic skull
  • Infinity ethereal outfit
  • Runecrafting potions
  • Powerburst of sorcery
  • Completion of the quest “Hero’s Welcome”
  • Completion of Wilderness and Lumbridge achievements
  • Nexus mod relic power
  • Pouch protector
  • Bladed dive
  • Double surge codex

You will be running across a small portion of the wilderness so don’t bring any items that you do not wish to lose. Use an abyssal titan familiar. The gp per hour assumes that you can do 90 trips per hour.

GP/H: 32M

XP/H: 137K

Making Super Saradomin Brew Flask: This is a high level method that will make you a lot of gold every hour, while also providing a decent experience rate. To do this method efficiently you will be needing the following stats and items:

  • Level 93 herblore
  • Level 49 dungeoneering for scroll of cleansing
  • Level 75 thieving and agility for flash powder factory
  • Scroll of cleansing
  • Modified botanist’s mask
  • Factory top
  • Factory trousers
  • Factory gloves
  • Portable well
  • Brooch of the gods
  • Botanist’s amulet
  • Pack yak pouch (optional)

After all your potions are made decant them using any decant npc.

GP/H: 25M

EXP/H: 500K

Catching Dazzling Whirligigs: This has the lowest requirements out of all the money makers. To do this method you only need the following items and stats:

  • Level 1 Hunter
  • Grace of the elves
  • Luck of the dwarves

Input quantities assume flower saving chance from Dundee's Crocodile Upgrades. Output quantities assume double loot chance from Dundee's Crocodile Upgrades. Attempting to catch Dazzling Whirligigs while missing one or both of these upgrades is unlikely to be profitable.

GP/H: 25M

Making Weapon Poison++: Really simple money maker of mixing stuff together. To do this method you will need the following items and stats:

  • Level 82 Herblore
  • Skavid map
  • Ring of duelling
  • Grace of the elves
  • Completion of the quest “Watchtower”
  • Envenomed perk from Ranch Out of Time

Cave nightshades cannot be bought from grand exchange and they can only be found in the caves under Gu’Tanoth. A skavid map is needed to traverse the caves and find nightshades.

GP/H: 19.8M

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