RS3 Slayer Guide, 1-120 Slayer

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RS3 Slayer Guide, 1-120 Slayer

Slayer is a skill where you get assigned tasks by Slayer masters to hunt down a number of monsters. Here are the essential things that you need to know to optimise your experience:

Access to Slayer Masters


Slayer masters can have requirements, these requirements can consist of quests, combat and slayer levels. You should always use the highest levelled Slayer master. Higher level Slayer masters will reward more points upon completing a task and they will assign higher level monsters which yield more experience. Mandrith is a Wilderness Slayer master and his tasks can only be completed in Wilderness. If you do not want to have a chance of getting PKed, you can stick to Laniakea.

MasterLocationStat RequirementQuest Requirement
VannakaEdgeville30 Combat-
The RaptorFort Forinthry35 CombatUnwelcome guests
MazchnaCanifis50 Combat-
ChaeldarZanaris75 CombatLost City
SumonaPollnivneach90 Combat and 35 SlayerSmoking Kills
Duradel/LapalokShilo Village100 Combat and 50 SlayerShilo Village
KuradalAncient Cavern110 Combat and 75 SlayerBarbarian Training
MovranPrifddinas120 Combat and 85 SlayerPlague’s End
LaniakeaAnachronia120 Combat and 90 Slayer-
MandrithDeep Wilderness120 Combat and 95 Slayer-

Access to Slayer Monsters

You can kill most of the monsters in the game from the get go but some Slayer monsters require quests or mini quests. It is beneficial to complete these quests to have the options available at your disposal.

Slayer MonsterQuest Requirement
Mithril dragonsBarbarian Training
Chaos giantsBirthright of the Dwarves
Jungle and cave horrorsCabin Fever
NightmaresChildren of Mah
KillerwattsErnest the Chicken
Nihil, MuspahsFate of the Gods
DagannothsHorror from the Deep
Mutated bloodveld, Skeletal hands, Zombie handsLegacy of Seergaze
SuqahsLunar Diplomacy
MogresMogre (miniquest)
Celestial dragonsOne of a Kind
Warped tortoises, Warped terrorbirdsThe Path of Glouphrie
GlacorsRitual of the Mahjarrat
Fever spidersRum Deal
Tormented demonsWhile Guthix Sleeps
AutomatonsThe World Wakes
Seeker, SoulgazerDishonour among Thieves

Slayer Points

Slayer points are the lifeblood of the skill. You can use these points to unlock monsters, gear, crafting recipes and a lot of quality of life features. you can also use them to block, skip or prefer tasks. Slayer points are awarded for every completed task after the fourth consecutive task. The amount of points you get depends on your Slayer master.

It is highly recommended to complete the quest "Smoking Kills" since you only gain half the Slayer points without it.

Tasks you get from Turael or Spria do not award any points and if you use them to change your task it will reset your Slayer assignment streak, therefore making you have to complete another four assignments to receive points.

Upon completing a task assigned from Mandrith, you will receive a wilderness slayer chest.

Here is a list of Slayer masters and the amount of Slayer points they give:

Slayer MasterPer TaskPer 10th TaskPer 50th Task
The Raptor1520-105180-315
Duradel/Lapalok1575 (80 after completing Karamja achievements)225

Slayer Helmet


This helmet is a craftable helmet which you can craft after unlocking the ability to so from the Slayer reward shop. You should save your slayer points to unlock this helmet as soon as possible. It provides a 12.5%-14.5% increase to damage and accuracy when slaying monsters on-task and it also provides additional slayer headgear effects. There are 6 versions of this helmet, each one is a direct upgrade to the previous one:

Slayer helmetDamage and Accuracy BonusStat RequirementsArmour bonusCrafting Materials
Slayer helmet12.5% Melee combat only55 Crafting & 10 Defence40.4Spiny helmet, face mask, earmuffs, nose peg, black mask
Full slayer helmet12.5% All combat styles55 Crafting & 20 Defence40.4Slayer helmet, hexcrest, focus sight
Reinforced slayer helmet13% All combat styles55 Crafting & 30 Defence90.8Full slayer helmet, 100 slayer points
Strong slayer helmet13.5% All combat styles55 Crafting & 50 Defence170Reinforced slayer helmet, 400 slayer points
Mighty slayer helmet14% All combat styles55 Crafting & 70 Defence297.2Strong slayer helmet, 600 slayer points
Corrupted slayer helmet14.5% All combat styles55 Crafting & 70 Defence297.2Mighty slayer helmet, 1000 slayer points, corrupted gem

Slayer helmet on-task is going to be your best in slot helmet, however if you built a level 3 Slayer Lodge in Anachronia, you can place your helmet on a stand which grants your helmets bonuses across the entire game without needing to wear it.

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Other Important Point Shop Rewards

  1. Ability to craft rings of slaying: These rings provide various teleports all across the game and a great overall quality of life upgrade to your Slayer grind. Costs 300 Slayer points.
  2. Ability to deliver killing blows quicker: There are some Slayer monsters which require an additional item to deal a killing blow, which you have to manually click everytime. Buying this will make that process automatic. Costs 400 Slayer points.
  3. Fusing rings to full Slayer helmets: Another quality of life upgrade which allows you to store rings of slaying, ferocious rings to your Slayer helmet. Costs 500 Slayer points.
  4. Attaching the Bonecrusher to your toolbelt: Bonecrusher is a useful item to have while doing Slayer since you can combine it with a Demon horn necklace to infinitely replenish your prayer points and it also grants passive Prayer experience. Having it in your toolbelt will make your life much easier. Costs 500 Slayer points.
  5. Attaching Herbicide to your toolbelt: A lot of the Slayer monsters that you will be killing will drop herbs, so having this item to destroy them to give you passive Herblore experience is a great benefit. Having it in your toolbelt will save you an inventory slot. Costs 500 Slayer points.
  6. Attaching Seedicide to your toolbelt: Seedicide is an item that destroys seeds and in return rewards you with Farming experience. Since a lot of Slayer monsters drop seeds it is a good item to have. Having it in your toolbelt will save you an inventory slot. Costs 500 Slayer points.
  7. Attaching Charming Imp to your toolbelt: Summoning can only be trained with using various types of charms to craft pouches. This item automatically picks up charms for you or if you want it can destroy said charms and give you passive summoning experience. Again a lot of Slayer monsters drop charms so it is a good item to have. Having it in your toolbelt will save you an inventory slot. Costs 500 Slayer points.
  8. Attaching Advanced Gold Accumulator to your tool belt: This item as you probably have guessed it picks up coins automatically for you. It destroys 10% of anything it picks up but that is not a huge deal. Having it in your toolbelt will save you an inventory slot. Costs 500 Slayer points.
  9. Ability to fletch broad arrows and bolts: Fletching broad bolts is a cost effective method for training your fletching. It requires level 52 Fletching and costs 300 Slayer points.
  10. Block & Extend Task: When you are settled for a slayer master workout the tasks you want and do not want. Block the ones you do not wantwhich costs 100 points per block and prefer the ones you want which will increase their chances of being assigned. This also costs 100 points per prefer.



Here are some general tips for your Slayer gear:

  • Power armours are better than tank armours in most scenarios.
  • Use augmented gear and weapons if possible.
  • Cinderbane gloves are best-in-slot for poisonable monsters.
  • Demon horn necklace and its lesser variants in combination with a bonecrusher are best-in-slot for monsters that drop bones.
  • Blood amulet of fury can be used to heal of monsters if you do not have soul split.
  • For all combat styles, 2 handed weapons are better since they have more AOE abilities.
  • Luck rings are generally the best in slot for Slayer since they provide bonuses across all combat styles and they allow access to the rare drop table.
  • Vampyrism aura can be use to heal and Penance aura can be used to restore prayer points.
  • Spring cleaner is a great item to have which automatically alchs items that monsters drop.
  • Ancient elven ritual shard is a great item to use to passively restore your prayer points without any cost.
  • Dwarf multicannon and its variants are great for certain tasks.
  • Gem bag, seed bag and herb bag are great items to save inventory spots and make extra money.
  • Holy wrench is an item that passively increases the Prayer points restored from potions.

Hope this guide was helpful! Goodluck on your grind :)

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