RS3 Wilderness Warbands Mini-game Guide

15.03.2023 - 13:02:00
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RS3 Wilderness Warbands Mini-game Guide

Wilderness Warbands is a High risk, High reward D&D activity that appears in random locations in the wilderness every seven hours. Players must battle each other and NPCs to obtain supplies from the camp, which can be exchanged for significant amounts of experience in various skills. A player can do up to 3 warband events per day. Successful completion of the warband requires cooperation among players.

Players can earn significant amounts of experience in Farming, Construction, Herblore, Mining, or Smithing by looting the warband camps. Players should be prepared for combat and have a high combat level before trying this since any player can attack those with warband supplies. It is recommended not to bring any items that players don't want to lose for this reason.

When a warband appears, players should bank all items and equipment and travel to the location of the active warband. There are two options for clearing the camp: Option 1 is to disrupt the summoning beam and summon reinforcements, while Option 2 is to kill the general leading the camp. After clearing the camp, players can collect up to 25 resources from the tents and speak to Quercus, located north of the Grand Exchange tunnel shortcut, to choose their rewards in either XP or GP. This is a dangerous activity, so again it's highly recommended to bank all items before attempting it.

Players should talk to Quercus in Edgeville to find out if there is a camp currently occurring or when the next one will appear. Players can use a Wilderness Sword 4 to teleport directly to a Warband camp. To successfully sabotage the camp, players must avoid being spotted by the sentries posted around the camp and then interrupt the god's magic beam in the middle of the camp. After successful interruption, players can then use the beam to summon reinforcements. The camp must then be cleared out before players can loot the tents. Up to three camps can be looted every day. Supplies can be looted from other players by killing them and taking the dropped supplies. Remember, logging out or disconnecting while inside the Wilderness will immediately remove all Warband supplies. Leaving the Wilderness can be done by running south or by using alternate routes such as the Wilderness Agility Course, the Pit, the Corporeal Beast Lair, or the Death Plateau Beacon.

Warbands provide a great opportunity for players to gain experience in a variety of skills, as well as rewards such as RS3 Gold or experience from looting the camp. Rewards range from Prayer experience for converting the beam, to Summoning experience for summoning reinforcements, to Slayer experience for participating in killing the camp leader, to supplies which can be redeemed for generous amounts of experience in Farming, Construction, Herblore, Mining and Smithing. Additionally, players have a chance of obtaining a Wand of Treachery once per camp, though this is not a guaranteed drop.


Wilderness Warbands is an exciting and rewarding D&D activity in RS3. It requires skill, cooperation, and a bit of luck to complete. Players can earn significant amounts of experience and rewards, but should be aware that it is very dangerous. 

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