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RuneScape 3 Combat System - RS3 Guides

Title: The Evolution of Combat in RuneScape 3: A Look at the Game's Dynamic Combat System



The Evolution of Combat (EoC) marked a monumental shift in RuneScape 3's combat mechanics. Launched in November 2012, EoC transformed the traditional "click and wait" combat system into an interactive, ability-based system, paving the way for intricate boss mechanics, strategic PvP encounters, and enhanced gameplay dynamics. This guide will delve into the past and present of RuneScape 3's combat system, shedding light on its evolution, mechanics, and the dynamic combat experiences it offers today.


1. Pre-EoC Combat System: Simplicity and RNG

Before EoC, RuneScape's combat was simple and heavily RNG (Random Number Generator)-based. Players would select a target, initiate combat, and the damage was calculated based on the player's and opponent's stats, gear, and a roll of virtual dice. Special attacks, prayers, and potions offered some variation, but overall, the system was straightforward.


2. Introduction of Evolution of Combat: A Game-Changing Transition

EoC was a fundamental overhaul of the combat system. It introduced abilities for each combat style (Melee, Ranged, and Magic), adrenaline, and a new interface for combat abilities. EoC's launch was contentious, with players divided over the changes. Over time, however, the system was polished and refined, gradually gaining acceptance.


3. Understanding Combat Styles: Melee, Ranged, and Magic

The three combat styles in RuneScape 3 are distinct, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Melee excels in raw damage and has useful area-of-effect abilities, Ranged offers excellent DPS and control abilities, while Magic provides versatility, with powerful burst damage and a range of utility spells. The choice of style often depends on the enemy's weaknesses and the player's preference.


4. Abilities and Adrenaline: Fueling the Fight

In EoC, combat revolves around using abilities to deal damage, control the battlefield, or mitigate incoming damage. Abilities consume adrenaline, which is built up by using basic abilities or drinking adrenaline potions. There are three types of abilities: basic, threshold, and ultimate, each with unique effects and adrenaline costs.


5. Action Bars and Revolution: Automating Combat

EoC introduced action bars to manage abilities. Players can manually trigger abilities (full manual) or use the Revolution system, which automatically triggers abilities in order. Revolution provides a balance between complexity and convenience, making it popular among players.


6. Dual Wielding vs. Two-Handed: The Art of Weapon Choice

EoC brought the choice between dual wielding and using two-handed weapons. Both offer unique abilities and cater to different combat strategies. Two-handed weapons generally provide better area damage, while dual-wielding focuses on single-target DPS.


7. Armour, Life Points, and Damage Mitigation

Armour in EoC not only provides defence but also contributes to your total life points. Armour comes in three types: Tank, Power, and Hybrid, each with specific benefits. Defence abilities also play a critical role in mitigating or avoiding damage.


8. The Role of Prayers and Curses

Prayers and curses remain crucial in EoC, offering buffs and debuffs to augment combat prowess. Notable prayers include Turmoil variants, Soul Split, and protection prayers.


9. Impact of EoC on PvM and PvP

EoC has significantly enhanced Player versus Monster (PvM) combat, enabling complex boss mechanics and strategic gameplay. For Player vs. Player (PvP), EoC's impact is more controversial, with some players preferring the pre-EoC system's simplicity. Nevertheless, EoC has added depth and tactical dimensions to PvP combat.


10. Legacy Mode: Nostalgia Meets Modernity

Legacy Mode was introduced as a nod to pre-EoC combat, offering a simplified combat experience. While less efficient than EoC, Legacy Mode provides an alternative for players who prefer the old combat system.



The Evolution of Combat has undeniably transformed the combat landscape in RuneScape 3, adding layers of complexity and strategy to both PvM and PvP encounters. While the transition was marked by upheaval, the system has evolved into an engaging, tactical combat experience that underpins the modern RuneScape game. Whether you're a veteran player or a newcomer to Gielinor, mastering the art of combat in RuneScape 3 is a challenging but rewarding endeavour. Happy adventuring!


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