Runescape 3 Crafting Guide, 1-99 Both Fast & Cheap Methods

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Runescape 3 Crafting Guide, 1-99 Both Fast & Cheap Methods

Why Should You Train Crafting?

Crafting is one of the oldest skills in Runescape 3, dating back to 2001. Aside from it being a max cape requirement, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider training this skill.

First of all, most of the methods used to train this skill are either semi-afk or fully afk, meaning you can do whatever side activity you want to do while training this skill. You want to gain experience while working or perhaps you want to finally binge that show you have been saving for a while, then this is the skill to train while doing those!

Secondly some of the methods are actually profitable so you can turn them into afk money making methods if you choose to do so. Also you can make urns using this skill which can’t be bought (finished version) on grand exchange. There is a urn for almost all skills on Runescape 3 and they provide extra experience to the player while doing that certain skill.

Lastly, most of the high-end gear and weapons in the game require you to have a certain crafting level to craft/combine them. Some of these items are tradable but buying the raw materials and turning them into the finished product will be cheaper and some of them aren’t even tradable so you will need that crafting level to make them.

Aside from all these there are a number of quests which have a crafting requirement. So if you are looking to complete them (which some of them are almost essential for ones account) or if you want to get that juicy quest cape, you might want to get the following quests done:

  • Gunnar’s Ground - Crafting level 5

  • Observatory Quest - Crafting level 10

  • The Giant Dwarf - Crafting level 12

  • The Great Brain Robbery - Crafting level 16

  • Animal Magnetism - Crafting level 19

  • Creature of Fenkenstrain - Crafting level 20

  • Elemental Workshop 1 - Crafting level 20

  • The Golem - Crafting level 20

  • Shades of Mort'ton - Crafting level 20

  • Shilo Village - Crafting level 20

  • Tears of Guthix - Crafting level 20

  • In Aid of the Myreque - Crafting level 25

  • One Small Favour - Crafting level 25

  • Smoking Kills - Crafting level 25

  • Cold War - Crafting level 30

  • Shadow of the Storm - Crafting level 30

  • The Slug Menace - Crafting level 30

  • Lost City - Crafting level 31

  • The Darkness of Hallowvale - Crafting level 32

  • Haunted Mine - Crafting level 35

  • Missing My Mummy - Crafting level 35

  • Enlightened Journey - Crafting level 36

  • A Fairy Tale 3, Battle at Ork’s Right - Crafting level 36

  • The Fremennik Trials - Crafting level 40

  • Swan Song - Crafting level 40

  • Elemental Workshop 4 - Crafting level 41

  • Rum Deal - Crafting level 42

  • Toktz-Ket-Dill - Crafting level 43

  • Cabin Fever - Crafting level 45

  • The Fremennik Isles - Crafting level 46

  • Legacy of Seergaze - Crafting level 47

  • The Hand in the Sand - Crafting level 49

  • Enakhra’s Lament - Crafting level 50

  • Legends’ Quest - Crafting level 50

  • In Pyre Need - Crafting level 52

  • Some Like It Cold - Crafting level 56

  • Kindred Spirits - Crafting level 60

  • Lunar Diplomacy - Crafting level 61

  • The Branches of Darkmeyer - Crafting level 64

  • Rocking Out - Crafting level 66

  • Love Story - Crafting level 67

  • Do No Evil - Crafting level 68

  • The Void Stares Back - Crafting level 70

  • Plague’s End - Crafting level 75

  • Ritual of the Mahjarrat - Crafting level 76

  • The Light Within - Crafting level 80

  • Sins of the Father - Crafting level 85

  • Jed Hunter - Crafting level 91

As you can see there are a LOT of quests which have a rafting requirement and if you are looking to complete all the aerial tasks in the game, you will need to have at least 98 crafting (that task can be done via boosting as well).

Helpful Items and Tools

Before we dive right into the training methods, we must first talk about the items. Because in the long run these items will make you train in the best way possible. If you are already familiar with the items please skip to the next heading.

Artisan’s  Outfit

This outfit can be bought from the stealing creation reward shop for 500 stealing creation points. Each piece provides a +1% crafting experience boost when worn. Wearing the full set gives an extra +1% bonus experience boost.

  • Artisan’s bandana - +1% Boost

  • Artisan’s top - +1% Boost

  • Artisan’s legs - +1% Boost

  • Artisan’s gloves - +1% Boost

  • Artisan’s boots - +1% Boost

  • Set bonus - +1% Boost

Modified Artisan’s Bandana

Can be bought from the stealing creation reward shop for 100 stealing creation points. In addition to its experience bonus. This item also provides teleports to the crafting guild 3 times per day. You can right click on the item to claim free clay every day and lastly it provides a 5% chance to save one piece of leather.

Portable Crafter

This item can be bought from other players using trade or grand exchange or you can get it randomly as a reward from treasure hunter. You can place this item down near a bank and use it to train your crafting. Using this station will provide you with:

  • 10% base experience bonus

  • 10% chance to save a hide or clay per item crafted

  • 5% chance of gems barring onyx and hydrix

You can also use this item to tan hides.

Scroll of Dexterity

This item can be bought from the Dungeoneering reward shop for 20K Dungeoneering tokens and requires level 60 Dungeoneering and Crafting. Using this item permanently unlocks a passive ability. This passive ability has the chance to save one material when crafting items that require 3 or more of the same material.

Brooch of the Gods

This is an skilling off-hand, that will provide you with the following benefits while using a portable crafter:

  • The chance of saving hides or soft clay when using a portable crafter increases to 20%.

  • The chance of saving gems when using a portable crafter increases to 10%.

Torstol Incense Stick

Consuming each one of these sticks will provide an additional increase to your base Crafting experience. It is recommended to overload with these to get the maximum experience increase instantly, which is 2%.

Sacred Clay Needle

This is yet another item from the Stealing Creation minigame. This item can be bought for 20 Stealing Creation points. It grants 24,450 bonus Crafting experience upon use.

Crafting Potion

This item can temporarily boost your crafting level by 3, allowing you to craft items that are above your Crafting level.

Dwarven Army Axe

Provides +3 base experience when crafting items from leather, hard leather and soft clay.

Inspire Genius

This is an Archeology relic power that can be unlocked at level 118 Archeology. When active it will provide you with a bonus 2% experience.

Crafting Cape/Crafting Master Cape

After reaching level 99/120 you can purchase skill mastery capes which provide the following bonuses:

  • Provides unlimited thread.

  • 0.75% chance to cut all the gems of the same type in your inventory. ( The first gem that triggers the capes effect can also trigger the portable crafter and crystal chisels effect, however the rest of the gems that are cut with the capes effect lose out on the chance to be saved by a portable crafter and be duplicated by a crystal chisel.)

Artificer’s Measure

This is an untradable item requiring level 99 Crafting, 102 Archeology and level 40 Dungeoneering to craft. Using this item will provide the following perks:

  • The activation chance of the scroll of dexterity, is multiplied by 1.25.

  • If the scroll of dexterity activates, you will gain a buff providing you a 0.5% experience boost to Crafting and Construction. This buff can stack 10 times for a total of 5% experience boost. Buff lasts for 5 minutes but can be refreshed with each trigger.

  • You receive a 5% chance to duplicate any manufactured items while glassblowing and forming urns. This bonus is also applied when you are crafting flasks, crystal flasks or ogre flasks.

1-99 and Beyond Crafting Training

Depending on what you want to achieve, any crafting method can be trained all the way up to 200M Crafting experience. I will list the best methods and their benefits below so pick and choose the best ones that suit your time and bank!

Levels 1-46+ Molten Glass

Molten glass is an item that can be crafted into various items using a glassblowing pipe. If you are an iron man you can craft molten glass by combining a bucket of sand and soda ash in a furnace. Always choose the latest craftable option you have unlocked.

Starting at level 46 Crafting  you can craft unpowered orbs. Which can also be sold at a decent profit since they are used for crafting staves.

Average Unpowered Orb Experience - 91K EXP/H

Full Focus Unpowered Orb Experience - 120K EXP/H

Levels 1-77+ Pottery and Jewellery

Compared to other training methods this method is slow but cheap. You can craft a variety of different items from jewellery to urns. Most of them will make you a decent bit of profit while training. Use the table below to pick your training method:




Items Needed








Cracked Mining Urn (nr)


2x Clay



Gold Ring


Gold bar



Gold necklace


Gold bar



Gold bracelet


Gold bar



Gold amulet (unstrung)


Gold bar



Fragile cooking urn (nr)


2x Clay



Fragile fishing urn (nr)


2x Clay



Sapphire ring


Gold bar and Cut Sapphire



Sapphire necklace


Gold bar and Cut Sapphire



Sapphire bracelet


Gold bar and Cut Sapphire



Sapphire amulet (unstrung)


Gold bar and Cut Sapphire



Emerald necklace


Gold bar and Cut Emerald



Emerald bracelet


Gold bar and Cut Emerald



Plain cooking urn (nr)


2x Clay



Ruby necklace


Gold bar and Cut Ruby



Ruby bracelet


Gold bar and Cut Ruby



Dragonstone ring


Gold bar and Cut Dragonstone



Dragonstone necklace


Gold bar and Cut Dragonstone



Dragonstone bracelet


Gold bar and Cut Dragonstone



Decorated fishing urn (nr)


2x Clay



Decorated runecrafting urn (nr)


2x Clay



Dragonstone amulet (unstrung)


Gold bar and Cut Dragonstone


Level 20+ Cutting Gems

Compared to other methods this method is really fast and expensive. If you are filthy rich and just want to get the fastest experience rates out there, start cutting gems starting at level 20. Here is a list of gems and their experience rates per hour, assuming that you are focused enough to cut 4000 gems per hour. Keep in mind that you can crush opal, jade or red topaz. So if you are looking to make profit from them as shown below you should start cutting them at level 89 Crafting or above.

  • Level 1 Crafting: Opal - 60K Experience per hour/-244K Profit per hour

  • Level 13 Crafting: Jade - 80K Experience per hour/2,5M Profit per hour

  • Level 16 Crafting: Red topaz - 100K Experience per hour/376K Profit per hour

  • Level 20 Crafting: Sapphire - 200K Experience per hour/-276K Profit per hour

  • Level 27 Crafting: Emerald - 270K Experience per hour/-116K Profit per hour

  • Level 34 Crafting: Ruby - 340K Experience per hour/-84K Profit per hour

  • Level 43 Crafting: Diamond - 430k Experience per hour/-608K Profit per hour

  • Level 55 Crafting: Dragonstone - 550K Experience per hour/-3.9M Profit per hour

  • Level 72 Crafting: Onyx - 670K Experience per hour/-182M Profit per hour

  • Level 79 Crafting Hydrix - 790K Experience per hour/2.8B Profit per hour

Obviously doing onyxies or hydrixies for a full hour is unrealistic and impossible. So your experience rate per hour caps at dragonstones.

Level 24-80+ Stringing Amulets

This method of training your crafting is an unpopular one. It involves buying unstrung amulets on grand exchange and combining them with a piece of wool. At level 80 magic, you can cast String Jewellery spell to automatically string all your amulets in your inventory.



Crafting Level


Sapphire Amulet (unstrung)




Opal Amulet (unstrung)




Emerald amulet (unstrung)




Jade amulet (unstrung)




Topaz amulet (unstrung)




Ruby amulet (unstrung)




Diamond amulet (unstrung)




Dragonstone amulet (unstrung)




Level 54+ Crafting Battlestaves

This method is a really fast way to train your crafting but it requires stockpiling the item that you want to craft. So before commencing this method make sure to stock the required components in your bank over a long period of time. You can buy up to 1K battlestaves on the Grand Exchange every 4 hours. Here are the battlestaves you can craft and their respective experience per hours:

  • Crafting level 54: Water battlestaff - 220K Experience per hour

  • Crafting level 58: Earth battlestaff - 247K Experience per hour

  • Crafting level 62: Fire battlestaff - 275K Experience per hour

  • Crafting level 66: Air battlestaff - 302K Experience per hour

Level 63+ Dragonhide Armour

Starting at level 63 Crafting, you unlock a really popular method to train your crafting. This method is really fast but expensive. Check the table below to find the suitable item for your account.

Armour Type

Crafting Level



Green dragonhide body




Green dragonhide shield




Blue dragonhide body




Blue dragonhide shield




Red dragonhide body




Red dragonhide shield




Black dragonhide body




Black dragonhide shield




Royal dragonhide body




Levels 75+ AFKing Harps

This method of training is completely different then all the other methods and this one is the most AFKable method out of all them, requiring little to no attention to your game. Just look and click every once in a while to not log off :D. To do this method you need to have access to the elven city of Prifddinas. This method will also yield a small amount of construction experience as well. 

EXP/H: 50K

Other Ways To Train Crafting

Enchanting Jewellery

After crafting your amulets you can choose to enchant them as well. These items become significantly more valuable when enchanted and this process will also yield a decent amount of magic experience.

Signs of Porter

You can convert your necklaces(up to dragonstone) into signs of the porter, if you have the required divination level to do so. Keep in mind that Signs of porter are not tradable.

Crafting Spider Silk

If you have a high level account you can choose to farm corpse spiders for invention components. These spiders drop a lot of spider silk and thread on the ground, you can easily pick all of them up using area loot and craft them into armour. This method is completely free but slow.

Weaving, Clan Citadel

You can use the loom in your clan citadel (tier 5 or higher) to gain some crafting experience. This is free and a relatively quick method. The experience you gain scales with your crafting level but with higher levels of crafting you can expect to get 120K-200K experience each week.

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Grinding Sandstone with Telekinetic Grind

This method solely depends on how fast you are, making this a really click intensive method. For this you will need to have the quest Lunar Diplomacy completed with level 89 magic to cast the telekinetic grind spell. You should also stockpile sandstone by trading other players before doing this method. You can get up to 400K experience per hour using this method.

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