Runescape 3 Farming Guide, 1 to 120 Farming

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Runescape 3 Farming Guide, 1 to 120 Farming

Useful Items to Have

Magic Secateurs


Magic secateurs is a reward from the quest A Fairy Tale 1, Growing Pains and it increases the yield you get from allotment, herb and hops patches. At level 99 this increase is 12.5%.

Rapid Growth

This is a spell that can be unlocked after completing the quest “The Light Within”. It can be used on tree and fruit tree patches and it removes the risk of your tree dying.

Scroll of Life


This item can be bought for 10K Dungeoneering tokens. It requires level 25 Farming and Dungeoneering to use. It grants the player a 10% chance to receive seeds back when removing dead or fully grown plants from patches. You also get a 5% chance to get your tree seed back.

Amulet of Bountiful Harvest

Wearing this amulet grants the player a chance to conserve seeds while planting in an allotment patch.

Master Farmer Outfit

This outfit is created by combining the animal,crop and tree farmer outfits. The blueprints for this outfit can be purchased from Granny Potterington at the Farmers' Market for 1K beans. You can craft this outfit at an invention workbench at level 80 Farming and 20 Invention. Effects:

  • Uses the farmer's outfit's experience bonus if you own it (6%).
  • 2% chance of saving seeds when sowing, if Modified farmer's hat is owned.
  • Animals age 7% faster when the player is at the Manor Farm.
  • 10% More beans from Farmers' Market sales.
  • 10% higher chance of positive traits from breeding and checking.
  • 10% chance to harvest more hops,herbs,nightshade and allotment crops.
  • Herbs are auto cleaned upon harvest and you gain Herblore experience for it.
  • Planted herb,flower and allotment seeds are auto-watered.
  • Protection payment discounts. (cost is reduced by 2)
  • Can cast Rapid Growth up to twice per patch, per day.
  • Morytania allotment teleport, if you own the Modified Farmer's Hat.
  • Manor farm teleport if you own a Ardougne cloak 2 or higher.
  • Herblore Habitat teleport, if juju teleport spiritbag or witchdoctor mask are owned.
  • Grand seed pod teleports, if you have one in bank.

1-120 & Beyond Farming Training


Traditional Way

Traditional way of farming is done by planting various types of seed all across the game and collecting them after they grow. For this method the best experience yielding seeds are tree seeds. They take longer to grow compared to other crops but they yield the highest amount of experience. Here is how you farm:

  1. Rake a patch to remove the weeds.
  2. Treat the empty patch with a supercompost or ultracompost.
  3. Use your seeds or saplings on the patch.
  4. Pay the farmer to look after your crops. (So that it is guaranteed for them to survive.)


LevelSeedGrowth TimeEXP per PatchProtection
1Potato seed40 Minutes982x buckets of compost
5Onion seed40 Minutes114.5Sack of potatoes
7Cabbage seed40 Minutes125Sack of onions
12Tomato seed40 Minutes152.52x sacks of cabbages
20Sweetcorn seed50 Minutes20710x Jute fibres
31Strawberry seed1 Hour316Apples (5)
47Watermelon seed1 Hour and 10 Minutes593.510x Curry leaves
80Snape grass seed3 Hours and 20 Minutes97515x Dwellberries
87Sunchoke seed3 Hours and 20 Minutes30315x Yanillian hops
93Fly trap seed3 Hours and 20 Minutes27515x Cadava Berries


  • Falador, south of Falador and north of Port Sarim
  • West of Port Phasmatys
  • North of Catherby
  • North of Ardougne
  • Taverley (potatoes only)
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LevelTreeGrowth TimeEXP per SeedProtection
15Oak tree2 Hour and 40 Minutes481.3Basket of tomatoes
30Willow tree4 Hours1481.5Basket of apples
45Maple tree5 Hours and 20 Minutes3448.4Basket of oranges
60Yew tree6 Hours and 40 Minutes7150.910x Cactus spines
75Magic tree8 Hours13913.825x Coconuts
119Money tree1 Day, 18 Hours and 40 Minutes61000-


  • Lumbridge, north east of the castle
  • Varrock, palace courtyard
  • Falador, Falador park
  • Taverley, north of the lodestone
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold, West of the agility course near the bank
  • Prifddinas, Trahaearn clan district
  • Fort Forinthry, woodcutters' grove

Fruit Trees

LevelTreeGrowth TimeEXP per SeedProtection
27Apple tree16 Hours12759x Sweetcorn
33Banana tree16 Hours18414x Baskets of apples
39Orange tree16 Hours25863x Baskets of strawberries
42Curry tree16 Hours30375x Baskets of bananas
51Pineapple plant16 Hours479110x Watermelon
57Papaya tree16 Hours638010x Pineapple
68Palm tree16 Hours1050915x Papaya fruit
101Ciku tree13 Hours and 20 Minutes256646x Zygomite fruit
107Guarana tree13 Hours and 20 Minutes3276711x Tombshroom
113Carambola tree13 Hours and 20 Minutes412549x Dragonfruit


  • Tree Gnome Stronghold, north of the agility course
  • West of the Tree Gnome Village
  • Catherby, east of the fishing spots
  • North of Brimhaven
  • Lletya
  • Herblore habitat
  • Prifddinas, Meilyr Clan

Other Trees

LevelTreeGrowth TimeEXP per SeedProtection
72Claquat tree21 Hours and 20 Minutes125168x Poison ivy berries
83Spirit tree2 Days, 10 Hours and 40 Minutes195015x monkey nuts, 1x monkey bar,1x ground tooth
90Elder tree2 Days, 22 Hours2346325x Morchella mushroom
94Crystal treeInstant50K for planting, 15K daily-


  • Tai Bwo Wannai (Calquat tree patch)
  • Prifddinas, Crwys Clan (Elder tree patch)
  • Prifddinas, Tower of Voices (Crystal tree patch)

Spirit Tree Patches

  • South east side of Etceteria
  • Port Sarim
  • Brimhaven
  • Manor Farm

Player-Owned Farm

This method of farming is slower than the traditional way but is a very easy way to obtain Farming experience. Raising animals is always guaranteed to provide experience unlike crops which can get diseased.

AnimalLevelPen sizeLocationEatsProduceObtaining
Rabbits17SmallManor FarmFlowersFruit



Rabbit teethPlayer-owned Farm tutorial (one time only)

Killing rabbits and bunnies

Hunting white rabbits

Chickens28SmallManor FarmFruitSeeds



Swamp tar

Farmer's Market
Sheep35MediumManor FarmFlowersFruit


WoolBlack wool

Summerdown wool

Fallfaced wool

Winterwold wool

Springsheared wool

Farmer's Market
Frogs42SmallAnachronia Dinosaur FarmInsectsPoison slimeFarmer's Market (Anachronia)
Cows49LargeManor FarmFlowersFruit


CowhideBucket of milk

Strawberry milk

Chocolatey milk

Vanilla milk

Bull horns

Farmer's Market
Chinchompas54SmallManor FarmAnythingChinchompasRed chinchompas

Cobalt skillchompas

Viridian skillchompas

Azure skillchompas

Crimson skillchompas

Crystal skillchompas


Hunting wild chinchompas, carnivorous chinchompas or skillchompas
Spiders64MediumManor FarmSeedsRaw meatSpider silkSpider fangs

Spider venom

Killing corpse, poison, jungle, giant, giant crypt, fever or deadly red spiders

Killing Araxxi

Yaks71LargeManor FarmFlowersFruit



Yak milk

Yak tuft

Sealed clue scrolls

Killing yaks and adopting orphaned baby yaks

Creating pack yak pouches

Jadinkos76MediumAnachronia Dinosaur FarmSeedsWithered vineShadow vine

Marble vine

Plant teeth

Aquatic vine

Oily vine

Pungent vine

Corrupt vine

Striped vine

Draconic vine

Stinkshroom spores

Tombshroom spores

Ciku seeds

Hunting wild jadinkos in the Herblore Habitat or on Anachronia
Zygomites81MediumManor FarmMushroomsMort myre fungiZygomite fruit

Mycelial webbing

Morchella mushroom spores

Harvesting from mushroom patches

Picking mort myre fungus

Foraging mushroom clusters in the Arc and Uncharted Isles

Dragons92LargeManor FarmRaw meatRaw fishGreen dragonhideBlue dragonhide

Red dragonhide

Black dragonhide

Royal dragonhide

Draconic visage

Killing green, blue, red or black dragons

Killing King Black Dragon

Killing Queen Black Dragon

Varanasaurs97MediumAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatDinosaur clawsPoison slimeKilling feral, venomous or ripper dinosaurs

Hunter Mark Shop

Arcane apoterrasaurs98LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatBeak snotHunting arcane apoterrasaurs in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Brutish dinosaurs100LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatSpark chitinKilling brutish dinosaurs

Hunter Mark Shop

Salamanders102SmallAnachronia Dinosaur FarmFlowersSeeds


Swamp tarFarmer's Market (Anachronia)
Scimitops104LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatSpark chitinHunting scimitops in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Bagrada rex106LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatBottled dinosaur roarHunting bagrada rex in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Killing Orichalka

Spicati apoterrasaurs108LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatBeak snotHunting spicati apoterrasaurs in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Asciatops110LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatSpark chitinHunting asciatops in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Corbicula rex112LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatBottled dinosaur roarHunting corbicula rex in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Killing Rathis

Oculi apoterrasaurs115LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatBeak snotHunting oculi apoterrasaurs in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Malletops117LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatSpark chitinHunting malletops in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Pavosaurus rex118LargeAnachronia Dinosaur FarmRaw meatBottled dinosaur roarHunting pavosaurus rex in Big Game Hunter

Hunter Mark Shop

Killing Pthentraken

Manor Farm


For maximising your experience gains you will need at least level 92 Farming and 60 Construction.

  • 2 Large pens + Breeding Pen: 10 Dragons = 1,250,000 EXP/Week
  • 2 Medium pens: 8 Zygomites = 800,000 EXP/Week
  • 2 Small Pens: 12 Chinchompas = 900,000 EXP/Week
In total you will be getting 2,950,000 EXP/Week

This is with peak efficiency.

Seedicide Method


Seedicide is an item which automatically destroys the seed you get as drops from monsters. In return this item grants you Farming experience. For this to work efficiently you need to have the required Farming level to plant these said seeds, otherwise you won't be getting any experience.

This item can be obtained from Stanley Limelight for 360 Thaler or from the Farmers' Market for 10K beans.

There are several monsters that yield a lot of Farming experience:

  • Turoths: 130K-170K EXP/H with level 74 Farming
  • Aquanites: 160K EXP/H with level 91 Farming
  • Vyrelords: 90K-120K EXP/H with level 74 Farming

Hope this guide was helpful! Goodluck on your grind :)

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