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RuneScape 3 Farming Skill - RS3 Guides

Title: RuneScape 3's Player-Owned Farm: A Deep Dive into the Farming Skill Update



RuneScape 3 (RS3), the renowned MMORPG developed by Jagex, is celebrated for its intricate skills system and robust gameplay. In recent years, the game introduced a significant update to the Farming skill with Player-Owned Farms (POF). This update allows players to manage and operate their own farms, breeding animals, and reaping handsome rewards in the process. This guide will delve into the vibrant world of Player-Owned Farms, discussing the intricacies of managing a successful farm, and how to maximize the returns from your agricultural ventures.


1. Kickstarting Your Farming Adventure

Located in the tranquil surroundings of Ardougne, your Player-Owned Farm awaits. The first step towards managing your farm is to talk to Granny Potterington, who will guide you through the basics of running a farm, including how to breed and care for animals, how to maintain farm health, and how to sell your animals.


2. Acquiring Animals

The lifeblood of your farm is its livestock. In RS3, a wide variety of animals can be bred in your farm, including rabbits, chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, yaks, and many more. Animals can be obtained through combat drops, bought from other players, or even bred on your farm. Each animal has specific requirements for their pen, food, and care.


3. Animal Pens and Habitats

There are four types of pens on your farm: small, medium, large, and breeding pens. Different types of animals require different pens, and it's crucial to provide the right habitat for each animal. The breeding pen, as the name suggests, is used for breeding animals and can house animals of any size.


4. Caring for Your Animals

Your livestock requires constant care and attention. This includes feeding them, treating their diseases, and keeping them happy. Animals have a happiness and health meter, and higher levels in both result in faster growth and better breeding chances. Caring for animals provides Farming and, in some cases, other skill XP.


5. Breeding Animals

One of the major aspects of Player-Owned Farms is breeding animals. Animals in a breeding pen (or in regular pens with the 'Farmhand' upgrade) can breed to produce offspring, which can then be raised and sold. The offspring may inherit traits from their parents, which can increase their value or provide additional benefits when they are harvested for resources.


6. Farming Resources and Traits

Animals on your farm produce resources over time, which can be harvested for Farming XP and useful items. The type and amount of resources depend on the animal, its stage of growth, and any traits it may have. Traits are special characteristics that animals can possess, providing various bonuses and effects. For instance, some traits increase the quantity of resources animals produce, while others may affect breeding outcomes.


7. Selling and Trading Animals

Once your animals are fully grown, they can be sold to NPCs or other players for beans, the Player-Owned Farm currency. The amount of beans you receive depends on the animal's species, traits, and growth stage. Beans can be used to purchase farm upgrades, animal food, and other farming-related items.


8. Farm Upgrades and Farmhands

As you progress in your farming journey, you can upgrade your farm with new buildings and hire Farmhands to automate various farming tasks. Upgrades can increase the capacity of pens, add new facilities to your farm, and provide other benefits. Farmhands can be hired to perform tasks such as preventing animals from aging beyond their adolescent stage, automatically collecting resources, or ensuring successful breeding.


9. Manor Farm and Ardougne Tasks

In addition to the Player-Owned Farm, the Ardougne area also features the Manor Farm, which serves as the hub for the Farming and Herblore skills. Here, players can undertake various tasks and contracts to earn additional rewards and experience. Completing these tasks can contribute towards completing the Ardougne achievement diary, which grants various benefits in the Ardougne area.


10. The Ranch Out of Time

Once you've mastered the basics of running a farm, you can venture to Anachronia to explore The Ranch Out of Time. This high-level expansion to Player-Owned Farms introduces new, prehistoric animals to raise and new resources to harvest, offering even more opportunities for aspiring farmers.



Player-Owned Farms in RuneScape 3 offers a dynamic and immersive approach to the Farming skill, allowing players to manage their own farms, raise a variety of animals, and profit from their agricultural endeavors. Whether you're a skiller seeking a new way to train Farming, a player looking for a profitable venture, or someone who simply enjoys the peaceful pastime of farming, the Player-Owned Farm offers something for everyone. So roll up your sleeves, grab your farming tools, and start your farming journey today!


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