Runescape 3 Hunter Guide, 1-99, Fast, Profitable, AFK Methods

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Runescape 3 Hunter Guide, 1-99, Fast, Profitable, AFK Methods

This guide will assume that you have a pretty good understanding about Runescapes mechanics and items, so it will not extensively cover everything. Please let us know if you want more extensive guides or short format guides.

Most Important Items

In Runescape 3, there are a lot of Items that will actually boost your experience per hour or provide all kinds of benefit when you are training a skill,  here are the most important ones for Hunter:

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Hunter’s Outfit

Hunter’s outfit gives a flat experience boost when worn. You purchase the set pieces from the Waiko Reward Shop in The Arc by using your chimes and taijitu. This set is a must to obtain for the long run of Hunter training.

  • Hunter’s headwear - 1% EXP Boost

  • Hunter’s chestpiece- 1% EXP Boost

  • Hunter’s gloves - 1% EXP Boost

  • Hunter’s legwear - 1% EXP Boost

  • Hunter’s boots - 1% EXP Boost

  • Set Bonus - 1% EXP Boost

Wearing the full set will grant you a 6% experience boost while training Hunter. 

Trapper Outfits

This outfit can be crafted from the trapper fragments that are gathered automatically while training Hunter (after level 70). You need level 80 Hunter and 20 Invention to craft these outfits. There are 3 regular, desert trapper outfit, jungle trapper outfit, arctic trapper outfit and 1 ultimate outfit, volcanic trapper outfit. The volcanic trapper outfit is made by combining 3 of the regular outfits together.

Regular Outfit Bonuses

  • 5% increased hunting success rate.

  • Juju hunter potion is automatically reapplied while in Herblore Habitat.

  • Increased chance of finding rarer charm sprites.

  • 3 teleports to hunter locations per day.

  • If you own the Hunter’s outfit listed above, you will receive its 6% increased base experience boost.

Volcanic Trapper Outfit

  • 7% increased hunting success rate.

  • 5 teleports to Hunter locations per day.

  • 10% chance to receive double loot.

  • Can deploy an additional trap.

  • Increased conversion rate for Big Chinchompa reward points.

  • Chance to instantly deploy/pick up traps.

  • Chance of double loot from implings, 3 times per day.

  • Works as a Hunter’s Catalyst fragment, if you own one.

1-99 & Beyond Hunter Training

Levels 1-19/30 Plain Whirligigs

This creature is located at Het’s Oasis. This method is a very click intensive method. You will need to catch 1115 plain whirligigs to reach level 30. If you are planning to catch other whirligigs in future, it is worth investing in Dundee’s Crocodile Upgrades to increase your catch and experience rates.

  • EXP/H: 12K

Levels 19-30/53/67 Tropical Wagtails

Tropical wagtails can be found in the Feldip Hunter area. You can start catching them by laying two bird snares at level 19. You can also wear a jungle camo top and jungle camo legs to increase your success rate while hunting in this area.

  • EXP/H: 40K - From level 19 to 24 Hunter.

  • EXP/H: 55K/66K - After level 30 Hunter.

  • EXP/H: 90K - After reaching level 60+ Hunter.

Levels 30-50 Catching Gliding Whirligigs

These creatures can be found at Het’s Oasis. This method is also a very click intensive method. These whirligigs also reward the player with a gliding whirligig shell, which makes this a good money making method as well. Make sure to get the automatic looting upgrade and experience boost upgrade.

  • EXP/H: 100K - Without the experience boost upgrade.

  • EXP/H: 120K - With the experience boost upgrade.

Levels 50-67/70 Catching Swift Whirligigs

This is also a creature that can be found at, you guessed it Het’s Oasis. Just like other whirligigs it is important to have the upgrades at this point and this is also a very click intensive method. These whirligigs also reward the player with a swift whirligig shell, which makes this a good money making method as well.

  • EXP/H: 200K - Without the experience boost upgrade.

  • EXP/H: 240K - With the experience boost upgrade.

Levels 53-67/75/80 Chinchompas and Skillchompas

At level 53 Hunter you can start hunting chinchompas or viridian skillchompas. The amount of skillchompas that can be caught with a trap scales with your Agility level. This does not increase the amount of experience you get, it only increases the loot. Viridian skillchompas can be found at the Port Phasmatys Hunter area and chinchompas can be found in the Piscatoris Hunter area.

After level 68 If you want to you can switch to azure skillchompas, which can be found in the northern section of the Rellekka Hunter area. In this area you can wear polar camouflage gear or kyatt hunter gear to increase your catching success rate.

  • EXP/H: 50K-72K - Using 3 traps from level 53 to 60 Hunter.

  • EXP/H: 60-82K - Using 4 traps after level 60 Hunter.

Levels 59-67 Red Salamanders

Red salamanders can be found in the Ourania Hunter area. You can catch them by using net traps.

  • EXP/H: 55K-72K - Using 3 traps below level 60 Hunter.

  • EXP/H: 65K-80K - Using 4 traps after level 60 Hunter.

Levels 67-75/80 Black Salamanders

Black salamanders can be found in the Boneyard hunter area in Wilderness. These are also caught by using net traps. 

  • EXP/H: 110K-186K

Levels 75-77/99 Big Game Hunter

For this method you need to have at least level 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer. These creatures can be found in the ancient lands of Anachronia. Tier 3 of these monsters are considered bosses and can drop pieces of the Terrasaur maul. 



Hunter Level

Slayer Level


Hunter EXP

Slayer EXP


Arcane apoterrasaur



Raw shark







Raw sailfish




Bagrada rex



Raw manta ray




Spicati apoterrasaur



Raw bagrada rex meat







Raw arcane apoterrasaur meat




Corbicula rex



Raw sicimitops meat




Oculi apoterrasaur



Raw asciatops meat







Raw corbicula rex meat




Pavosaurus rex



Raw spicati apoterrasaur meat



Levels 77-96/99 Grenwalss using Crystallise

This is a high-end method as you need to complete the quest “Regicide” to access the area, the quest “The Light Within” to unlock the spell Crystallise which requires level 88 Magic to use, level 80 Prayer to unlock Light Form and completion of the medium Tirannwn achievements, which will allow you to trap grenwalls without bait.

Casting crystallise on an empty box trap will give you an additional 10% experience; this becomes 20% if you are also using light form.

  • EXP/H: 70-180K - If you are hunting at Anachronia only using Crystallise, from level 77 to 99 Hunter.

  • EXP/H: 500K+ - Using catch-boosting items, experience boosting items alongside crystallise and light form.

Levels 80-96/99 Jadinkos on Anachronia

These jadinkos can be found on Anachronia, you can catch these by using marasamaw plants. If you have the required level you should always use Anachronia hunting grounds rather than the Herblore Habitat hunting grounds. 

  • EXP/H: 60K-120K - Common jadinkos

  • EXP/H: 190K-380K - Carrion jadinkos

  • EXP/H: 900K-1M - From using all the boosts and protean traps catching carrion jadinkos.

Levels 88-96/99 Charming Moths

You can start catching these moths barehanded at level 88 Hunter and 83 Agility. These moths are located in deep Wilderness, along the east coast. Since they are in Wilderness, the experience rates vary greatly depending on what you want to bring out there. They also yield Agility experience when caught and you can boost both the Agility and Hunter experience by 40% if you wear a demonic skull.

  • Hunter EXP/H: 180K-240K / Agility EXP/H: 34K-45K - Without any items.

  • Hunter EXP/H: 900K / AGility EXP/H: 130K - With demonic skull, volcanic trapper outfit, enhanced yaktwee stick, ring of metamorphosis, decorated hunter urns, arctic bear familiar and extreme hunting potions.

Levels 89-96/97 Crimson Skillchompa

These are a more profitable alternative to jadinkos. Just like before you can catch more skillchompas from one trap by having a high Agility level. These skillchompas can be found at the Desert Quarry Hunter area. 

  • EXP/H: 150K-200K

Levels 96-99+ Ornate Tortles

This creature is a rare Hunter resource that can be found randomly on Uncharted Isles. You can explore uncharted isles after completing the quest “Impressing the Locals”. If you also complete the quest “Flag Fall”, you can claim an Uncharted Isle that has ornate tortles in it and return there whenever you wish. 

  • EXP/H: 289K- 432K

Levels 97-99 Crystal Skillchompas

These are the highest tier skillchompas available, so they yield quite a decent bit of profit. They can be found in Tirannwn, north of the Tyras Camp.

  • EXP/H: 250K-300K

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