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RuneScape 3 Invention Skill - RS3 Guides

Title: RuneScape 3's Invention Skill: Creating Powerful Custom Items and Gizmos



RuneScape 3 (RS3), the popular MMORPG by Jagex, is known for its detailed and expansive gameplay mechanics. The skills in RuneScape are a key component of this gameplay, each offering unique abilities, activities, and rewards. Among them, Invention stands out for its innovative mechanics and powerful advantages. As the game's first 'elite' skill, Invention requires players to have a high level in multiple other skills to begin. This skill allows players to get new materials by disassembling items. Players can use the materials to manufacture new items and augment their equipment with new perks. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricate and innovative Invention skill, shedding light on its unique mechanics, useful applications, and the potential benefits for your RS3 experience.


The Nature of Invention

Invention is fundamentally a skill about creativity and customization. Unlike other skills, which often involve gathering resources or performing tasks to gain experience, Invention revolves around augmenting existing items to create new and more powerful versions of them. The skill allows players to break down items into components and use those components to make various devices and augmentations. These augmentations can significantly improve the capabilities of a player's gear, offering new ways to engage with RS3's combat system and other skills.


Learning Invention

To begin using Invention, players must first have level 80 in Smithing, Crafting, and Divination. Once these requirements are met, players can speak with Doc in the Invention Guild, located north-east of the Falador lodestone, to start the Invention tutorial. This tutorial introduces players to the basics of the skill, including disassembling items for components and manufacturing new items using these components.


Disassembling and Components

Disassembling is the process of breaking down items into their base components. Players can disassemble a wide variety of items in RS3, including weapons, armor, and materials. Disassembling items gives Invention experience and a range of components based on the type and quantity of items disassembled.


Manufacturing and Augmentation

Manufacturing is the process of creating new items using the components obtained from disassembling. These items can include a variety of devices, each with unique effects, and augmentors, which are used to augment equipment.

Augmenting equipment allows players to customize their gear with various perks, providing passive effects that can enhance combat or skilling efficiency. Perks are created using materials in a device known as a gizmo shell and can range from effects that increase damage or defense to perks that provide skilling benefits.


Leveling and Perks

Once equipment is augmented, it can be leveled up by gaining combat or skilling experience, depending on the type of equipment. As the equipment levels up, it can hold more gizmos and provide more potent perk effects. At higher Invention levels, players can unlock the ability to create more advanced gizmos, providing even more powerful and beneficial perk effects.


Equipment Siphoning and Disassembling

To extract the experience from leveled-up equipment, players can use an equipment siphon or disassemble the item. An equipment siphon allows players to extract Invention experience from the item without destroying it, while disassembling destroys the item but provides more experience and returns some components. Choosing when and how to extract experience from augmented equipment is a key strategic decision in training Invention.



Invention is a complex and rewarding skill that offers a significant degree of customization and enhancement to the player's gear in RuneScape 3. The ability to disassemble items and use the resulting components to manufacture new items, augment equipment, and apply powerful perks provides a level of flexibility and power that few other skills can match. Whether you're a combat-focused player looking to optimize your gear or a skiller searching for ways to increase your efficiency, Invention provides a range of tools and options to help you achieve your goals.


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