RuneScape 3 Lore - RS3 Game Storyline

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RuneScape 3 Lore - RS3 Game Storyline

Title: Exploring the Lore of RuneScape 3: Uncovering the Game's Rich Storyline



RuneScape 3 (RS3) is not just an MMORPG renowned for its intricate skills and combat system; it's also a game steeped in deep, engaging lore that spans millennia. The game’s narrative interweaves grand themes of gods, mortals, and the struggle for power in a world called Gielinor. This guide will take you on a journey through the expansive lore of RuneScape, highlighting key events, races, and characters that define its rich storyline.


1. The Origins of Gielinor: Elder Gods and the First Age

Gielinor's story begins with the Elder Gods, ancient cosmic beings who create and destroy worlds in their search for the perfect creation. After countless cycles, they create Gielinor, also known as RuneScape. The First Age begins with the arrival of Guthix, the first god to discover Gielinor, who shapes the world and populates it with races from other realms.


2. The Second Age: The Era of Zaros

The Second Age is known as the time when the god Zaros builds an extensive empire, encompassing most of Gielinor. It is a time of prosperity and expansion, but also of intrigue, betrayal, and the rise of new powers.


3. The Third Age: The God Wars

The Third Age is marked by brutal wars fought among the gods and their followers, devastating the lands and leading to the extinction or near-extinction of several races. The Wars end when Guthix awakes from his slumber and banishes all gods from Gielinor, establishing the Edicts of Guthix to maintain balance and prevent further divine conflicts.


4. The Fourth Age: The Age of Mortals

With the gods gone, the Fourth Age becomes an era of exploration, expansion, and mortal dominance. Many of the modern kingdoms and cities are established during this time. It's an era of recovery and growth, but also of conflicts and struggles for power among mortals.


5. The Fifth Age: The Age of Discovery

The Fifth Age is marked by the rediscovery of magic, leading to rapid advancements in civilization. It's the era when players begin their journey in the earlier versions of the game. This age is filled with quests and adventures that players undertake, creating a more personal touch to the lore.


6. The Sixth Age: The Age of Gods

The Sixth Age commences with the death of Guthix and the shattering of the Edicts, allowing gods to return to Gielinor. It sparks a new God Wars, with conflicts, alliances, and betrayals. The player, known as the World Guardian, becomes a key figure in these events, with the power to shape the world's destiny.


7. Key Characters and Races

Gielinor is populated by numerous races, each with unique cultures and histories. Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, fairies, vampires, werewolves, and countless other beings coexist, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes in strife. The story is also shaped by key characters like the gods Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, Bandos, and Seren, along with mortal figures like the Mahjarrat, the Signature Heroes, and the various rulers of Gielinor's kingdoms.


8. RuneScape Lore Today: Continuation of the Story

The lore of RuneScape is an ever-evolving tapestry, continuously woven by ongoing content updates. New quests, activities, and lore-based events regularly expand upon the storyline, exploring the past, shaping the present, and hinting at the future of Gielinor.



The lore of RuneScape 3 is a testament to the depth and richness of the game's universe. It's a tale of creation and destruction, of gods and mortals, and of the struggle for power and survival. As players traverse through the vast lands of Gielinor, they're not merely grinding skills or completing quests; they're experiencing a saga that spans ages, becoming a part of Gielinor's history and shaping its future. Delving into this lore can provide a new lens through which to view your RuneScape journey, enriching the gameplay experience and fostering a deeper connection with the world and its characters.


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