Runescape 3 Necrocromancy Guide, 1 to 120, Best Ways to Train

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Runescape 3 Necrocromancy Guide, 1 to 120, Best Ways to Train

Combat is arguably the biggest part of Runescape 3 and due to the games age there are a lot and I mean a lot of monsters and bosses that can be killed. These monsters and bosses were not designed for Necromancy and Necromancy absolutely destroys anything that stands in its path. Unlike other combat styles which are superior or inferior to one another, Necromancy is equally effective against all of them making it absolutely broken. So if you are looking to farm the residents of Runescape 3 you should level up this skill to unlock its maximum potential.


Experience Boosting

Currently only the following buffs work on Necromancy:

Torstol Sticks


Using a torstol stick increases the experience gained by 0.5% which can stack up to 2% experience boost.


If you augment your Necromancy item with this perk it can give up to 4% more experience, however this has a cap of 50K XP per day.

Inspire Awe


Just like every other skill if you have this unlocked at level 119 Archaeology, it will increase your experience by 2%.

Tome of Um


Increases experience gained from completing ritual disturbances by 3% for tier 1 and by 6% for tier 2.

1-120 Necromancy Training Guide


Training Necromancy can be separated into two things:

  1. Rituals
  2. Combat

Let's optimise our route by balancing these two!

Levels 1-27 Starting Off


First you must complete the "Necromancy!" quest, which will inform you of the basic mechanics of the skill. You can start this quest by clicking on the glowing blue portal by the Draynor lodestone.

After completing the quest head to the grand exchange and buy 50 fragile mementos. Then return back to the City of Um where you completed the tutorial ritual. Do rituals to increase the number of souls you own in the Well of Souls and unlock various talents. This is basically how you unlock your combat abilities. Do not worry as this process is pretty AFK.

While doing the rituals there will occasionally be disturbances but at low levels you do not need to worry about those as the experience you gain from them scales with your level.

Do this until level 26 and complete the quests Kili Row and Rune Mythos. Doing these will get you to level 27. Finally, complete two lesser ensoul material rituals to create two lesser ensouled bars and upgrade your death guard and skull lantern, this requires level 15 Smithing.

Preparing For Combat

Before proceeding further let's talk about armour and weapons.


To start off hybrid armour will be really important as it also buffs your necromancy.

LevelArmourDefence tier


Ghost hunter equipment55
Dragon Rider armour55
Akrisae the Doomed's equipment55
Anime core of Sliske armour65
Mighty slayer helmet85
60-70Deathwarden robe armour (must be crafted first) 

Above Level 70


At level 70 you will be presented with a choice (different tasks that you must complete to upgrade your armour, there are tasks for tier 70,80 and 90) and depending on your choice you will upgrade your equipment to either be a tank armour or power armour. At this point it is recommended that you go through with power armour as it flat out increases your damage and gives you a passive effect called death mark which instantly kills enemies if they fall below 20% of their max health. Do keep in mind that this route is much harder than the tank route so if you are not familiar with killing bosses, tank might be better.

You should also not upgrade your armour to tier 80 until you reach level 90 Necromancy due to full ritual sites being unlocked at level 90. Which when combined with a boost allows you to gain +300% output resources.

Ability Bar

You should be using revolution and toggle threshold and ultimate abilities to be triggered automatically.

Bar before the last Spectral Scythe talent is unlocked


Alternative without Conjure Zombie


If more healing is desired


With igneous Kal-Mor


With omni guard


With igneous Kal-Mor and omni guard


Combat Training


Levels 1-30

Before starting your combat training make sure to have completed Kili Row, and craft a tier 20 death guard and skull lantern.

Ghostly troll bruiser
Ghostly troll thrower
City of Um troll caveUse salve amulet (e)

Levels 30-40

At level 30, go ahead and complete the Kili's Knowledge I task and craft tier 30 death guard and skull lantern. This requires 2 lesser ensouled bars.

Ghostly troll bruiser
Ghostly troll thrower
City of Um troll caveUse salve amulet (e)
Fetid zombieWilderness north of ForinthryUse salve amulet (e)

Levels 40-50

After reaching level 40, complete Kili's Knowledge II task to craft tier 40 death guard and skull lantern. You can also unlock the Threads of Fate incantation from the well of Souls.

In terms of summoning you can also unlock Conjure Vengeful ghost and Conjure Putrid Zombie abilities from the Well of Souls.

AnkouStronghold of SecurityUse salve amulet (e)
GhoulNorth of CanifisSomehow this monster is not undead :D

Levels 50-60

At level 50 go ahead and complete Kili's Knowledge III, after that craft tier 50 death guard and skull lantern. At level 52 you can start controlling two conjures at once.

GhoulNorth of Canifis 
Shadow WarriorShadow WarriorUse salve amulet (e)
BanditBanditCan be AFKed by wearing any god related item.

Levels 60-70

Upon reaching level 60 Necromancy you unlock 2 great rituals, so it is optimal to go back to complete greater communion rituals using spirit mementos. You should also look to unlock the ability called Spectral Scythe which is an extremely powerful ability. You can upgrade this ability at level 70 and 80 as well.

Also just like always complete the Kili's Knowledge IV task to craft tier 60 death guard and skull lantern..

At level 61 unlock T61 curses from Selene.

Armoured zombieChaos Temple DungeonUse salve amulet (e)
Bound skeletonWilderness north of Fort ForinthryUse salve amulet (e)
Permanently aggressive.

Levels 70-80

At this level you should stack up on souls with rituals to upgrade your Spectral Scythe and start the Spirit of War quest. This quest is required to craft tier 70 armour.

You also at this level have a choice to craft power armour or tank armour which we talked about before.

So you should complete the quest and Kili's Knowledge V, craft your tier 70 armour and upgrade your weapons. At this level you can also start augmenting your gear as it will keep the augmentation as when upgraded.

Armoured zombieChaos Temple DungeonUse salve amulet (e)
Bound skeletonWilderness north of Fort ForinthryUse salve amulet (e)
Yields up to 180K XP/H and is completely AFK.
Abyssal demonVarious locationsWeak to demon slayer effects.
85 Slayer required.

Levels 80-90


As talked before, upgrade your Spectral Scythe again.

Complete Kili's Knowledge VI depending on your armour path and upgrade your weapons only to tier 80.

DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR ARMOR. Upgrading your armour at this stage is really expensive and inefficient so it is better to wait until level 90 to skip a tier.

Armoured ZombieChaos Temple DungeonUse salve amulet (e)
Bound SkeletonWilderness north of Fort ForinthryUse salve amulet (e)
Yields up to 180K XP/H and is completely AFK.
Abyssal demonVarious locationsWeak to demon slayer effects.
85 Slayer required.
Abyssal savageVarious locationsUp to 900K XP/H and is completely AFK.
Requires level 95 Slayer.

Levels 90-120

At this point you can choose to train to level 120 with rituals or you can choose combat as it is really AFK. However you should still do rituals to gather some souls as you will need 30K souls to unlock Alpha vs Omega which in turn unlocks Rasial's boss fight. You also need 35K souls to unlock Split Soul.

Complete Kili's Knowledge VII, and upgrade your equipment.

Ravenous ghoulSlayer Tower Mausoleum 
Abyssal savageVarious locationsUp to 900K XP/H and is completely AFK.
Requires level 95 Slayer.
Abyssal beastSouth of Lava MazeUp to 1.1m XP/H completely AFK.
Requires level 105 Slayer
Armoured phantomWilderness CryptUp to 1.4M XP/H completely AFK.
Requires level 113 Slayer.
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Levels 90-120 High level Rituals


After level 90 Necromancy, rituals reach their maximum potential and they yield the highest experience rates for the skill.

The main source of experience in this method is disturbances so you can't really AFK train this efficiently. If you do not have it already, you should get a Tome of Um 2 to boost your disturbance experience by 6%.

You should fill every empty glyph slot to increase soul attraction which in turn increases disturbance quality. At 301% soul attraction, the soul storm disturbance can spawn, this is the disturbance that yields the second highest amount of experience. The first spot goes to Defile which can spawn at 501% soul attraction.

Levels 90-99

RitualRecommended Alteration GlyphsCostInputOutputProfit
Greater necroplasm5 Multiply III
1 Speed II[l 2]
52,606.21200 Lesser necroplasm, 55,600 gp405 Greater necroplasm, 28 Ectoplasm
Output value: 238,564

Powerful communion

3 Attraction III[l 3]


1 Robust memento, 2,436 gp60 souls, 15 Ectoplasm
Ectoplasm value:
2 Multiply III
1 Attraction III
1 Powerful memento, 20,007 gp165 souls33 Ectoplasm
Ectoplasm value:
Powerful necroplasm3 Attraction III[l 3]44,364.06200 Greater necroplasm, 83,200 gp105 Powerful necroplasm, 15 Ectoplasm
Output value: 116,085
Powerful essence3 Attraction III[l 3]45,790.39800 Pure essence,163,200 gp300 Impure essence, 15 Ectoplasm
Output value: 135,045

Level 99-120


You should always put tier 3 glyph in the cape whenever possible if not available use tier 2 instead.

RitualRecommended Alteration GlyphsCostInputOutputProfit
Greater necroplasm6 Multiply III
1 Speed II[h 2]
52,606.21200 Lesser necroplasm, 55,600 gp465 Greater necroplasm, 32 Ectoplasm
Output value: 273,536
Powerful communion2 Attraction III
2 Multiply III
51,464.221 Powerful memento, 20,007 gp165 souls, 33 Ectoplasm
Ectoplasm value:

Powerful necroplasm

3-4 Attraction III
0-1 Speed II[h 2]


200 Greater necroplasm, 83,200 gp

105 Powerful necroplasm, 15 Ectoplasm
Output value: 116,085
3 Attraction III
1 Multiply III
165 Powerful necroplasm, 24 Ectoplasm
Output value: 183,492
Powerful essence3-4 Attraction III[h 3]
0-1 Speed II
45,790.39800 Pure essence, 163,200 gp300 Impure essence, 15 Ectoplasm
Output value: 135,045

Necromancy can be a challenging combat skill to tackle with the addition of rituals and collecting souls, however when mastered it will allow you to become a powerful necromancer that can own any combat challenge in the game.

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