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RuneScape 3 Player Owned House  (POH) -RS3 Guides


In the grand, immersive world of RuneScape 3 (RS3), Player-Owned Houses (POH) offer a personalized space for creativity, functionality, and social engagement. Since their introduction as part of the Construction skill update in 2006, POHs have grown into an integral part of the RuneScape experience. This article serves as a guide to navigating the rich, multi-faceted system of Player-Owned Housing in RS3, demonstrating how you can shape your humble abode into a reflection of your RuneScape journey.


Getting Started with Player-Owned Houses

To own a house, you must first train your Construction skill. At level 1 Construction, speak with an estate agent in any of the major cities to purchase a house for 1000 coins. The initial house contains only a Parlour and a Garden but fear not, for as you gain levels in Construction, you can expand your house, adding new rooms and upgrading existing ones.


The Essentials of House Design

A well-designed POH can provide a multitude of benefits, including training certain skills, hosting parties, and offering a variety of conveniences for your adventuring needs.

1. Layout: Carefully planning your house layout can make navigation easier. Consider placing frequently used rooms such as the Chapel, Workshop, and Portal Chamber near the entrance. Keep in mind that you can move and rotate rooms by entering your house in Building Mode.

2. Training Construction: Building and removing furniture within your house is the primary method of training Construction. As your level increases, you can build more complex and beneficial pieces of furniture.

3. Teleportation: By building Portal Chambers, you can create portals to various locations across Gielinor. This provides a convenient way to travel around the world quickly. At higher Construction levels, you can construct a Spirit Tree or Fairy Ring for even more transportation options.

4. Skill Training: Certain rooms and furniture can facilitate training other skills. For instance, building a Menagerie allows you to train Summoning, a Workshop lets you train Crafting and Smithing, and a Garden or Formal Garden enables Farming training.


Key Rooms and Furniture

Your POH can contain a wide variety of rooms, each serving different functions and providing distinct benefits. Here are some of the most useful rooms to consider for your house:

1. Workshop: The Workshop is where you can create flatpack furniture and repair degradable armor. It is also home to your tool store, which can supply you with an array of tools.

2. Chapel: The Chapel allows you to recharge Prayer points and, depending on the type of altar built, offer increased Prayer experience when bones are used on it.

3. Portal Chamber: This room lets you construct portals to a variety of locations across Gielinor, providing a convenient teleportation network.

4. Menagerie: The Menagerie is a place to store and showcase your pets. It offers an option to keep your inventory and bank uncluttered while ensuring your beloved companions have a home.

5. Treasure Room: For the adventurers who enjoy a challenge, the Treasure Room lets you build your dungeon with monsters to defeat and treasure to discover.

6. Aquarium: A unique room that allows you to display your Fishing prowess, the Aquarium provides passive benefits to your Fishing skill and is also a home to the numerous underwater species you'll encounter.


Social Aspects of Player-Owned Houses

Beyond their practical uses, Player-Owned Houses also offer an array of social features. Hosting house parties has been a long-standing tradition within the RuneScape community. Players open their homes to others, showing off their house design, offering services like teleportation and prayer recharging, and simply enjoying the company of fellow adventurers.



Player-Owned Houses in RuneScape 3 offer a unique blend of personal expression, utility, and social interaction. Whether you see your house as a sanctuary away from the bustling cities of Gielinor, a hub of convenience for your adventuring needs, or a bustling social venue, the flexibility of the POH system allows you to shape your space as you see fit. As you embark on your Construction journey, remember that your Player-Owned House is more than just a building - it's a home that tells the story of your RuneScape adventure.


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