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RuneScape 3 Player-Owned Ports - RS3 Guides

Title: RuneScape 3's Player-Owned Ports: A Guide to Naval Voyages and Adventuring on the High Seas



RuneScape 3 (RS3), the popular MMORPG developed by Jagex, is a game rich in content diversity. This diversity offers players the freedom to tailor their in-game experience according to their interests. For players seeking the thrill of seafaring and the excitement of maritime exploration, the game provides Player-Owned Ports (POP). Player-Owned Ports is a high-level mini-game that allows players to manage a fleet of ships and send them on voyages to discover new regions, complete missions, and gain valuable resources and rewards. This guide will sail you through the intriguing world of Player-Owned Ports, providing insights into managing your port, planning voyages, and reaping the high seas' bounties.


Diving into Player-Owned Ports

To begin your seafaring adventure, you must have level 90 in at least one of the 'Port Skills': Agility, Construction, Cooking, Divination, Dungeoneering, Fishing, Herblore, Hunting, Prayer, Runecrafting, Slayer, or Thieving. Your port is situated in Port Sarim, where you can establish a thriving port with several facilities and attract a variety of adventurers.


Managing Your Port

Running a successful port requires effective management of resources and facilities, along with strategic deployment of ships and crew.

1. Buildings: Your port contains several key buildings, each with a specific function. The 'Office' is the hub for managing voyages and viewing your progress. Other buildings include the 'Workshop' for crafting scrimshaws, 'Shipyard' for constructing and upgrading ships, 'Lodgings' for attracting captains, and more. Upgrading these buildings using resources improves their efficiency and yields better results.

2. Crew and Ships: Your port's success depends heavily on your crew and ships. Recruit a diverse crew with various traits and abilities to excel in different voyage parameters, such as combat, morale, and seafaring. Ships can be upgraded to improve their success rate on voyages.

3. Adventurers: Adventurers with level 90 in a Port Skill can visit your port, offering special voyages that yield unique rewards. The adventurer visiting depends on your level in the corresponding skill.


Setting Sail: Planning and Embarking on Voyages

Voyages are the core activity of Player-Owned Ports. Each voyage requires a ship and a crew and has specific requirements for success. Voyages can yield resources, trade goods, experience, and other unique rewards. There are also 'Story Missions' that progress an adventurer's storyline, yielding substantial rewards upon completion.

1. Voyage Requirements: Each voyage has three primary stats: Morale, Combat, and Seafaring. Ensuring your crew and ship's total stats meet or exceed the voyage's requirements improves the success chance.

2. Voyage Duration and Rewards: Voyage duration varies, with longer voyages generally offering better rewards. Some voyages yield 'Trade Goods', used to craft high-level equipment and scrimshaws in the workshop.


Discovering New Regions

As you accumulate 'Port Resources', you unlock new regions to explore. Each region offers increased difficulty and better rewards. The final region, 'The Shield', offers the most challenging voyages but also yields the most valuable rewards.


Rewarding Outcomes: Crafting and the Reward Shop

The Player-Owned Ports mini-game offers various unique rewards, including high-level armors and scrimshaws. These items are crafted in the workshop using trade goods acquired from voyages. The 'Reward Shop' offers other items, like port resources, crew rerolls, and ship parts, which can be purchased using 'Chimes', the currency of the Eastern Lands.



Player-Owned Ports in RuneScape 3 is an exciting, immersive mini-game that allows players to experience the thrills of naval adventuring and seafaring management. By attracting skilled adventurers, recruiting a talented crew, and dispatching your ships on lucrative voyages, you can turn your humble port into a thriving maritime hub. Happy sailing and may the winds of fortune guide your way!


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