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RuneScape 3 Skilling Pets - RS3 Guides

Title: The Journey to Jack of All Trades: A Comprehensive Guide to Skilling Pets in RuneScape 3



In the rich and expansive universe of RuneScape 3 (RS3), where every adventurer is empowered to carve their unique path, the pursuit of skilling pets presents an engaging and rewarding challenge. Skilling pets are adorable companions you can unlock by participating in various non-combat activities or "skills." From the chittering smithing pet, Smithy, to the magical divination pet, Willow, skilling pets embody the spirit of each discipline, rewarding dedication with a charming sidekick. But remember, each pet you chase requires patience and persistence as the drop rates are rare and the grind is real. Let's delve into the world of skilling pets and get to know them better.


What Are Skilling Pets?

Skilling pets were introduced into RS3 in August 2016. There are 27 skilling pets in total, one for each skill that allows you to earn experience points (XP), barring Constitution. These pets offer no in-game advantages; instead, they are prestigious vanity items that symbolize mastery and commitment to a skill. Each skilling pet comes with unique animations and interactions, adding fun, life, and flair to your RuneScape experience.


How Are Skilling Pets Obtained?

Skilling pets can be unlocked while training their respective skills, either through traditional methods or by participating in numerous alternative activities such as minigames or D&Ds that provide XP in those skills.

When training, you have a chance to receive a skilling pet at the end of an activity, not during. So, if you're chopping down a tree, you could potentially get a pet when the tree is fully chopped, or if you're crafting runes, you could get a pet upon crafting the final rune.

The odds of receiving a pet are tied to the amount of XP earned from the activity. Thus, actions granting more XP have a greater chance of yielding a pet. However, the odds also inversely scale with your level in that skill: the higher your level, the lower the chance. It’s also worth mentioning that boosted levels do not increase the chance of obtaining a pet.


Overview of Skilling Pets

Gathering Skills

Gathering skills require players to gather resources directly from the environment. These skills include Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, Farming, Hunter, and Divination. Their associated pets are Rocky, Bubbles, Woody, Brains, Ace, and Willow, respectively.


Artisan Skills

Artisan skills involve processing and crafting raw materials into valuable items. These include Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Runecrafting, and Construction. The pets corresponding to these skills are Herbie, Gemi, Flo, Smithy, Ramsay, Bernie, Rue, and Baby Yaga’s House.


Support Skills

Support skills provide assistance to players in various forms. The support skills are Agility, Thieving, and Slayer, with their pets being Dojo Mojo, Ralph, and Crabbe.


Combat Skills

Combat skills directly affect a player's prowess in combat. These include Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Ranged, and Prayer. The related pets are Sifu, Kangali, Wallace, Newton, Sparky, and Ghostly.


Elite Skills

Elite skills are unique in that they require multiple skills to train and have a starting level of 80. The elite skills in RS3 are Invention and Archaeology. Their pets are Malcolm and Archie.


Strategies to Get Skilling Pets

The journey to obtain skilling pets demands a blend of strategy, patience, and a smidgen of luck. Here are a few tips to maximize your chances:

Focus on High-XP Activities: Choose methods that provide more XP per action. The chance to get a pet is based on the base XP you receive from the activity. So, the higher the XP, the higher the chance.

Grind Lower-Level Skills: Lower-level skills are typically faster to train, so grinding these skills can lead to more opportunities for a pet drop in a given timeframe.

Skill Often: Consistency is key in the pursuit of skilling pets. Train your skills regularly and stick with it. The more often you train, the more chances you have at a pet drop.

Patience: Remember, the drop rate for these pets is incredibly low. You might go for hours or even days without obtaining a pet. Don’t get discouraged – every roll of the dice brings you one step closer to your new pet.



Skilling pets in RuneScape 3 are charming trophies for players dedicated to mastering their skills. Each pet is a nod to the skill it represents, embodying the spirit and essence of its domain. While the path to acquiring these pets may be long and arduous, the reward is an adorable, loyal companion that serves as a symbol of your dedication and prowess.

Whether you're an avid fisher hoping for Bubbles to make a splash, a master crafter waiting for Gemi to appear, or an agile acrobat eager to meet Dojo Mojo, remember that each moment spent honing your skills brings you closer to your goal. And once you've collected all 27, the coveted title of 'Jack of All Trades' awaits, marking you as a master across all disciplines. Happy skilling, and may RNG be ever in your favor!


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