Runescape3 Firemaking Guide

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Runescape3 Firemaking Guide

Why Should You Train Firemaking?

There are few reasons why you might want to train your firemaking skill. First of all training this skill doesn’t take much attention at all and can easily be afked. You can train other accounts or go about your other businesses while training this skill. A method which this guide will get into also allows you to make a decent profit whilst training your firemaking. Aside from these two reasons the next would be quests. Some of the quests in the game require you to have a specific firemaking level, those quest are:

  • The Tale of the Muspah - Firemaking Level 6
  • The Giant Dwarf - Firemaking Level 16
  • Enlightened Journey - Firemaking Level 20
  • Dealing with Scabaras - Firemaking Level 21
  • Sea Slug - Firemaking Level 30
  • Beneath Cursed Tides - Firemaking Level 30
  • Legacy of Seergaze - Firemaking Level 40
  • Olaf’s Quest - Firemaking Level 40
  • Swan Song - Firemaking Level 42
  • All Fired Up - Firemaking Level 43
  • Enakhra’s Lament - Firemaking Level 45
  • Summer’s End - Firemaking Level 47
  • Lunar Diplomacy - Firemaking Level 49
  • Tears Guthix - Firemaking Level 49
  • Desert Treasure - Firemaking Level 50
  • As a First Resort - Firemaking Level 51
  • In Pyre Need - Firemaking Level 55
  • Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf - Firemaking Level 61
  • The Void Stares Back - Firemaking Level 71
  • The Firemaker’s Curse - Firemaking Level 74
  • River Blood - Firemaking Level 76
  • Pieces of Hate - Firemaking Level 82

So to get a quest cape you need to have at least level 82 firemaking.

There are also quite a few achievements that require a specific firemaking level as well. If you are looking to complete all the achievements in the game, you will need to have at least level 92 Firemaking.


RS3 Firemaking Guide

Before we get into the ways of which you can train your firemaking level with, you will need to know about items and buffs that will make your journey to 99 or 200m much easier. If you are not interested in this part of the guide, please skip to the section titled “1-99 Firemaking”.

Bonfires and Fire Lines

Fire lines is the traditional way of training Firemaking. It’s where you get an inventory of logs and start burning them in a line, one by one. This method is not afkable but it is significantly faster than bonfire training.

Bonfire training is where you light a log and add logs to it. There are also some permanent bonfires throughout the game. You also receive rewards while doing this activity in the form of fire spirits. This is 100% afkable but is slower than line firemaking.

Prifddinas/Max Guild Bonfire

These are the two most popular bonfires in the game. They give the same experience as a bonfire with 5 people around it and they also have a chance to save the log that you have used.

Tinderbox & Augmented Tinderbox

Tinderbox is the only equipment needed for you to start firemaking, this is automatically placed in every player's inventory so you don’t need to buy one. 

Augmented tinderboxes can be created after level 22 Invention. This also unlocks augmented crystal tinderboxes. You can add a tool gizmo to your augmented tinderbox to gain some benefits. Best perks to have while training your firemaking is as follows:

  • Tinker 4: Has a 20% chance to carry out a higher quality work, awarding 25% experience.
  • Pyromaniac 6 & Rapid 2: Has a 0.6% chance of burning all logs of the same type from the inventory.

Has a 10% chance to carry out work at a faster pace.

Ring of Fire and Flame Gloves

These two items are a reward from the All Fired Up minigame and they both provide an experience bonus. Ring of fire can be worn with level 62 Firemaking and flame gloves can be worn with level 79 Firemaking. They both provide a 2% experience bonus but when worn together they give a 5% experience bonus.

Orthen Furnace Core

This is an off-hand item that provides benefits to the Firemaking and Smithing skills when equipped. While having this item equipped you gain two passive buffs:

  • If your pyromaniac perk activates, it will give you a 5% experience buff that lasts 5 minutes. If it triggers again while the buff is active it will refresh the timer.
  • While firemaking, there is a random chance to spawn a forge phoenix instead of a fire spirit. If you have the Fairy Fire buff active it will instead spawn as divine forge phoenix.

Pitch Can

Pitch can is an item that fastens your firemaking training. It reduces the time it takes to burn a log or add a log to the bonfire from 6 ticks to 5 ticks. With this you can burn around 200 more logs per hour.

Brooch of the Gods

This is an item that can be equipped in the pocket slot. It has 2 effects. Firstly, it will rarely spawn a divine blessing when clicked on this blessing it will provide four uncommon or rare invention materials. Secondly, it will boost the rewards you get from fire spirits, forge phoenixes, divine fire spirits or divine forge phoenixes by 20%.

Torstol Incense Sticks 

Consuming a stick will provide 0.5% potency, the level will increase every 10 minutes and will cap out at level 4 which in turn provides 2% more experience.

Summoning Familiars

There are 4 different familiars you can summon to help with your Firemaking training:

  • Pyrelord: Requires level 46 summoning, provides an +3 invisible firemaking boost and gives +10 experience when lighting a normal fire with any log. (doesn’t work on bonfires)
  • Forge Regent: Requires level 76 summoning, provides an invisible +4 firemaking boost and gives +10 experience when lighting a normal fire with any log. (doesn’t work on bonfires)
  • Lava Titan: Requires level 83 summoning, provides an invisible +10 firemaking boost.
  • Reborn Phoenix: Requires level 84 summoning, provides an invisible +12 firemaking boost and has 7% chance to burn 2 logs at once when using bonfires. (works with portable braziers and protean logs)

Protean Logs

Protean logs is an item that is mainly earned through treasure hunter. It is a stackable item that can be used to train your firemaking. The experience received from these logs scales with your firemaking level. Training with this item is even more afk than bonfires.

Portable Braziers

Portable braziers is a stackable item that can be deployed anywhere in Runescape. When deployed it lasts for 5 minutes but you can increase this timer by adding more portable braziers to it. Using your logs on this brazier will give an additional 14.4% firemaking experience and it also has a 10% chance at saving a log.

Relic Powers

There are two relics that can be used to enhance your Firemaking Training:

  • Always Adze: When woodcutting, you will always burn your cut logs for immediate Firemaking experience.
  • Inspire Genius: You will gain 2% more experience when training artisan skills.

1-99 Firemaking

Make sure to use a bonfire that has at least 5 players contributing to it or use a permanent one. (Like the one in Prifddinas)

Levels 1-15 Regular Logs: From level 1 to 15 you will be adding regular logs to a bonfire. This will take around 3 minutes and you will need 46 logs.

Levels 15-30 Oak Logs: For levels 15 to 30 you will be adding oak logs to a bonfire. Each log grants 89.25 experience. You will need 123 oak logs to reach level 30.

Levels 30-35 Willow Logs: For levels 30 to 35 you will be burning willow logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 110.25 experience and you will need 83 logs to get 35.

Levels 35-45 Teak Logs: For levels 35 to 45 you will be burning teak logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 126 experience and you will need 297 logs to get to level 45.

Levels 45-50 Maple Logs: For levels 45 to 50 you will be burning maple logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 140.4 experience and you will need 284 maple logs to get to level 50.

Levels 50-58 Mahogany Logs: For levels 50 to 58 you will be burning mahogany logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 189 experience and you will need 652 logs to get level 58.

Levels 58-60 Eucalyptus Logs: For levels 58 to 60 you will be burning eucalyptus logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 204.75 experience and you will need 241 logs to get to level 60.

Levels 60-75 Yew Logs: For levels 60 to 75 you will be burning yew logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 270.25 experience and you will need 3,446 logs to reach level 75.

Levels 75-90 Magic Logs: For levels 75 to 90 you will be burning magic logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 320 experience and you will need 12,925 logs to get to level 90 Firemaking.

Levels 90-99 Elder Logs: For levels 90 to 99 you will be burning elder logs on a bonfire. Each log grants 468 experience and you will need 16,427 logs to reach level 99.


If you don’t have money to do every log in the list feel free to use the next best cheapest log that you can afford.

Woodcutting & Firemaking

These two skills can be combined and trained together. To combine these two skills perfectly you will need to complete the quest “The Light Within” and have 91 prayer to use the prayer “Superheat Form”. This prayer instantly burns all the logs that you cut. Alternatively you can use Always Adze to do the same.

Incense Sticks

Crafting incense sticks is a slower way to train your firemaking but it can be profitable. The profit from these can vary so the player must check the grand exchange prices first before committing to a stick. You can check this link to find which sticks are best to craft at any given time:

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