Secret cow level guide

02.03.2022 - 16:30:19
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Secret cow level guide

Secret Cow Level Guide | Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4

The Secret Cow Level, also known as Moo Moo Farm is an easter egg area in Diablo 2. It is by far the highest monster density area in the game, and has many unique properties which makes it a great farming spot.

Opening the Secret Cow Level portal

In order to open the Red Portal leading to the Secret Cow Level, you must complete the game difficulty where you wish to open the portal. The Moo Moo farm is only accessible once you completed the Eve of Destruction quest (Act5 Quest6) and killed Baal.

To open the portal, you need to be in Act1's town and have a Wirt's Leg and a Tome of town portal in your horadric cube. By clicking the cube's transmute button, a red portal will appear leading to the Cow Level.

Wirt's Leg is found by looting the corpse at the upper left corner of the map in Tristram. The easiest way to acquire it is by using the Stony Field waypoint, finding the stones, and opening the red portal to Tristram through them.

Once you enter the Secret Cow portal, you must be careful not to kill the Cow King, a Superunique monster that always appears on the Cow Level. After killing the Cow King, your character will not be eligible to open the Cow Portal anymore on a given difficulty.

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Farming The Cow Level

The Moo farm has several special properties that worths farming it. It is by far the highest monster density area in the game, on an average 350-450 cows appear on a relatively small area. The Cows, also known as Hell Bovines are Animal Monsters with relatively high life, so in order to quickly clear the cow level you must have a high area damage character, like a Lightning Fury Javazon or a Blizzard Sorceress.

Farming High Runes

The rule of thumb for rune farming is: The more monsters you kill, the more runes will drop. On Hell difficulty, the cows are able to drop any rune, even Cham and Zod. As magic find does not affect rune drops, you can efficiently farm the area after a ladder start without having high% magic find items on your character. At 1 player, the cows have an 1:2.5M chance to drop Zod, 1:1M chance to drop Cham, 1:650k for Jah, 1:730k for Ber, 1:487k for Sur, 1:540k for Lo, 1:360k for Ohm, and 1:370k for Vex.

This means that on average, you will find a High Rune about once every 350 Cow Runs. This might seem like a high number, but compared to all the other areas in the game, the cow level is your quickest chance to find HRs.

Lower level runes drop quite frequently too, a few runs will allow you to collect all the needed low runes for any runeword.

Farming Runeword Bases

Socketable bases have the same rule of thumb as runes. The more monsters you kill, the more base items you will find. Because of this, the Cow Level is by far the best runeword base farming area. You have a decent chance of finding any socketable base that you are looking for, as all item types can drop from Hell Bovines.

An important note is that the lower magic find you have, the more base items you will find. This is simply because having magic find % on your gear makes it more likely to find Magic/Rare/Set/Unique quality items instead of normal quality items.

Farming Gems

Another great reason to farm this area is the number of gems that can be found during cow runs. As plenty of random items, and a lot of gems drop here, the cow level is the best area to find crafting, or magic item rerolling material.

Farming Charms

Charms too have a high chance to drop here due to the awesome monster density. Small Charms, Large Charms and Grand Charms all have roughly 1:1k chance to drop from each single Hell Bovine. As Charms can only drop with Magic quality, magic find% does not have any effect on charm drop rate. The only thing that determines how frequently you find charms is the number of monsters you kill, making the cow level by far the best area to find charms. As you will find plenty of gems here, you can easily reroll charms by cubing them with 3 perfect gems.

Farming for low level character boosting

If a higher level character is helping you progress quickly in the game, the Cow level is possibly the best place to level up your character with amazing speed. The “booster” should clear the area, and the character being boosted should stay around the kills in order to gain XP after every single Hell Bovine killed.

Farming just for fun!

Slaughtering hoards of cows is one of the most enjoyable things to do in the entire game. If you have a character with high area damage, even a Baal run does not compare, you will have a lot of fun in this area!

Killing Cows in a party is another awesome and unique experience. Whether it's a 8 player public party, or just playing together with your friends, you are guaranteed to have a fun time!

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You can kill the cow king in Resurrected.

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