Set Item Changes in Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.6

04.02.2022 - 15:10:08
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Set Item Changes in Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.6


D2R's first ladder season will start as the new 2.6 patch goes live. Keep an eye on Rpgstash's ladder item selection, we will already have ladder runes, ladder rune packs, ladder runewords and ladder charms available on the first day of the new season in our D2R Store!

Set bonuses will receive major changes in patch 2.6 as the new ladder season starts. In addition to introducing new Horadric Cube recipes that allow players to upgrade Normal and Exceptional set items to Elite, twelve of the existing sets will get their bonuses changed, making them much more useful. Here is the list of the changes that are going to be introduced:

Arcanna's Tricks

  • Increased +25 Mana to +50 Mana (2 Items)

  • Added Regenerate Mana 12% (3 Items)

  • Added +1 to All Skills (Full Set)

Arctic Gear

  • Changed 6-14 Cold Damage to +2-198 to Maximum Cold Damage (+2 Per Character Level) (Full Set)

Bul-Kathos' Children

  • Increased +20 Fire Damage to +200 Fire Damage (Full Set)

  • Increased +25 Defense to +200 Defense (Full Set)

  • Added 10% Life Stolen Per Hit (Full Set)

  • Added +20% Deadly Strike (Full Set)

Cathan's Traps

  • Added Regenerate Mana 16% (2 Items)

Civerb's Vestments

  • Increased Fire Resist +15% to Fire Resist +25% (2 Items)

  • Added 25% Bonus to Attack Rating (Full Set)

  • Added 4-396 Defense (+4 Per Character Level) (Full Set)

Cow King's Leathers

  • Added 5-495 Defense (+5 Per Character Level) (2 Items)

  • Added +100 to Life (Full Set)

  • Added +1 To All Skills (Full Set)

Infernal Tools

  • Added Maximum Mana 20% (Full Set)

  • Added Cannot Be Frozen (Full Set)

Iratha's Finery

  • Added +24% Piercing Attack (3 Items)

Milabrega's Regalia

  • Added Cannot Be Frozen (3 Items)

  • Added +2-198 To Lightning Damage (+2 Per Character Level) (2 Items)

Naj's Ancient Vestige

  • Added 1-148% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (+1.5 Per Character Level) (2 Items)

  • Increased Replenish Life +10 to Replenish Life +20 (Full Set)

  • Added +2 To Fire Skills (Full Set)

  • Added Increased Maximum Life 12% (Full Set)

Sazabi's Grand Tribute

  • Added Poison Length Reduced by 75% (2 Items)

  • Added +1 To All Skills (Full Set)

  • Added Damage Reduced by 16% (Full Set)

Vidala's Rig

  • Added 7% Mana Stolen Per Hit (2 Items)

  • Changed Adds 15-20 Cold Damage to +1-148 to Maximum Cold Damage (+1.5 Per Character Level) (Full Set)

How to make the best use of the updated bonuses:

As you can see, the lower level sets are the ones which will receive a remake. This will give new opportunities in the upcoming ladder season to level your characters and reach the endgame quicker, and some of the items will also be viable high-end gear choices for several character builds. Here are some notes on how you can take advantage of the updates:

Arcanna’s Tricks
The Arcanna’s set is a good option for levelling caster builds. They are going to be somewhat more useful, but will still be far from being good item choices once you reach Hell difficulty.

Arctic Gear

This set is a useful choice for melee builds and ones that wear bows as their weapon. The set is still far from being a good endgame choice, but with the much higher cold damage you will be able to deal a greater amount of damage.

Bul Katho’s Children

The Bul Katho’s set, also known as BK set consists of only two weapons, both of which can only spawn on Hell Difficulty and are somewhat difficult to find. As both of the set’s items are weapons, only dual-wielding builds can take advantage of the set’s bonuses. With the update, the weapons will be much more useful than they previously were, and are decent choices of equipment, but their damage is still only a portion of high-end runewords.

Cathan’s Traps

The Cathan set can be used by caster builds during Normal and Nightmare difficulty levelling. The updates are not going to change their usefulness significantly.

Civerb's Vestments

This is a set that can be used by melee builds for Normal and Nightmare difficulty levelling. The updates are not going to change their usefulness significantly.

Cow King's Leathers

The Cow King set is useful equipment for any build. With the updates it will become a more viable end-game gear choice, but will still be very far from being as useful as high-end runewords and some elite unique items.

Infernal Tools

This too is a levelling set mainly for Necromancers. It will be somewhat more useful due to the updates.

Iratha's Finery

The Iratha set’s changes will only affect missile builds by providing the very useful piercing attack.

Milabrega's Regalia

This is a low-level set made for Paladins, and can be used for Normal and Nightmare difficulty levelling. The update will provide a decent boost both to damage and survivability.

Naj's Ancient Vestige

The full Naj’s set should only be equipped on caster builds, and it’s useful mainly for Fire Sorceresses. The received boosts are great, and will make the set viable for end-game farming. The set will also be a great option for Magic Finding, as any build can boost it’s magic find by over 100% by just wearing the Circlet and the Armor. An important side note is that the Armor piece is an okay choice for any character build, and the weapon is awesome as a switch weapon, as it allows you to use 69 charges of the teleport skill, which is by far the quickest way to move.

Sazabi's Grand Tribute

The Sazabi set is mainly used for Normal and Nightmare levelling by melee builds. The added bonuses will make it somewhat more useful.

Vidala's Rig

The Vidala set is a good ladder starter option for bow builds, and the added bonuses improve both it’s damage and mana sustainability. It is also a great end-game option for Magic Finding, as by wearing the boots and the amulet you get +50% magic find amongst other useful bonuses.

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