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Sharpshooter Raid Build - Lost Ark | RPGStash

The Best Sharpshooter Raid Build

Sharpshooter is a ranged DPS class that heavily relies on their bow and loyal companion: hawk. They are one of the strongest classes that can use both of their class-specific engravings and deal massive damage in the end-game content. However, a sharpshooter's game style could be a little weird than any other gunner class, such as gunslinger and artillerist, because you will likely spend time damaging close to the boss. The hybrid melee and range playstyle helps you leave debuff and set you up for your burst skill rotation. In this guide, I'll teach you how to play Sharpshooter in Lost Ark.


Why Both Class Engravings?

In this part of the article, you will usually read about comparing two viable builds in a specific class. Today, I will explain how choosing both class engravings in your build will benefit you in the long term. But first, here are the class engravings you will need to invest in for the end game:


Deathstrike: Whenever you land your Last Rush, you will recover 50% of the remaining Hawk Meter. Also, this will give you an 8 seconds burst window since the damage taken by the boss is amplified by 44%.

Loyal Companion: Whenever you summon your hawk, you will gain an additional 8% Movement Speed and 10% Attack Power. Also, when the hawk hits the mob, they will have 14% damage debuff.


As you can see, If you have Deathstrike and Loyal Companion in your arsenal, you will deal lots of damage because these engravings increase your DPS potential. The only catch is you need to be quick and decisive when filling your Hawk Meter, be precise at hitting your Last Rush, and have perfect mechanical skills to do your skill rotation. Optimizing your DPS in this class is not beginner-friendly and could be hard to master. Alternatively, you can make a Sharpshooter Deathstrike build, which will be included later in this guide.


Skill Build for Sharpshooter in Lost Ark

Sharpshooters' main role in the party is to fill their gauges as fast as possible while accurately landing some long casting skills. Below are the tripods, runes, and gems to help you keep up with your rotation.







Atomic Arrow

Amplified Damage

Enhance Arrowhead

Long Fuse



Arrow Wave

Enhanced Arrow

Slow Tide

Wave Streak


Cooldown and Damage Gem

Moving Slash

Excellent Mobility

Silver Master




Blade Storm

Silver Master

Lightning Blade

Shadow Dance


Cooldown and Damage Gem

Charged Shot

Quick Prep

Double Shot

Fast Fire


Cooldown and Damage Gem

Sharp Shooter

Vital Point Hit

Weak Point Detection

Focus Shot


Cooldown and Damage Gem

Deadly Slash

Silver Master

Sawtooth Blade

Double Slash




Quick Prep

Weakpoint Detection

Easy Prey


Cooldown and Damage Gem



Damage Gem


Awakening Skill

Depending on your preferred build, here are the awakening skills that you can use for Sharpshooter:


Golden Eye: This is preferred for Death Strike Sharpshooter since this provides flat damage and doesn't generate Hawk Meter.

Fenrir's Messenger: This is highly recommended for sharpshooters who use both class engravings since this generates Hawk Meter.



  • Atomic Arrow is used consistently to apply Amplified Damage debuff, allowing you and your teammate to deal 6% additional damage.
  • Snipe is your strongest nuke in the kit and is always paired with Atomic Arrow.
  • Charged Shot is your main stagger skill and is often paired with Sharp Shooter.
  • Moving Slash is your repositioning skill and can also generate Hawk Meter.
  • Skills with Silver Master skill tripod such as Moving Slash, Blade Storm, and Deadly Slash will help you fill your gauge immediately.
  • Deadly Slash is your main counter skill, so use this wisely.
  • When your gauge is full, you can summon your hawk to access Wings of Storm and Last Rush skill.


Skill Rotation

Main Build

  1. Atomic Arrow to apply Amplified Damage
  2. Fill the meter with Moving Slash, Blade Storm, and Deadly Slash.
  3. Wait for Blade Storm cooldown and then use Summon Silverhawk
  4. Wings of Storm
  5. Last Rush
  6. Use Blade Storm immediately after Last Rush.
  7. Re-apply Atomic Arrow to amplify your damage.
  8. Channel Snipe while Blade Storm is active and uses SUmmon Silverhawk as soon as the hawk meter is filled up.
  9. Release Snipe and use the following skills as fast as possible for the biggest nuke:
  10. Charged Shot
  11. Arrow Wave
  12. Sharp Shooter
  13. Repeat Rotation


Alternate Build Death Strike Sharpshooter

  1. Atomic Arrow to apply Amplified Damage
  2. Fill the meter with Moving Slash, Blade Storm, and Deadly Slash.
  3. Summon Silverhawk
  4. Wings of Storm
  5. Last Rush
  6. Snipe
  7. Charged Short
  8. Arrow Wave
  9. Sharp Shooter
  10. Repeat Rotation


Stats Priority

Your stats depend on your build, but they usually run for Crit as their main stat and Specialization/Swiftness as the secondary stat.


Death Strike + Loyal Companion Build: You usually run 60-40 on your accessories. You will need at least 1100-1300 Crit and 850-1000 Specialization. You can achieve this by having Specialization in a necklace and an earring.

Death Strike Build: Prioritizes High Crit and Swiftness for faster skill rotation.




Death Strike: As mentioned above, this is one of your core engravings to focus on, especially if you're below tier 3 content.

Loyal Companion: This engraving can be swapped in any other engravings but is mandatory in the end-game content, such as Kakul Saydon Raid or Brelshaza Raid.

Hit Master: This engraving increases skill damage by 16%, except with back and front damage modifiers. Sharpshooters skills mostly don't have these modifiers that's why this is mandatory in early-late game content.


Damage Engravings

Grudge: This will provide you 20% additional damage, but you also receive an additional 20% damage from boss-type monsters.

Curse Doll: Gives you 16% Atk. Power increase and lowers your healing potency by 25%.


Note: These engravings are highly recommended for intermediate players doing end-game raids weekly.


Optional Engravings

Keen Blunt Weapon: This compliments your high crit stats since it provides 50% additional critical damage.

Adrenaline: This optional engraving can provide you a good amount of damage and crit rate depending on the level.

Raid Captain: If you plan on building Loyal Companion Build, this is a good optional engraving and could net you around a 16% damage increase.


Engraving Setup

Death Strike (Lvl 3)

Grudge (Lvl 3)

Keen Blunt Weapon (Lvl 3)

Hit Master (Lvl 3)

Loyal Companion (Lvl 3)

Adrenaline (Lvl 1)


Note: Alternatively, if you can't have level 3 Loyal Companion, you can go for Cursed Doll.



I liked how the Sharpshooter playstyle in Lost Ark differentiates from traditional ranged DPS classes. The melee-to-range gameplay makes it unique and fun to play. However, you will spend time getting used to the boss mechanics and will get frustrated by RNG skill patterns. Overall, Sharpshooter is for you if you want to have an active playstyle that deals great damage.

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