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Sorceress Reflux Build -Lost Ark | RPGStash

The Best Sorceress Reflux Build

Sorceress is one of the two starting mage archetypes available in Lost Ark. They are popular for dealing heavy damage from afar and controlling the raid with their high mobility and status effect skills. The versatility of this class provides two viable builds: Igniter and Reflux Sorceress. In this article, I'll focus on Reflux Sorceress Build and how to use them effectively.


Reflux VS Igniter

Reflux Sorceress is a class that has decent movement speed and casting speed. You can achieve high mobility, low cooldowns, and consistent damage with swiftness. Reflux prevents using one of your identity skills and focuses on your blink to position better. On the other hand, the Igniter sorceress playstyle involves proper positioning and timing of your identity skill to deal burst damage. In short, an Igniter Sorceress Build has a higher damage ceiling than the Reflux Sorceress Build, but the latter offers consistent damage due to low cooldowns on skills.


Skill Build for Reflux Sorceress in Lost Ark

Reflux Sorceress has the freedom of casting skills whenever you please, while the Igniter Sorceress needs to be wary of the boss patterns. Below are the tripods, runes, and gems you need to make this build viable.









Damage Amplification

Flame Expansion

Weak Point Detection



Frost’s Call


Unstable Rule

Enhanced Strike


Attack and Cooldown Gem


Agile Cast




Seraphic Hail

Quick Prep

Evolved Hail

Weak Point Detection


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Punishing Strike

Wide-Angle Attack

Unavoidable Fate

Magick Amplification


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Reverse Gravity

Wide-Angle Attack

Electric Attack Area

Weak Point Detection


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Esoteric Reaction

Quick Prep

Enhanced Strike

Stabilized Crystal


Attack and Cooldown Gem

Rime Arrow

Quick Prep

Piercing Strike

Ice Pick


Damage Gem


Awakening Skill

There are two awakening skills you can use for Sorceress:

  1. Enviska Might: Almost all of the sorceress in the game choose this awakening since it deals good damage and has a wide area of effect that makes it consistent and reliable.
  2. Apocalypse Call: This is the secondary awakening ability that allows you to summon meteors from the sky. While this is visually stunning and theoretically capable of dealing more overall damage, the meteors have a high chance of missing the target since they're spread out.



  • Blaze is your primary synergy and an opener skill that provides 6% damage received debuff from the enemy for 8 seconds.
  • Squall is your main counter skill, and you can replace it with Ice Shower if you prefer to have Push Immunity when casting.
  • Frost's Call deals decent damage on a long-range fight. It also helps you generate gauges faster for using your Blink as a repositioning tool.
  • Seraphic Hail, Punishing Strike, Esoteric Reaction, and Rime Arrow are your damage-dealing skills and should land consistently on the boss.
  • Reverse Gravity is your close-range skill that does enormous damage, especially when the boss does not leave the area.
  • As for your skill rotation, you must use Blaze whenever it's on cooldown since it leaves debuff and bleeds on the enemy. Then, you can use your skills while prioritizing Punishing Strike on cooldown.


Stats Priority

Reflux Sorceress prioritizes Critical as the main stat and Swiftness as the secondary stat. Since most of your skills use critical damage tripods, it's extremely important to be consistent in landing those critical hits.


Engravings for Sorceress

Reflux: This is your primary engraving that will boost your overall DPS potential since this provides you a 16% damage increase and a -10% cooldown on your skills.

Precise Dagger/Adrenaline: These two engravings could help you improve your critical rate. You can use Adrenaline if you're confident that you can easily maintain your stacks while dealing consistent damage. On the other hand, Precise Dagger provides you 20% Crit Rate and -12% Crit Damage. Choosing between the two is a matter of preference, but in my case, I'd rather go for Adrenaline since there is no serious drawback to using it.


Damage Engravings

These engravings are mandatory for advanced players since they can react and play efficiently, even if there are penalties for using them.

Grudge: Provides you a flat 20% additional damage while receiving 20% damage in return.

Cursed Doll: This increases your attack power by 16% while decreasing a portion of your healing potency.


Optional Engravings

Hit Master: This great engraving boosts your overall damage without any drawbacks.

Keen Blunt Weapon: If you can reach at least 60-70% critical rate, this engraving is for you since this provides 50% Critical damage.

Raid Captain: This is a safe add-on engraving that decently boosts your damage by 45% of your move speed bonus.

All-Out Attack: If you plan on using the Sorceress Igniter Skill Build, this is a decent engraving for your sorceress since this provides 20% Damage and Speed for all holding and casting skills.


Engraving Setup

Reflux (Lvl 3)

Cursed Doll (Lvl 3)

Adrenaline (Lvl 3)

Grudge (Lvl 3)

Hit Master (Lvl 3)


Note: You can change Cursed Doll into Raid Captain or Keen Blunt Weapon.



Overall, Reflux Sorceress, is a highly recommended class for beginners that wants to enjoy fast-paced and consistent gameplay. While Igniter Sorceress might be the best build if you want to deal burst damage and big numbers on the boss. However, choosing Igniter over Reflux is much more punishable since you will spend a lot of time mastering the right rotation on a specific burst window.


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