Staff Guide - Throne And Liberty

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Staff Guide - Throne And Liberty

Of the 7 weapons in Throne And Liberty, it's the staff that's primarily focused on dealing magic damage. The wand and tome are capable of that but it's mostly for support roles. If you want to become an amazing wizard using the staff, then you've come to the right place.

Throne And Liberty: Staff Guide

The staff is a magic weapon that lets you harness the powers of Fire, Ice, and Lighting. In the right hands, a staff build is capable of stopping all sorts of trouble in the game. That's because the staff gives you the ability to crowd control and deal heavy damage to groups of enemies.

The downside to the staff however is that you're going to be very vulnerable up close if enemies manage to survive your initial spells. Staff users work best when protected by other players but alone, you'll have to combine the staff with a good melee weapon to cover all bases. Let's talk about the abilities of this class first.

Staff Active Abilities

Since you can only equip 12 abilities in the game, you need to be wise in picking which skills to add to your hotkeys. Due to the insane damage and crowd control capabilities of the staff user, some players even allocate only staff skills. While risky, such a strategy is effective in a group.

Active SkillDescription
Mystic ShieldDefends against an attack. Consumes additional Stamina based on the damage defended. Upon defending against a Fury Attack within 0.5 sec, deals 110% of Base Damage + 12 to the attacker, and 10% + 0 to Burning enemies. If the target is Wet, create a DOT area within a 3m radius of the target, dealing 10% of Base Damage + 0 per sec to all enemies in the area. Stacks Flowing Mana up to 3 times to increase Mana Regen by 18 for 6 sec each time you defend against a Fury Attack. Flowing Mana Grants the following effects to the skills you use and disappears. For Lightning skills, increases Critical Hit by 20% per stack. For Fire skills, additionally applies Burning per stack. For other skills, decrease Mana cost by 20% per stack.
Chain LightningA Lightning skill that deals damage equal to 360% of Base Damage + 26. Deals bonus damage equal to 10% per stack of your Burning. When the target is Wet, damage transfers to other enemies within a 5m radius of the target up to 3 times. Damage decreases by 20% every time it transfers and will not transfer a target that has been already transferred.
Serial Flame BombsA Fire skill that deals damage equal to 110% of Base Damage + 22 and inflict Burning with 80% chance. Burning lasts for 12 sec and deals damage equal to 1.5 % of Base Damage + 1 every sec per stack. Can be stacked up to 10 times. It can be used up to 3 times in a row. The casting time decreases and Mana cost increases as the skill is used consecutively.
Smokescreening FrostCreate a 4M zone that deals damage over time for 3 sec and teleport back 10m. To all the enemies within the zone, deal damage equal to 20% of Base Damage + 10 every sec and there's a 100% chance to slow enemies' Move Speed by 21% for 3 sec.
Inferno WaveA Fire skill that deals damage equal to 270% of Base Damage + 52 within 3m from the Target. When using it on the target you've inflicted burning on, each stack will deal bonus damage equal to 5% of Base Damage to all the enemies within 3m, with a 80% chance of burning.
Inner PeaceFor 6 sec, increase Mana Regen by 600%. In Wet state, the amount of Mana Regen doubled. When not in Wet state, Mana Cost Efficiency increases by 60% for 6 sec after the Skill ends. The Skill ends if you move.
Icebound TombDeals damage equal to 160% + 18 of the base damage and has an 80% chance to Freeze for 7 sec (14 sec in PvE) In a 3m radius of the target, 80% chance to reduce movement speed (Enfeeble effect) by 28% for 4 sec.
Ice SpearThrows an ice spear that pierces the target in the specified direction, dealing damage equal to 210% weapon damage + 32 and 80% chance to apply an Enfeeble effect that reduces movement speed by 34% for 3 sec.
High LocusIncreases Cooldown Speed by 49%, Global Cooldown Speed by 38%, and Move Speed by 21% for 12 sec.
Judgment LightningA Lightning skill that deals damage equal to 1,030% of Base Damage + 285. If the target is in Wet state, attack up to 5 targets within 5m radius and deal damage equal to 686% of Base Damage + 190. Upon dealing damage to a target you have inflicted with Burning, every stack grants you 5% chance to use it an additional time. After 10 sec, the additional uses will expire.
Inferno MeteorA Fire skill that calls down a giant meteor that deals equal to 410% of Base Damage + 88 within a set range and has a 70% chance of knocking back damaged targets. Upon dealing a Critical Hit, deals bonus damage equal to 20% of meteor damage. The meteor creates an area that lasts for 6 sec where it lands, inflicting 1 stack of Burning on all enemies within the area per sec.

It's tough to recommend which skills to use for the Staff because they're all decent. However, you need to keep this thing in mind.

  • Fire - Fire skills deal damage over time through Burning. The Burning effect stacks so it's great to use against enemies with high HP.
  • Ice - Ice skills can slow enemies. With enough stacks, you'll eventually Freeze enemies in place.
  • Lightning - Lightning magic is simpler. This is best used for AoE damage as the lightning will constantly bounce off enemies.

It's recommended to focus your skills on one or two elements. Fire skills are very important as this deals the most damage out of all the elements. It's good to partner this with Ice magic so that you can hold enemies in place as you deal damage to them.

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Staff Passive Abilities

For the passive abilities, you can only choose 8. What you get will depend on what element you choose to focus on. However, we highly recommend getting at least these two:

  • Asceticism - An excellent passive especially for generating mana that you'll need to cast skills with. If you partner it with Ice magic, you'll have a steady mana source. If not this, make sure to get Asceticism instead.
  • Echoic Barrier - One of your biggest enemies as a staff user is the Silence status effect. With this passive, you'll have extra survivability up until you're able to cast spells again.
Mana Ball EruptionGrants a 5% chance of triggering an additional projectile that deals damage equal to 60% of Base Damage upon casting a basic magic attack. Activation Chance is affected by Mana Regen, increasing by 10% per 1 point of Mana Regen.
AsceticismMana Regen increases by 25.2. If the character is static and stands still for 5 sec, Mana Regen additionally increases by 75.6.
Mana AmpIncreases Max Mana by 1540.
Flame CondensationAccepts the avaricious flames, increasing damage dealt by Enfeeble: Burning by 50%.
Echoic BarrierWhen afflicted with Silence, it creates a Barrier of Echoes for a set duration, increasing Silence Resistance by 45 for 475 sec. If Silenced again while the effect is active, Silence Resistance additionally increases by 475.
Lord of FrostMove Speed lasts 10% longer and additionally decreases Move Speed by 5%.
Forbidden SanctuaryUpon landing a Skill on 2 or more targets with a single skill, increase Damage Reduction by 14 for 3 sec. When the effect activates, it will not activate again for 12 sec.
Janice's AuthorityWhen hitting 2 or more targets with one skill, the cooldown time of the skill is reduced by 9% for each target. The first target hit is excluded, and it can be reduced to a maximum of 3 targets in one attack.

Best Combos For Staff

  1. Wand And Tome

The wand is the best combo for the staff. You can utilize the mana regeneration passives from the wand skill tree. You're going to turn your character into a full caster class with this combo. What makes it great is that you're able to support your team with healing magic while dealing heavy damage from afar.

  1. Longbow

If you want physical damage, we recommend using the longbow instead. It has superb range as well so you don't have to make major adjustments when changing weapons. The support abilities also make you an all-around character for solo or party setups.

Become The Ultimate Wizard

The staff is a seriously dangerous weapon in Throne And Liberty. The tips we've given above shouldn't be your end-all-be-all build for this class. Feel free to experiment as well!

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