Stealth Runeword - D2R 2.6

11.10.2022 - 12:09:29
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Stealth Runeword - D2R 2.6


Tal + Eth

2 Socket Body Armor

Original Runeword


Stealth is a cornerstone of Diablo II speedrunning. It is accessible very early in the game and accelerates the pace of your game progression. Faster Run/Walk will reduce the amount of time travelling between objectives and in town. Faster Cast Rate is also very beneficial to all caster classes – many classes will continue to use Stealth while clearing Hell if a better option (Que-Hegan’s Wisdom, Skin of the Vipermagi) isn’t available since FCR does not naturally spawn on body armor. Even the 25% Faster Hit Recovery is not inconsequential in the early-game, especially if you are attempting to push through game content with low life and resistances. 


2-socket armor bases can be acquired very easily from a vendor. Most players will farm normal countess and run it a few times to find Tal + Eth. Stealth can usually be replaced once a Spirit Monarch has been obtained.

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