Sword And Shield Guide - Throne And Liberty

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Sword And Shield Guide - Throne And Liberty

There are lots of weapons to use in Throne And Liberty but if you're one to use something that's simpler and more traditional, we highly suggest sticking with the sword and shield. As simple as it may be, it's a force to be reckoned with in the right hands and with the right setup and combination.

Throne And Liberty: Sword And Shield Guide

The sword and shield is an upfront weapon in Throne And Liberty. It offers a perfect mix of offensiveness and defensiveness but of course, there are a few things that make it different in this game. Here, the sword and shield can also act as the main tank of the team and is arguably the best weapon to use if you want to be durable.

Aside from devastating attacks, the sword and shield is also capable of taking enemy aggro and giving buffs to allies as well. Of all the weapons in the game, the sword and shield has the best capacity to make you into a one-man army.

Sword And Shield Active Abilities

You can focus on utilizing the tanking abilities of the sword and shield or you can use the offensive skills instead. Whatever you choose though, always keep in mind that you can only equip 12 skills at a time so it's very important that you choose your abilities wisely. Now, there are a few skills that you definitely must take with you regardless of your build.

Active SkillDescription
Shield Survival TechniqueDefends against an attack. Consumes additional Stamina based on the damage defended. Upon defending against a Fury Attack, restores Health by 230, and a perfect defense increases Damage Reduction by 49 for 6 sec. Upon defending against a Fury Attack, Shield Survival Technique changes to Retaliatory Strike. Retaliatory Strike | Deals damage equal to 200% of Base Damage + 14 to the target. Defending against a Fury Attack before using Retaliatory Strike increases its damage by 50%. This bonus stacks up to 4 times.
Shield StrikeDeal damage equal to 390% + 17 of base damage. For every 1% of Shield Block Chance, Heavy Attack Chance is increased by 18. when dealing damage with this skill.
Drastic ChargeCharges forward and deals damage equal to 160 of Base Damage + 13 to up to 5 targets with a 70% (70% against monsters) chance to inflict Collision: Push. If the pushed targets collide with a wall, they are stunned for 2 sec.
Counter BarrierFor 6s, increase Shield Block Chance by 11%. Upon successfully evading a melee attack or performing Shield Block, perform a counterattack that deals damage equal to 250% DR.
Chain HookFury Attack | There is a 70% (70% for monsters) chance to inflict Collision: Pull effect and for 3s, decrease Move Speed by 60%. Using it on a boss monster will move you to its location.
Provoking RoarHas a 70% chance of inflicting Enfeeble: Provoke on all enemies within 3m for 1.5 - 3 sec (Effect lasts 1.5 - 4.5 sec against Monsters). Provoked targets direct their attacks and skills toward you.
Shield ThrowThrows a shield that deals damage equal to 200% of Base Damage + 0 to all targets in its path before returning to you. All Heavy Attack Chances are increased by 65 per target damaged by the returning shield.
FortressIncreases Damage Reduction of you and your party members within 10m by 82 for 9 sec. The effect range remains for 2 sec.
Annihilating SlashDeals damage equal to 170% of Base Damage + 13 to all surrounding enemies with a sword. Enfeebled targets take damage equal to 220% of Base Damage + 16
Fierce ClashFury Attack | Deals damage equal to 220% of Base Damage to the target, with a 80% (80% for monsters) chance to inflict Collision:Push on them. Has the same chance to inflict Push on other enemies that collide with the target, along with reduced damage. If the pushed targets hit a wall, they are stunned for 3s.
A Shot at VictoryDeals damage equal to 410% of Base Damage + 33 to the target. Has a 20% chance of activating A Shot at Victory one more time, and this chance increases by 5% per Enfeebled target around you.

Non-Negotiable Skills

  1. Fortress

This skill provides an insane amount of extra defense for you and your team. It might just be what you need to prevent anyone else from dying or to give your team more time to recover. It's easy to get overwhelmed with the bosses in the game and Fortress is an excellent skill to help you out in such battles.

  1. Provoking Roar

You can use this skill to get the aggro of the enemy. It's not just to protect your teammates though, you can also use it as an opportunity to pull in enemies closer together before you unleash a devastating attack. This works well with many of the skills from the staff and greatsword line.

  1. Shield Survival Technique

If you're planning on going solo most of the time, then you'll require this skill. This gives you an instant means to protect yourself against heavy attacks. Additionally, it can also heal you so that's one less thing to worry about when facing off against large mobs.

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Sword And Shield Passive Abilities

Most of the sword and shield passive abilities are focused on giving you more survivability. This makes it an excellent defense against dense mobs and it works well with most melee weapons too. While you can only use 8 passive abilities at a time, you should at least make sure to get these three essential skills.

Experienced EvasionThe closer you are to a target attacking you within 10m, your Ranged and Magic Evasion increase even more; 9 per 1m, up to 90.
ResilienceEvading an attack restores Mana by 8.4, and each successful shield/attack block restores Mana by 4.2% of the damage blocked.
Aegis ShieldFor every 1% of Shield Block Chance, all Defense increases by 4.4.
Spectrum of AgonyWhenever you successfully attack a target you have Provoked, deals damage equal to 44% of Base Damage + 22 to other Provoked targets within a 3m radius.
Gerad's PatienceEach successful dodge or shield/attack block increases all CC Resistance by 16 for 3 sec. Can be stacked up to 10 times.
ImpenetrableMelee, Ranged, and Magic Defense▲ 2 or fewer 205▲ 3 - 6 320▲ 7 or more 800▲
Eternal KnightWhen Health is below 20%, draws out the power of eternal survival to increase Health Regen by 8200% for 6 sec. Once the effect is activated, it will not activate again for 150 sec.
Morale BoostReduces all active cooldowns by 10% each time you make an enemy collide with another enemy. Applied for up to 5 collisions.

Non-Negotiable Skills

  1. Aegis Shield

You'll often have the chance to block enemy attacks with the sword and shield. That said, you can use that opportunity to increase your defense momentarily. Once the effect of Aegis Shield starts, you can begin focusing more on dealing damage to your enemies.

  1. Eternal Knight

One of the downsides of fighting solo is that you don't have people to rely on when your health starts to drain rapidly. The Eternal Knight passive makes it so that you always have a chance to get back and recover when your health starts to reach critical levels.

  1. Experienced Evasion

Aside from blocking, you can also enhance your survivability with this passive ability. It's a good way to make sure that you're taking as little damage as possible. It's great when combined with the mobility of the daggers.

Best Combination For Sword And Shield

  1. Greatsword

Perhaps the best combo for the sword and shield is the greatsword. You're getting the best of both worlds with the damage output from the greatsword and the defensive capabilities of the sword and shield. Since both are melee weapons, there's no need to worry about repositioning when using your skills.

  1. Dagger

Like the greatsword, the dagger works well with the sword and shield as it lets you have better damage. The dagger also gives you access to a few mobility skills which can make up for the sword and shield's lack of.

  1. Wand and Tome

If you want to fully embrace the support role, then go for the wand and tome. The buffs from the sword and shield plus the support magic from the wand will make being a support a lot easier in Throne and Liberty.

Start With Something Simple

The sword and shield is the simplest weapon to use in Throne And Liberty but make no mistake about it, this weapon is still pretty effective. In the right hands, your character will become the best tank for a full party.

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