Throne And Liberty: All Weapons Explained

12.12.2023 - 12:13:39
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Throne And Liberty: All Weapons Explained

There's a new MMORPG and town and it's none other than the promising Throne and Liberty. The game fully launched in Korea last Dec. 7. It's expected to roll out into other regions within the coming months. So far, the game is faring well in terms of reviews with most players praising its amazing visuals and unique gameplay.

As this is an MMORPG, you're probably very interested in how the game's class system works. Games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and other MMOs give you access to preset classes that each have their own set of skills and abilities. Picking a playstyle and a class makes up the core gameplay experience.

Throne and Liberty is kicking things up a notch by ditching the traditional class system in exchange for something that offers more freedom.

How Does the Throne And Liberty Class System Work?

In truth, there isn't a class system in Throne and Liberty. The developers have completely ditched that in exchange for a weapons system. Simply put, your abilities and skills in the game will entirely depend on what weapons you're wielding. This different approach opens up more freedom for changing playstyles in the future.

You can equip two weapons at a time and you can switch on the fly. This lets you create amazing combos for your chosen weapons and skills.

In class-based MMOs, it's very frustrating to devote hours of your time in mastering a class only to figure out later on that the playstyle doesn't fit to your liking. With Throne And Liberty, you have the option to try out different classes even in the latter parts of the game without putting up too much of an investment.

The developers have studied how each of the weapons interacts with the game's world other than how they differ in terms of skills. As such, you can expect a completely different experience every time you test out the weapons in the game. There are plans to expand the game with more weapons - thereby more playstyles in the future. 

What Are The Available Weapons In Throne And Liberty Now?

Although the game is still in its early release stages, there are already a few different weapons to choose from. Not much is known about these weapons currently and how much they vary but we've seen them in action through trailers and snippets from players online. If you want to prepare and choose your weapon ahead of playing, here's a list of the weapons in the game.

  1. Sword And Shield

This is a standard set of weapons in many games. The sword and shield offer a perfect mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. The attack speed of the weapon is in the sweet spot between the greatsword and dagger. As it offers offense and defense in one package, it's one of the best weapons to try out for beginners.


In terms of play style though, the sword and shield best fits players who love getting into the thick of the battle. In parties, players with this weapon will act as the tank for the team - soaking up as much damage as they can from the enemies. One of the key abilities of this weapon is a taunt that lets you get the aggro of enemies, even those that are distant. 

Thanks to its simple playstyle and its direct approach to combat, the sword and shield could be one of the most popular classes in the game.

  1. Greatsword

This is one of the most popular weapons in all of gaming. As expected, the greatsword functions nearly the same in Throne And Liberty. If you choose this weapon, you're expected to be a front-running DPS. The greatsword excels in dealing heavy damage to groups of enemies. However, as the weapon is heavy, you're considerably slower - thus making you vulnerable to damage.

The greatsword specializes in skills that deal damage to an area instead of just a single target. This makes it ideal for going up against mobs and such. While a formidable foe against mobs, using this weapon does make you vulnerable to attacks from blindsides as well.

Another great thing about this weapon is that it gives you access to buffs and defensive abilities for you and your team. This allows you to act as a pseudo support character.

  1. Dagger

While the greatsword delivers a slow but precise approach to dealing damage, the dagger does the opposite. This is the best weapon for those who prefer an assassin playstyle. While using daggers, you can use Stealth to get behind enemy lines to take out more important parts of the mob. 

The dagger also lets you access Poison Stacks which allow you to slowly but surely whittle away at the life of tanky enemies. The downside to using the dagger is that you don't have much in terms of defenses as well. Unlike the greatsword which offers buffs for the user and the team, the dagger only grants damage-dealing skills.


Dagger users aren't completely vulnerable though. You'll also have tools that will let you jump in and out of combat quite effectively, making you very deadly when it comes to picking off enemies one by one.

  1. Crossbow

Aside from melee combat, Throne And Liberty also grants access to a multitude of ranged weapons. One of which is the crossbow. If you prefer stylish moves and taking advantage of enemies positioning, then this is certainly one of the best weapons to get in the game.

This is perfect for players who prefer a high-risk, high-reward playstyle. Majority of the skills of this weapon will revolve around mobility and as such, you have access to a lot of movement skills and buffs. Other than that, the crossbow also takes advantage of stacking damage, making single-target engagement the specialty of this weapon.


When using a crossbow, your character will dual-wield them, turning you into a true rogue. The downside to the crossbow is that the skill ceiling for mastering the weapon is pretty high but it's rewarding nonetheless.

  1. Longbow

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Do you prefer fighting from afar but want more precision instead of risky maneuvers like the crossbow? Then the longbow is for you. To put it simply, this is the greatsword of ranged weapons. It rewards slower gameplay with heavier damage. Additionally, you're rewarded when you have greater accuracy as well.

Aside from being a ranged DPS weapon, the bow is also a support weapon. You can help provide healing and other buffs to your teammates from afar. However, as you're doing this at a distance, you need to be precise and accurate when using your skills to make them count.

The problem with longbows is that they aren't very good up close. They're slow to use so killing enemies isn't always an option. With the crossbow, you at least have mobility skills. As such, make sure to always keep your distance when using this. Better yet, use it in tandem with a weapon that offers mobility or personal defensive skills.

  1. Staff

For the magic lover, one of the weapons that you can choose is the staff. It's the go-to weapon for those who prefer playing as a wizard or a mage in MMORPGs. The class helps you take advantage of elemental weaknesses while dealing damage to groups of enemies as well.

The staff lets you use three elements - each with its own effects. Lightning skills are effective when dealing with groups of enemies because the damage can bounce from one target to another. Fire skills deal damage over time with burn. Ice skills can slow and eventually freeze enemies.


When it comes to crowd control, the staff is the best weapon to choose. The weapon does require a lot of patience and practice as using magic and chaining skills together can be complex.

  1. Wand And Tome

Last but not least, we have another magic-based weapon, the wand, and tome. If you love playing as the support/healer class, then this is the only weapon that you'll need. The majority of the skills of the wand and tome provide burst healing, shields, and other buffs that your team will need.


Though not as reliable as other weapon classes, the wand and tome do offer some form of damage through curses and DoTs. However, you're really best left using your healing and support abilities from afar instead of dealing damage.

What's Your Weapon?

Choosing a weapon in Throne And Liberty is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make. Luckily, you can switch weapons anytime you want to. We highly suggest testing out each weapon and then making your own combos so that you're able to create a playstyle you're truly comfortable with.

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