Top 10 D2R PvM Builds

07.08.2023 - 13:59:35
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Top 10 D2R PvM Builds

Diablo 2 Resurrected (D2R) is a game that is known for its wonderful and memorable story plot, interesting monster designs, and solid progression. The game is also notorious for its difficulty, which has a tendency to leave some players struggling to even kill the most basic of mobs on the higher difficulties such as Nightmare and Hell. To the majority of the player base, certain Terrorized Zones are difficult to maximize and Ubers impossible to accomplish even with a team of 8 players.

In this article we are going to be talking about the top 10 D2R builds specifically focusing on the PVM aspect of the game. We’ll be discussing the pros and the cons, and hopefully, provide you with insights and ideas to improve your overall progression.

Druid: Werewolf Shapeshifter

The Werewolf Shapeshifter is one of the toughest and hardest hitting druid builds in D2R. This particular build is known to solo even the most difficult of D2R content such as Ubers and Terror Diablo. Druids have the ability to summon wolves, bears, spirits; and with a well-built mercenary you won’t need to worry about fast clear time. It’s useful to know that certain Druid summons have aura abilities which aid not only the Druid, but the entire party as well (including summons and mercs!)

Running a Fortitude ‘ElSolDolLo’ boosts the melee damage of this class and adds a good amount of resistance. Building equipment with Life Leech helps in the natural survivability of this character.

This character can solo Terrorized Zone, Boss Runs, Uber, and the Diablo clone with ease. If you are looking for a character to solo content or maybe a character to contribute to a party as a tank/dps then this is the class for you.


  • High damage and Fast FHR (Fast Hit Recovery)

  • High HP and good resistance.

  • Fast solo KT

  • Can solo all content.


  • Relies on life leech to survive.

  • Slow KT when there are many monsters.

  • Has trouble being surrounded.

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Druid: Elemental Druid (Tornado/Hurricane)

A versatileelemental class Druid build that doesn’t require Infinity orsunder charmsdue to the Tornado’s being physical and Hurricane being cold. You won’t have to worry about immunities since you have 2 main elements and having TheReaper’s Toll on your mercenary for decrepify. Without sunder charms weighing your elemental resists down, having an Enigma ‘JahIthBer’ is viable giving you more mobility.

The Elemental Druid is relatively easy to build needing the standard Spirit ‘TalThulOrtAmn’ and a HOTO (Heart of the Oak) ‘KoVexPulThul’ although HOTO is a little more expensive. You will easily be able to hit your breakpoints.

This is a perfect character for someone who wants to run through a couple of areas and clear mobs. It can be a little slow when clearing the areas but it is still a wonderful character overall.


  • Doesn’t build Infinity making it relatively cheap.

  • Uses both physical & elemental damage.

  • Can solo most content.


  • A little slow compared to most classes.

  • Might have trouble in Terrorized zones.

  • Lacks summons.

Paladin: Zeal Pally

One of the most powerful melee Paladin builds that focuses on Zeal and options like increased damage and Crushing blow. Having good resistances due to the passives this character is easy to run through early Nightmare and Hell. Picking up gear throughout the game while waiting for your Grief or Herald of Zakarum makes this character easy to transition while having fun.

This character is perfect for the solo player looking for a character to run through the game with not many problems and have fun. Very straightforward and doesn’t need much thinking to play. You can hack and slash and worry about the rest later.


  • Powerful melee

  • High resistances

  • Can scale from cheap to expensive


  • Lacks in crowd control

  • Doesn’t really contribute to a party.

  • Can be expensive when wanting to min/max.

Assassin: Mosaic Phoenix Strike

Mosaic ‘MalGulAmn’ is a rune word that is equipped with assassin claws that dropped from Ladder a few months ago. It has increased the power and viability of the combo assassin. The Mosaic Assassin focuses on building combo charges and then unleashing them across the map to decimate all monsters in the vicinity.

The assassin also excels in all content like Terrorized Zones, Boss Farms, and Cows. Due to her innate single target ability combined with the explosion of elements from her finishers she is a force to be reckoned with. With Mosaic being a new rune word there is much to explore, but one thing is for certain it adds much power to the assassin.

If you are looking for a second character or a character to enjoy solo farming then this class is for you. With Enigma 'JahIthBer' you can breeze through and save time.


  • Self-sufficient

  • Can clear all content easily.

  • Powerful elemental diversity.

  • Overall powerful.


  • Losing charges can get annoying.

  • Expensive to build.

  • Resistance problem without Fade.

  • Might need more than 1 sunder charm.

  • Builds Infinity

Paladin: Smite

Crowned by some for having the best Uber killing skill in the game. Smite Paladins have the tankiness and dps to be able to solo most content in the game. Holy Shield & Defensive Aura aid the Paladin in tanking heavy hits while at the same time boosting the Smite damage due to skill synergy.

Since the Smite is a single target skill the Smite Paladin may have difficulty or take longer to deal with multiple monsters. Smite is a little complicated since it only carries some attack modifiers such as damage plus but not life leech, forcing them to find a way to Life Tap.

Smite benefits from Grief 'EthTirLoMalRal' aside from skill and defense synergy. Since Grief only has 1 high rune it isn’t that expensive to build for a character that can deal a lot of single target damage while being tanky.


  • Not expensive to build.

  • Tanky with high resistance and high damage.

  • Can solo all Ubers.


  • Slow KT with multiple monsters.

  • Specialized making it weak in some areas of the game.

Necromancer: Fishymancer

If you like to sit back and relax while your minions do all the work, then this Necromancer class build is for you. Building up an army of skeletons, golems, and an Act II mercenary while proceeding to curse and detonate corpses is the bread and butter of this class.

Corpse Explosion is both physical and fire which makes sunder charms an option. The Fishymancer relies on his summons and mercenary that he doesn’t need to build much for himself. This character build can easily run through Hell without needing much gear.

The Fishymancer lacks damage and defenses for himself without corpses making him vulnerable to everything when alone. Timing and presence of mind is needed as to not over summon or detonate corpses leaving you alone and defenseless.


  • Cheap to build.

  • Relaxing to play.

  • Powerful without the need of sunder charms.

  • Doesn’t need many rune words.


  • Needing corpses to function.

  • Weak without summons.

  • May encounter problems with physical and fire immune monsters.

  • Has problem fighting monsters with corpse explosion like Nihlathak & Baal.

Amazon: Javazon

If you like the aesthetic of throwing lightning bolts and stabbing with lightning infused vigor the Javazon is for you. The Javazon is a strong melee and ranged character. Having a powerful crowd clear tool with her Lighting Fury and having strong single target damage with Charged Strike she is a force to be reckoned with.

The Javazon can clear cows swiftly and can rush kill bosses in Terrorized Zones making her a top choice for people in PvM. A downside to her power is that she burns through her mana quickly and needs many potions or rings for mana leech. Being a lightning elemental based character she builds Infinity but needs an Act II mercenary to use it for her. Her lack of mobility requires the knowledge of positioning to avoid being cornered.


  • Strong ranged and melee attacks.

  • Strong crowd control and single target dps.

  • Can easily solo P8 content.


  • Having mana problems.

  • Needing to build Infinity.

  • Bad mobility

  • Has trouble moving through big maps.

Sorceress: Chain Lighting

The Chain Lightning Sorceress has a good balance with mob clear and single target. Having high damage and high mobility makes this character one of the strongest in terms of PvM. Just like most lightning elemental classes this character builds into Infinity.

Being able to teleport this character does well in both cows and terrorized zones. This class excels in terrorized zones with bosses like Andraiel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal, and etc. The Chain Lightning Sorceress does an excellent job in Ubers and Uber Diablo.


  • Fast KT vs. Single target with potential of crowd control.

  • Mobility with Teleport.

  • Can solo most content.

  • Tanky with Energy Shield.


  • Having to build Infinity.

  • Carrying a Sunder Charm.

  • Possibility of running out mana with a mercenary with Cure,Prayer, and Insight.

Sorceress: Enchantress

This is one of the most interesting Sorceress builds right now. Using the Chu-Ko-Nu paired with Enchant turns this spell slinger class into a machine run. Having Teleport gives this character good mobility. Utilizing her Energy Shield makes her very tanky. Having equipment that add pierce like the Razortail is going to make her explosive arrows go through mobs making her strong in single target and crowd control.

The Enchantress is going to need a fire sunder charm and a mercenary that carries Infinity. Aside from that there is very little wiggle room for the equipment. Without the Chu-Ko-Nu this Enchantress build loses its viability.

The Enchantress is a good build to choose for soloing content and solo farming. She can quickly clear and breeze through the map with Teleport. She can also support a party with Enchant. 


  • Huge damage potential.

  • Can clear most content.

  • Does well in cows.

  • Fast KT in both single and multi target.


  • Lacks flexibility in building.

  • Needs Infinity and a fire sunder charm.

  • Can get one shot without Energy Shield on.

Sorceress: Nova Sorc

This PVM build is one of the most popular builds for the Sorceress. This build is capable of being able to farm cows quickly and efficiently. With her powerful AoE and teleportation she is able to quickly kill mobs and move through the map. 

The Sorceress also excels in terror zones. Since the Terrorized Zones have a time limit she is able to clear Champions and Uniques easily and quickly. Being an elemental based character, specifically lightning. 

This character carries a Lightning Sunder charm which allows her to bypass the immunities of mobs while sacrificing her own. This makes her vulnerable to the same element attacks forcing her to pad her lightning resistance with charms. 

This class is a powerful hitter and is pretty tank with her Energy Shield but beware of monsters with mana burn.

The Nova Sorc equips a scythe slotted with Infinity ‘BerMalBerIst’ as her main weapon and run word. The reason why the Nova Sorc does this is for the minus 45-55% lightning resistance that you don’t get if it’s equipped by a mercenary. This means that to be able to optimize this build you’ll have to trade your way up or do your best to self-find, since Ber is a high rune and difficult to come by.


  • Fast farming and Kill Time.

  • High Mobility with Teleport.

  • Tanky with Energy Shield.

  • Strong against a high number of normal to champion mobs.

  • Crowd clear.



  • Expensive to build because of Infinity.

  • Lacks in single target damage.

  • Possibility of running out mana with a mercenary with Cure,Prayer, and Insight.

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