Tornado Shot Deadeye Build - Path of Exile 3.24

04.04.2024 - 17:35:39
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Tornado Shot Deadeye Build - Path of Exile 3.24

The Tornado Shot (TS) Deadeye is one of the most popular builds in Path of Exile. This build is capable of destroying enemies with ease. This build is not tanky, but it makes up for it with its incredible offensive power. With the right gear, you can take down even the toughest bosses in the game.

The skill gem itself has received massive nerfs in Patch 3.24. So it begs the question: is it still viable or is it time to look for another build? The short answer is it's still quite a good build, but there are things that you have to do in order to bring out the best of what it has to offer.

If you’re interested to know how you can maximize this build and achieve its full potential, read further. This is our ultimate build guide for the Tornado Shot Dead in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League!

Tornado Shot Deadeye

Why Tornado Shot?

First of all, what is Tornado Shot? Tornado Shot is a bow skill gem in Path of Exile that fires a piercing shot in a targeted direction. Once it reaches the destination, the shot will burst into smaller projectiles that fire in all directions.

Unlike other bow skill gems in the game where you aim directly at enemies, Tornado Shot is best aimed slightly at the front or back of the main target. That’s because the smaller projectiles do the bulk of the damage. In other words, you have to rely on its “shotgun” effect for maximum benefit.

So, what has changed to the skill gem in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League? This gem received a few significant nerfs that you need to know about.

The first is that its innate attack speed multiplier has now been reduced from 100% to 80%. This means that your overall attack speed is now noticeably slower compared to before. This definitely decreases your map-clearing speeds, especially if you have experience playing the build in previous leagues.

The second is that the gem quality now provides 0-40% increased projectile speed as opposed to “Fires +0-1 Secondary Projectile. This is quite significant because the bulk of Tornado Shot’s damage comes from the smaller secondary projectiles that burst out of the main one.

You see, that secondary projectile from the gem’s quality was added in the previous league. Grinding Gear Games did this as a way to make the skill more accessible since the company has removed labyrinth enchantments. However, this caused the vast majority of bow players to use Tornado Shot rather than other bow skill gems in the game, which prompted this heavy-handed nerf.

And lastly, Tornado Shot now costs 12 mana at gem level 20. The reason why this is problematic is that GGG implemented nerfs to mana cost reduction in Patch 3.24 as well.

With all of these changes, is Tornado Shot still a good gem to use? Yes, definitely! The skill gem is still quite amazing in terms of overall damage output and clear speed. While you can still enjoy it, you will have to make suitable adjustments to make up for all of the nerfs.

Tornado Shot

Tornado Shot (Smaller Projectiles)

Why Deadeye?

Although you can go for a Champion or Pathfinder when using Tornado Shot, Deadeye is the ideal ascendancy class for the said skill. That is due to the notable passive skills available to this class, namely Endless Munitions, Far Shot, Focal Point, Gathering Winds, and Ricochet.

Far Shot is an ascendancy passive exclusive to Deadeye that increases the damage of projectile attacks the farther they travel. It also removes the spread of projectile barrages. The latter effect helps you contain Tornado Shot’s smaller projectiles into a tighter area, making sure that nearby enemies get heavily damaged in the process.

Endless Munitions allows the Deadeye to empower Tornado Shot, making it fire two additional projectiles. As mentioned earlier, most of the damage comes from the smaller projectiles that are produced when the piercing shot arrives at the target destination. Having two more projectiles increases your damage output even further.

Focal Point is a nice one to have because it increases the effect of your marks by 75%. Typically, Tornado Shot builds use Sniper’s Mark, so buffing its effects with Focal Point is a no-brainer. Additionally, this ascendancy passive weakens the enemies near the marked target, making them deal 25% less damage to you.

Gathering Winds is pretty good for mapping. This gives you permanent Tailwind, which is a buff that increases your action speed by 8%. Not only that but the effect of Tailwind is increased by 15% per stack of Gale Force that you have. You can gain Gale Force every time you use a skill, up to a maximum of 10 stacks.

And lastly, Ricochet allows Tornado Shot to chain one additional time. Furthermore, projectiles have a 30% chance to be able to chain when colliding with terrain; useful when you have an enemy or boss near a wall. Since Tornado Shot explodes into tiny secondary projectiles, Chain is the way to go if you want to clear an entire screen in just a few shots.

Now, you might be wondering why we’ve listed five ascendancy passives when you can only take four at a time. Well, that’s because of min-maxing. If you want to maximize a Tornado Shot build, you want to include a couple of Forbidden Jewels in your setup. Get any of the passives mentioned above, whichever is the cheapest you can find on the trade website.

Tornado Shot Deadeye POB

Mandatory Items

There are three slightly different Tornado Shot builds that you can utilize. Let’s have a closer look:

  1. Crystallized Omniscience

This is the most popular Tornado Shot build in Path of Exile. For this to work, you need to have two unique items - the Black Sun Crest and Crystallised Omniscience.

Crystallised Omniscience is a unique amulet that is a core part of this build. This amulet turns all of your attributes into a stat called Omniscience. This stat does two things: first, it increases your elemental resistances by 1% per 15 Omniscience. Second, it increases elemental penetration per 15 Omniscience.

To make Crystallised Omniscience work, you need to equip items that increase your base attributes like strength, dexterity, and intelligence. Ideally, you want at least two different attributes on a single item. On accessories, aim for that triple stat for better results. You also want to anoint the amulet with Utmost Swiftness (Sepia Oil, Teal Oil, Crimson Oil) to maximize the Deadeye’s inherently high dex stat.

Because this build shines when you have as much Omniscience as possible, equipping the Black Sun Crest helmet makes sense. This thing increases your main attributes (STR, DEX, and INT) by up to 15%. In addition, it increases the level of the gems that you’ve socketed on this item by one point. Put your aura gems here so that they can give you slightly higher bonuses.

Crystallised Omniscience

Moreover, you need to equip a tri-element bow. This bow consists of fire damage, cold damage, and lightning damage. The reason why you need a tri-element bow is that you’re going to use Trinity Support for the main gem setup. 

Trinity has a Resonance Mechanic where dealing at least two different types of elemental damage will fill up the Resonance meter. This gives you increased elemental damage and elemental penetration for more damage.

The Tri-element bow just makes it so that you consistently take advantage of Trinity’s Resonance mechanic without thinking too much about it. That said, if you are interested in crafting this thing, follow these steps:

  1. For the budget version, get an ilvl 82+ Thicket Bow, preferably one with a fractured flat elemental damage mod. Getting this makes it exponentially easier for you to get the mods that you want. If you cannot afford it yet, a normal item level 82 Thicket Bow is fine

  2. Increase the quality of the bow by using Blacksmith’s Whetstones. If you have the currency, get at least one stack of Perfect Fossils and Primitive Chaotic Resonators so that you can use them on the bow. Aim to get at least 28% quality if you use the said fossil. If you don’t know, the higher the quality of a particular item, the better your chances of getting the mods that you want

  3. After that, spam Screaming or Shrieking Essences of Wrath to get that guaranteed flat lightning damage prefix. Use this essence until you get at least a Tier 2 flat fire or cold damage (obviously, Tier 1 is better). The reason why you need another Tier 2 flat elemental damage prefix is so that you can reliably activate Trinity Support’s Resonance mechanic

  4. When you have a Tier 1 or Tier 2 flat fire or cold damage, just go to your Crafting Bench and add % Increased Attack Speed or (20-24) to Strength and Intelligence, (21-25) % Increased Critical Strike Chance

  5. Use Exalted Orbs to fill up any open slots you still have

The crafting process for the endgame tri-element bow is a bit longer, but it is doable with enough PoE currency. To streamline the process, get yourself an ilvl 86+ Spine Bow with the mod, “Bow Attacks Fire 2 Additional Arrows” already fractured. The Spine Bow provides a good mix of attack speed and critical strike chance. Besides that, the said mod can only be rolled when the bow itself is at least item level 86 or above.

Now, the fractured 2-arrow mod is quite expensive. Well, you can choose to fracture the mod yourself, but it does take some luck to successfully do it. To get things started, use an Orb of Scouring and then an Orb of Transmutation to turn the bow from a normal (white) item into a blue one. This would allow you to spam it with Orb of Alteration to get the “Bow Attacks Fire 2 Additional Arrow” mod. You have to be patient with this part of the process because it may take you 2,000 or more orbs on average.

When you have the 2-arrow mod, use a Regal Orb to turn it into a rare (yellow) item. Once that’s done, use Exalted Orbs until you have four modifiers on the bow. This is necessary because the Fractured Orb can only be used if the item has at least several mods on it. That said, use the Fractured Orb on the bow and hope that you fracture the desired mod. If not, you will have to get another Spine Bow and repeat the process of spamming Orbs of Alteration -> Regal Orb -> Exalted Orb until four mods -> then Fractured Orb.

If you’ve successfully fractured the 2-arrow mod, proceed with the next steps:

  1. Increase the quality of the bow using Perfect Fossils. Since this is your endgame bow, aim to get 30% quality

  2. Use Deafening Essence of Wrath to guarantee that flat lightning damage mod. Spam the bow with this particular essence until you get Tier 1 added fire and cold damage

  3. Once you have all three elemental damage types, go to your Crafting Bench and put “Prefixes Cannot Be Changed”

  4. Next, go to your Harvest Bench and select “Add a New Speed Modifier and Remove Another Random Modifier from a Non-Influenced Item.” This requires 20,000 Vivid Lifeforce and one Sacred Crystallised Lifeforce, so be prepared to spend some currency to acquire them. Doing this allows you to get a % Increased Attack Speed. However, it might roll with Projectile Speed as well. If that happens, just go put Prefixes Cannot Be Changed again and just do it again

  5. When you get Tier 1 “% Increased Attack Speed” from your Harvest Bench, all you have to do to finish the crafting project is to head to your Crafting Bench and put “(20-24) to Strength and Intelligence, (21-25) % Increased Critical Strike Chance”

If you’re successful, you should have something like this:

Tri-Ele Spine Bow (Endgame)

When you are uber-rich already (which is quite doable if you’re maining the Tornado Shot Deadeye), you can get yourself a level 86+ Synthesized Bow with any of the following implicit modifiers:

  • % to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

  • % Increased Attack Speed

  • Enemies You Kill Have a % Chance to Explode, Dealing a Tenth of Their Maximum Life as Physical Damage

  • Grants # Life Per Enemy Hit

  1. Heatshiver

The next Tornado Shot build is another popular one. It requires the use of Heatshiver - a unique helmet where you can gain 1% cold damage as extra fire damage per 1% chill effect on the enemy. It did get nerfed in the previous league in that instead of providing you with 100% cold damage as extra fire damage, it now only gives you 30%. Don’t worry, that is still a substantial DPS increase if you scale physical/cold damage on your gear.

As you can tell, Heatshiver is only effective if you deal cold damage. Hence, you need to have all of your damage converted to cold. You can do this by crafting 60% cold conversion gloves and another 40% from cold mastery.


To craft the physical-to-cold conversion gloves, get an item level 85+ Dragonscale Gauntlets and quality it up to 30% by using Perfect Fossils. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Spam the gloves with Shrieking/Deafening Essence of Zeal for that guaranteed attack speed mod until you get T1 Spell Suppression and another suffix mod of your choice

  2. Once you’re satisfied with the mods, go to your Crafting Bench and put “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed. Take note that you need to have an open prefix for this one because you will be using a Veiled Orb for the next step

  3. After using a Veiled Orb, go to your Crafting Bench and put “+1 to Level of Socketed Projectile Gems, Projectiles Pierce an Additional Target. This is to block similar mods from appearing during the unveiling process

  4. Then, head to Jun to unveil the gloves. What you’re looking for is the prefix, “(30-35)% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage.” If this particular mod does not appear on the list, put Suffixes Cannot Be Changed and repeat steps 3 and 4

  5. When you get the said prefix, go to your Crafting Bench again and put “(37-43)% Increased Damage While Leeching”

  6. Fill up the remaining prefix with an Exalted Orb

  7. Now that you’re done with the explicit modifiers, it is time to turn your attention to the implicits. Use Grand Eldritch Ichors to get “20% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage.” Then, use a single Grand Eldritch Ember to get any Searing Exarch modifier. The reason why you need to do this is to elevate the Eater of Worlds implicit from 20% to 25% and you do that by using an Orb of Conflict. If you’re able to upgrade the tier of the Eater of Worlds implicit, then proceed to the next step. If you’ve failed and the said mod went down a tier, use Orb of Conflict again until you reach 25%

  8. You’re nearly there! When you have “25% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage” from the previous step, all you have to do now is use Grand Eldritch Embers until you get “Gain 1 Rage on Hit with Attacks, no more than once every 1 second”

For the endgame version, you must get the gloves from the Temple of Atzoatl that has the mod, “(46-48)% to Cold Resistance, (30-50)% Increased Damage with Hits Against Chilled Enemies. Fracture that by following the steps outlined above (in the tri-element bow crafting section) and then just follow the same procedure mentioned here.

Crafted Gloves (60% Cold Convert)

Crafted Gloves (Endgame)

When you’re able to convert all of your physical damage to cold and you have your critical strike chance sorted out, you will have a reliable way of freezing enemies for that extra fire damage from the Heatshiver’s unique effect.

Since all of your physical damage is now converted to cold, you must not use a tri-element bow. Instead, you should equip a crafted bow with all of the physical damage mods you can get.

Crafting it is quite similar to the tri-element bow with one major difference. Rather than using Deafening Essence of Wrath, you have to use Deafening Essence of Contempt for that guaranteed flat physical damage. Spam the fractured 2-arrow bow with Essence of Contempt until you get “% Increased Physical Damage” and “% Increased Physical Damage/+ to Accuracy Rating.” Then just follow steps two to five above to get the same suffixes.

Crafted Physical Bow (Endgame)

  1. Magic Find

Magic Find (MF) builds in Path of Exile require you to stack as much increased item quantity (IIQ) and increased item rarity (IIR) as possible. Unlike the previous builds where you equip unique helmets, a Tornado Shot MF build will have you use a rare helmet. That’s because you need to have that Searing Exarch implicit mod that reduces the mana cost of attacks. This implicit modifier is even more important in the 3.24 Necropolis League, especially after the mana nerfs GGG has implemented. On top of that, you can add a suffix mod that increases the rarity of items dropped by slain rare or unique enemies by up to 45% on your bench.

Your map-clearing speed may suffer a bit because Tornado Shot no longer has the gem quality that adds an additional secondary projectile in the current league. It has been replaced with “0-40% Increased Projectile Speed.” This still translates to damage by taking the appropriate Bow Mastery: “Increases and Reductions to Projectile Speed Also Apply to Damage with Bows.”

The Tornado Shot MF build can utilize any type of bow, though your gem setup has to change depending on the bow you’re using. For example, if you’re able to convert all of your physical damage to cold, you can use a physical bow with all of the mods mentioned in the Heatshiver version of the build.

How to Craft the Quiver

The bow is only half of the equation, you will also need a very good quiver to complement your main weapon. The quiver you should equip will depend on the build variant you’re going to use.

Here are the steps to craft a great quiver for the tri-element bow:

  1. Get an ilvl 86+ Feathered Arrow Quiver, preferably with a fractured “(35-38)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Bows”

  2. Next, spam the bow with Shrieking/Deafening Essence of Torment for that flat lightning damage to attacks. Do this until you get “Bow Attacks Fire an Additional Arrow.” If you have the crit strike multiplier fractured, you only have one more suffix slot open at this point. In that case, you can go to your Crafting Bench and put “% Increased Attack Speed”

  3. After that, use an Exalted Orb and hope that you get “% Increased Damage with Bow Skills.” Fire damage or cold damage to attacks are good alternatives as well

Crafted Feathered Arrow Quiver

To craft the perfect quiver for the physical bow, do the following:

  1. Get an ilvl 86+ Heavy Arrow Quiver, preferably with a fractured “(35-38)% to Critical Strike Multiplier with Bows”

  2. Spam the quiver with Deafening Essence of Contempt until you get “Bow Attacks Fire and Additional Arrow”

  3. Put “% Increased Attack Speed” from Crafting Bench and then use an Exalted Orb for a chance to get “+ to Maximum Life” or “% Increased Damage with Bow Skills”

Crafted Heavy Arrow Quiver

Gem Setup

If you’re opting for the Crystallised Omniscience or Heatshiver Tornado Shot builds, you can find the ideal gem setups below:

  • Body

    • Tornado Shot 

    • Increased Critical Damage

    • Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks 

    • Greater Multiple Projectiles (or Awakened)/ Hypothermia Support (Heatshiver)

    • Inspiration Support

    • Trinity Support (Black Sun Crest) or Awakened Vicious Projectiles (Heatshiver)

  • Bow (Totem Setup)

    • Tornado Shot

    • Elemental Damage with Attacks (Awakened)

    • Ballista Totem

    • Inspiration Support

    • Greater Multiple Projectiles (or Awakened)

    • Focused Ballista

  • Bow (Manaforged Arrows)

    • Elemental Hit of the Spectrum

    • Ice Shot

    • Frenzy

    • Power Charge on Critical Support

    • Inspiration Support

    • Manaforged Arrows Support

  • Helmet

    • Herald of Ice (Black Sun Crest)

    • Herald of Purity (Heatshiver)

    • Hatred

    • Vaal Grace

    • Enlighten Support

  • Gloves

    • Vaal Haste

    • Mark on Hit

    • Lifetap

    • Sniper’s Mark

  • Boots

    • Flame Dash

    • Blood Rage

    • Precision

    • Enlighten Support

The gem setups are the same for the most part, though there are slight differences depending on the helmet you’re using.

For your main Tornado Shot setup, you should be using Trinity Support if you have the Black Sun Crest equipped. If you have the Heatshiver on, you should opt for Vicious Projectiles because your damage is converted from physical to cold.

As for the Tornado Shot gem, the base version is good already and it is still the best in terms of map-clearing and single-target damage. Sure, you lose out on one additional projectile in Patch 3.24, but this bow skill still deals incredible amounts of damage, even more so against single targets due to the “% Increased Projectile Speed” bonus from the gem’s quality.

You may have noticed that there are totems slotted into the gem setup as well. That’s because totems can help you deal with tough bosses like Uber Maven or Sirus. Ballista Totem Support coupled with Focused Ballista Support are good support gems because they allow you to place up to three totems in quick succession. You do have to remember that the summoned totems only fire when you do, but this is a fair compromise given that you can decimate anything and everything that comes your way.

If you find the totem playstyle to be cumbersome, you can opt for the Manaforged Arrows setup instead. This setup uses three different bow skills: Elemental Hit of the Spectrum, Ice Shot, and Frenzy.

Elemental Hit of the Spectrum is a new Transfigured Gem introduced in the 3.24 Necropolis League. Unlike the base version, this one deals flat fire, cold, and lightning damage at all times. Besides that, this skill’s damage scales even further depending on the number of elemental ailments you have inflicted upon the enemy.

Ice Shot is another bow skill gem that is added to the Manaforged Arrows setup. This synergizes really well if you convert all of your physical damage to cold damage. The reason why we’ve chosen this over Burning Arrow is that it has a slightly lower mana cost and can chill enemies as though dealing up to 195% more damage.

Frenzy gives you a consistent and reliable way to generate Frenzy Charges. These charges are awesome because it improves your damage, attack speed, and movement speed. 

These bow skill gems are automatically activated thanks to Manaforged Arrows Support. They get cast immediately after spending enough mana using Tornado Shot, which means that you will have a much faster map-clearing speed compared to the totem setup. Both of them have pros and cons, so it is up to you which playstyle you prefer.

How about Inspiration Support? This support gem reduces the mana cost of TS by up to 34%. On top of that, you gain increased critical strike chance and more elemental damage per Inspiration Charge. You can gain Inspiration Charges when you spend mana using a supported skill. In this case, every time you use Tornado Shot or summon a Ballista Totem, you gain Inspiration Charges up to a maximum of five.

Inspiration Support has become mandatory in Patch 3.24 since GGG has decided to nerf mana as well.

How Does Trinity Support Work?

Trinity Support is a fantastic support gem for Tornado Shot builds, particularly those that use a Tri-element bow. However, many new players do not know how this gem works. 

When you have Trinity Support slotted in your main TS gem setup, you will find a new icon at the top-left corner of the screen. This icon has three sections that denote each of the elements: Fire, Cold, and Lightning. Each of these elements grants you 50 Resonance. The gem gives supported skills 3% more elemental damage per five of the lowest resonance. Besides that, it makes supported skills penetrate elemental resistances while each resonance is at least 25.

That said, all three sections are filled up when you hit enemies with at least two elemental damage types. In other words, all you need is cold and lightning damage so that the last one (which is fire) is also filled up.

You might be wondering why you need a tri-element bow if you can get away with just two elemental damage types anyway. Well, the answer is really simple: more damage. If your bow has all three elements, your damage potential is improved significantly because Trinity Support also increases elemental damage and penetration.

Trinity Support Icon (Unfilled)

Trinity Support Icon (Filled)

Important Mods

Apart from the unique items mentioned, most of your gear will consist of rare (yellow) equipment. As to what mods you should aim for, here’s a brief rundown:




Tri-element bow:

-Added cold damage

-Added fire damage

-Added lightning damage

-Increased critical strike chance

-Increased attack speed

-Bow attacks fire 1 (or 2) additional arrows

Physical bow:

-Added physical damage

-% increased physical

-% increased physical + accuracy

-Increased critical strike chance

-Increased attack speed

-Bow attacks fire 1 (or 2) additional arrows


-Increased attack speed

-Increased critical strike chance

-Increased critical strike multiplier with bows

-Increased projectile speed

-Increased max HP

-Increased damage with bow skills

-Increased damage with elemental attack skills (bench-craft)


Black Sun Crest


Rare Helm (for Magic Find):

-Increased rarity of items found 

-Increased max HP

-Increased armor/evasion

-Attributes (str, dex, int)

-Increased rarity of items dropped by slain rare or unique enemies (bench craft)

-Flat armor/evasion

-Increased mana reservation efficiency of skills (Eater of Worlds implicit)

-Reduced mana cost of attacks (Searing Exarch implicit)


-Increased max HP

-Chance to suppress spell damage (must be armor/evasion or evasion base)

-Elemental/chaos resistances


-Chance to avoid elemental ailments/chance to avoid being stunned (Veiled Orb)

-Physical damage from hits taken as fire/lightning damage (Bench craft)


-Increased max HP

-Chance to suppress spell damage


-Elemental/chaos resistances

-Increased attack speed

-Flat physical damage (for Heatshiver, Phys-to-cold conversion)

-% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold (for Heatshiver)

-Increased damage while leeching (bench craft)

-%Increased effect of Marks (Eater of Worlds Implicit)

-%Increased Attack Speed (if using Black Sun Crest, Searing Exarch Implicit)

-Gain 1 Rage on Hit with Attacks (Searing Exarch Implicit, for Heatshiver build w/ cold convert mod)


-Increased max HP

-Chance to suppress spell damage

-Elemental/chaos resistances

-Increased movement speed

-Chance to avoid elemental ailments (bench craft)

-Chance to avoid elemental ailments (Eater of Worlds implicit)

-Increased movement/action speed (Searing Exarch implicit)

-16% increased attack and cast speed if you’ve killed recently (lab enchant)


(Rare) Amethyst Ring/Two-Stone Ring:


-Increased max HP

-Elemental/Chaos resistances

-Non-channeling skills have -7 to total mana cost (bench-craft)

-15-17% increased damage (only if you don’t have mana issues, bench-craft)


Crystallised Omniscience

Rare Amulet (Jade, Turquoise, Agate):

-Increased max HP

-Increased projectile speed

-Increased projectile damage

-Increased global critical strike chance

-Increased global critical strike multiplier

-Elemental/chaos resistances


-Non-channeling skills have -7 to total mana cost (bench-craft)

-Increased damage while leeching (bench craft)

-Increased attack and cast speed (bench craft)


-Charisma (Opalescent Oil, 2x Golden Oils)

-Sovereignty (3x Silver Oils)

-Champion of the Cause (Teal Oil, Crimson Oil, Golden Oil)

-Assassination (Black Oil, Opalescent Oil, Golden Oil)

-True Strike (Teal Oil, Crimson Oil, Black Oil)




Stygian Vise:

-Increased max HP

-Elemental/chaos resistances


-Increased elemental damage with attack skills (bench-craft)


-Jade Flask

-Diamond Flask

-Granite Flask (if using armor or armor/evasion base gear)

-Amethyst Flask

-Quicksilver Flask

Unique flasks:

-Taste of Hate (if using physical bow)

-Dying Sun (for low-budget build)

-Progenesis (extra survivability)

-Bottled Faith (more  damage)


Watcher’s Eye

-% Increased Attack Speed While Affected by Precision

-% to Critical Strike Multiplier While Affected by Precision

-+% Chance to Evade Attack Hits While Affected by Grace

-% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage While Affected by Grace

-% Increased Cold Damage While Affected by Hatred

-% to Critical Strike Chance While Affected by Hatred

Large Cluster Jewel (Bow Damage)

-Arcing Shot

-Fuel the Fight

-Feed the Fury

-Martial Prowess

Medium Cluster Jewel (Crit Chance)

-Pressure Points

-Quick Getaway

-Basics of Pain

Lethal Pride

-Put on the gem slot above “Fervour”

-Get as many double damage nodes as you can

-% Increased Physical Damage

Forbidden Jewels

-Matching Modifier could be any of the following, whichever is the cheapest on trade:


-Far Shot

-Gathering Winds

-Endless Munitions

-Master Surgeon (Great for Magic Find)


Grinding Gear Games is pretty heavy-handed with the nerfs to Tornado Shot. But, despite the adjustments, the skill itself is still pretty awesome; you just have to invest a lot of PoE currency to make it shine.

The good news is that, aside from gear, you can improve the damage of the Tornado Shot Deadeye by using the appropriate Tattoos. Here are the ones that we recommend:

  • Tattoo of the Tasalio Scout

    • 4% Increased Effect of Your Marks

  • Tattoo of the Arohongui Warrior

    • 5% Increased Cold Damage

    • Great for physical-to-cold damage conversion build

  • Tattoo of the Ramako Sniper

    • 5% Increased Projectile Speed

  • Tattoo of the Ramako Shaman

    • +2% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage

  • Tattoo of the Ramako Fleetfoot

    • 2% Increased Movement Speed

While Sniper’s Mark got nerfed to the ground in the 3.24 Necropolis League, there are ways to make it more potent than it currently is. One way you can do that is by populating your DEX nodes with the Tattoo of the Tasalio Scout. This should give Sniper’s Mark more oomph, making it a lot more enticing to use.

The Tattoo of the Arohongui Warrior is perfect for physical-to-cold damage Tornado Shot builds. If you are using this particular version, make sure to populate some of your DEX nodes with this Tattoo as well.

Passive Tree

Passive Tree for the Tornado Shot Deadeye


Tornado Shot Deadeye (Main)

Tornado Shot Deadeye (Magic Find Version)

Tornado Shot Deadeye (Heatshiver)

Final Thoughts

Tornado Shot Deadeye is one of the best builds in Path of Exile. It is quick, deals a lot of damage, and can handle even the most difficult content in the game.

There’s one important thing that you have to keep in mind, though. For Tornado Shot builds to feel good, you have to be willing to invest a ton of PoE currency. With the changes implemented in the current league, we would say that the minimum budget is more than 80 Divine Orbs. Of course, the more currency you spend, the better the overall performance of the build will be.

Most of your currency is going to be spent on the bow. If you’re on a tight budget, you can craft a good enough tri-element bow using elemental essences (Hatred, Anger, or Wrath). For physical bows, use Shrieking/Deafening Essences of Contempt. These essences are much more expensive than the elemental ones, thus you need to have enough currency ready if you’re going to tackle this project.

For those who want to know if this build is still relevant in the current league, yes, of course! But, as we’ve mentioned many times in the build guide, you will now need to spend exorbitant amounts of currency to get the most out of it.

So there you have it! Hopefully, this guide has helped you create the best Tornado Shot Deadeye build in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis League!


+Still one of the best bow skills in the game

+Amazing mapper

+Capable of eliminating pinnacle bosses with ease


-No longer as accessible as in the previous league

-Heavy-handed nerfs force players to spend more currency into the build to compensate

-Now more expensive than ever before

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