Uber Fury Druid D2R Build Guide

05.03.2023 - 18:09:35
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Uber Fury Druid D2R Build Guide

The druid is an overlooked class in D2R, especially when it comes to uber clearance, with most opting for the standard Uber Smiter, or the new Mosaic Assassin. The druid however, offers the most affordable option, as well as providing equally as effective uber clearing and torch farming. This build is highly recommended for anyone with minimal wealth and wants an achievable build to accumulate wealth.

The goal of this guide is to help you build an effective Uber Wolf that can reach high damage with Fury, have over 5000 life, and reach the most efficient FHR, Crushing Blow, Open Wound, Deadly Strike, Life Leech, and Resistances combo as possible, for efficient solo ubering.


The recommended stats are as follows:

Strength - Base enough for gear.

Dexterity - None.

Vitality - Rest (Vita build)

Energy - None.

Gear ItemBenefits/Stats
WeaponOhm’d Up’d Ribcracker: 50% more Crushing Blow & 50% FHR
ArmorCoH (Chains of Honor): Significant res, +2 skills, damage to demons & undead
HeadUm’d Jalal’s: FHR, res, +skills, Um provides additional resistances
GlovesDracul’s Grasp: OW, LL, lifetap for sustain without potions
BootsGore Riders: CB, DS, OW
BeltVerdungo’s: Life rep, vitality, FHR, damage reduction
 Thundergod’s: Best lightning absorb tool
AmuletHighlord's: Light res, +1 skill, IAS, significant Deadly Strike
Ring1Ravenfrost: Good AR, dex, ‘cannot be frozen’
Ring2Ravenfrost/Wisp: Switch between depending on specific elements faced
SwitchCTA (Call to Arms) + Spirit
CharmsAnni is standard with no Torch. You can fill up the rest of your inventory with SS (+life preferred) and small charms with the following mods:
Life / resistances / FHR / Max damage + AR
Skill Build
SkillBenefits and Stats
Werewolf (20)Provides additional damage and life leech in werewolf form.
Lycanthropy (20)Provides bonuses to werewolf form, including increased life and attack rating.
Fury (20)Main skill, deals physical damage and can hit multiple targets.
Oak Sage (20)Provides extra life to the player and their party.
Carrion Vine (1)Gives replenished life for each corpse it eats. Useful for sustain during extended battles.
Cyclone Armor (rest)A defensive skill that creates a protective whirlwind around the player, providing significant elemental damage reduction.
Cyclone Armor Synergies (1 in each)These synergies increase the effectiveness of Cyclone Armor, making it an even stronger defensive option.

To hire a mercenary, you have the choice between a Defensive (Holy Freeze) or an Offensive (Might) Act 2 Nightmare Mercenary. The Defensive mercenary can provide extra safety while the Offensive mercenary can deal more damage. For optimal mercenary gear, your best option is to equip them with an Ethereal The Reaper's Toll (Decrepify) as their weapon, an Ethereal Fortitude as their body armor, and an Ethereal Andariel's Visage socketed with a Ral Rune as their helm.

Non-Uber PvM Variant:

If you are not using this Druid for uber torch farming, you may want to consider other items for more balanced gameplay, as opposed to specialized Boss-killing. Here are some alternatives you can consider:

SlotItem OptionsOverview
WeaponsEthereal Breath of the Dying 2 Hand WeaponHigh damage and crushing blow
 Ethereal Tomb ReaverHigh damage and life tap, requires Ethereal and Zod rune for Indestructibility.
 Ethereal Oath Feral AxeGood damage, attack speed, and bonus skills.
 Grief Phase BladeHigh damage, fast attack speed, and bonus damage to demons and undead.
Shield for 1 hand Weapon optionsPhoenix MonarchGood survivability, sustain and enhanced damage.
 StormshieldHigh defense and damage reduction and resistances.
 SanctuaryGood resistances and damage reduction.
 Moser's Blessed CircleGood block chance and resistances.
 RhymeGood resistances and chance to cast Freeze when struck.
HelmetsMetamorphosisGood damage and bonus skills.
 Guillaume's FaceGood crushing blow and deadly strike.
 Crown of AgesGood resistances and damage reduction, requires socketing. Recommend 2 Ber for optimal Damage reduction (31 max)
 Harlequin CrestGood life, mana, skills and MF (great all rounder)
 Cerebus' BiteGood leech and open wounds.
 Vampire GazeGood life leech and damage reduction.
BodyFortitudeGood damage, resistances, and life.
ArmorsChains of HonorGood damage, resistances, and bonus skills.
 TreacheryGood attack speed and chance to cast Fade.
 EnigmaGood mobility (FRW) and bonus skills. While you can’t cast teleport while you’re transformed, Enigma is still a viable option.
 ShaftstopGood defense and damage reduction.
GlovesLaying of HandsGood damage against demons and undead as well as 20IAS.
 SteelrendGood damage and defense with attack modifiers.
 Lava GoutGood fire damage with enchant and huge bonus AR.
 Soul DrainerGood life and mana leech, chance to cast Life Tap.
BeltsNosferatu's CoilGood life and mana leech, chance to cast Weaken.
 String of EarsGood damage reduction against melee attacks.
 Goldwrap Battle BeltGood magic find.
 Thundergod's VigorGood resistance and absorb (a specific use-case)
BootsWar TravelerGood magic find and bonus attributes.
 Goblin ToeGood crushing blow and deadly strike.
 Aldur's AdvanceGood movement speed and fire resistance.
Important Wereform breakpoint (and Bear + Human comparison)

You will notice from the graph that the wolf form has significant FHR benefits over human or Bear, thus requiring none or little investment, to achieve significant results.

Action FrameHuman, Two-Handed WeaponHuman, One-Handed WeaponWolfBear

As a Fury Druid, it's important to keep your Feral Rage stacks up to receive maximum bonuses. To do this, hit monsters with it occasionally in-between bouts of Fury. Additionally, make sure to consistently re-cast Summons such as Heart of Wolverine and Summon Grizzly as needed to ensure you have a constant stream of support.

To keep yourself and your summons strong, maintain your Battle Command and Battle Orders buffs at all times. With Metamorphosis equipped, transform into a Werebear and attack the first monster you encounter with Maul to gain the "Mark of the Bear" bonuses. Once its stat bonus Aura is confirmed, transform into a Werewolf.

For the Damage Fury Druid Build Variant, use Brand on Weapon-Swap to easily decimate monsters in High Player Count with its fairly reliable Amplify Damage proc. And finally, when it comes to defeating Uber Bosses you should have all the tools you need to not only survive, but deal unhealable, crushing damage.

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