Ultimate Combat Relic Guide: OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded

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Ultimate Combat Relic Guide: OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded

If you have clicked on this guide, either you are stuck making a decision on which relics and areas to choose or you are looking to get into leagues but don't know how to make a build. In this guide we are going to cover all the relics and areas that go the best with them, without further ado let's begin.

Combat Routes

Combat is one of the most important aspects in OSRS Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues. Since you can only choose to buff up one of your combat styles and can only choose 3 areas (aside from starting zones) you really need to think carefully about what you want to pick. You do not want to end up in an area where it doesn't upgrade your selected combat style.

Before we begin let me break down each combat styles tier in terms of raw power against all the content in this League.

Archer's EmbraceRangedS+
Superior SorcererMagicS
Brawler's ResolveMeleeA+

Archer's Embrace

  • Ranged weapons with an attack speed above 4 (2.4 seconds) will have it halved, rounded down.
  • Ranged weapons with an attack speed below 3 (1.8 seconds) will have it halved, rounded up.
  • The player's ranged accuracy is doubled.
  • Successful hits have a 10% chance to fire an extra projectile, with a damage roll independent from the first.
  • Players will save 90% of the ammunition they use on ranged weapons. Stacks with Ava's devices for a maximum of 98% savings.
    • Applicable charged weapons include the crystal bow, Bow of Faerdhinen, chinchompas, venator bow, and toxic blowpipe.
  • Enchanted bolts have a doubled chance to activate.

Going for a ranged build in this league is the most meta thing you can do. Having increased enchanted bolt proc chance alongside being able to shoot 2 bolts every 2 ticks is pretty broken in almost every scenario. You can immediately hit your power spike by simply obtaining a rune crossbow very early on. In the late game you will be constantly hitting 110's with a Zaryte crossbow on almost every high end boss. If you don't like using crossbows you can opt into using the twisted bow which also becomes a 2 tick weapon if you pick Archer's Embrace.

Superior Sorcerer

  • Magic weapons have an attack speed of 2 (1.2 seconds).
  • The player's magic accuracy and damage are increased by 175% and 20% respectively.
  • Players will save 90% of the runes they use when casting spells, including charges from powered staves.
  • In multicombat areas, magic attacks will damage up to 5 surrounding targets for up to 25% of the initial damage dealt on the primary target.
  • Spells that bind/freeze the target will always hit, providing that they are not immune or are already bound.
  • Players will be given the arcane grimoire and rune pouch, providing that they are in a bank.
    • The grimoire will allow the changing of spellbooks from the inventory, providing players have unlocked them.
    • The rune pouch can store five types of runes, while the divine rune pouch can store six.

Although it is not the most overpowered build in the League, it is definitely a player favourite and there are good reasons for that. Magic is the best early game relic. If you are looking to breeze through the early game and have a very strong late game this is the relic for you. Magic has the highest DPS in the early game because of it being extremely accurate. You can also just buy the runes that you need, even in the very beginning of the game, this makes it so that you never really have to worry about "ammunition" unlike the ranged relic where you have to craft or find the ammo that you need. You can use blood spells to pretty much AFK any monster without worrying about food. The reason why this relic is an S tier instead of S+ is because of its mid-game. During the mid-game this build gets stagnant and the reason for that is drop chances. Even though you have a boosted drop chance of 5x in this league you can still go dry and if you do it might even take you weeks to get one upgrade with this build.

Brawlers Resolve

  • Melee weapons with an attack speed above 4 (2.4 seconds) will have it halved, rounded down.
  • Melee weapons with an attack speed below 3 (1.8 seconds) will have it halved, rounded up.
  • The player's melee accuracy, as well as melee, ranged, and magic defence, are increased by 50%.
  • Successful hits have a 10% chance to deal double damage.
  • Players will save 90% of the charges they use on applicable melee weapons.
  • Immunity to all status effects from NPCs and players, including (but not limited) to poison, venom, dragonfire, and icy breath. Excludes stuns, roots, and slayer monster attacks (such as banshee shrieks).

Melee is also a really strong pick if you want to go for it. But brace yourself as melee has no easy shortcuts thus landing it in A tier. Melee has a rough early game due to a lack of good weapons and slow experience. This can be mitigated a little bit with your area choices but we will get into that later. Most high end bosses in the game are not optimal for melee kills and some are straight up impossible to kill with melee. Make sure you are aware of this when you are picking this relic. However it is extremely fun to go for a melee build given how many weapons and different special attacks there are for it. With magic and ranged you only really have 1-2 weapons that you can use but with melee you have an entire arsenal at your disposal.

One last little piece of advice, pick the relic and zones that you find fun. This is the most important aspect of Leagues. If you pick zones and relics just because they are optimal you might hate your time playing a fun game mode.



So let's start our deep dive with the worst relic and make our way up. If you want to go for a melee build I have some great news for you. The starting zones are already great, Misthalin providing you with a dragon longsword and a dagger and Karamja providing you with full obsidian armour and the best in slot melee capes. Before we get into the optimal routes let's look at what we can get from each zone in terms of melee power:

AreaItems & Buffs
Amulet of torture
Fighter torso
AsgarniaBandos & Torva
Void armour
All the godswords
Dragon defender
Dragon and Primordial boots
MorytaniaJusticar armour
Avernic defender
Ghrazi rapier
Scythe of vitur
Amulet of blood fury
Slayer helmet
Barrows armors
Inquisitor armour
Inquisitor mace
DesertSoulreaper axe
Light bearer
Osmuten's fang
FremennikNeitzinot helmet and faceguard
Berserker ring
Soulreaper axe
Leaf-bladed battleaxe
KourendDragon claws
Soulrepaer axe
Dragon hunter lance
Dinh's bulwark
TirannwnBlade of saeldor
Ursine chainmace
Wildy rings
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Here are the zones that you might want to pick: (feel free to change the unlock orders of the zones)

Route 1 K.A.M

Kandarin → Morytania → Asgarnia


This is the classic melee route that you can take. In this route Kandarin is your support region whereas Morytania and Asgarnia are your main areas. Getting that slayer helmet from Morytania and best in slot melee gear from Asgarnia is definitely the way to go. Especially if you are going for the weapon master relic as well. However Kandarin can be changed especially if you are going to use the Ruinous powers.

Route 2: A.M.D

Asgarnia → Morytania → Desert


If you are picking the Ruinous powers relics you don't really need Kandarin and can go for a different area. Desert is amazing and complements Asgarnia really well. Getting a light bearer combined with a weapon master is really powerful. A fang will be your best in slot in almost everything until you get a scythe and it is really easy to get unlike the scythe.

Route 3 F.M.A


Fremennik → Morytania → Asgarnia

Again if you are not going for piety, you can pick Fremennik, which will unlock a lot of easy to get strength bonuses. Not to mention a really powerful weapon for the early game which is the leaf-bladed battleaxe.

Route 4 W.M.A


Wilderness → Morytania → Asgarnia

This is a really powerful combo that gets overlooked. Wilderness is the best support region out there and allows you to power level and farm money really quickly. This will allow you to pick bankers note without any worries for money. Voidwaker is also a really powerful weapon having an extremely accurate special attack.

Route 5 K.M.A


If you want to do more than 1 raid and go for a dragon claws and dinh's bulwark. This might seem like a bad choice at first but remember the melee relic provides a 50% increase to your defensive stats and Dinh's bulwark scales with your defence, so you can go for a "door" build. This build also requires full justicar for maximum defence bonuses.

So the main takeaway from this is the fact that it is almost necessary for you to pick Asgarnia and Morytania but you can change the last one depending on what you want to do.


Just like in the Melee routes you will see a similar pattern of the same two zones appearing in every route but before we get into that let's talk about the zones and what they can provide you in terms of raw magic power:

AreaItems & Buffs
KandarinOccult necklace
Tormented bracelets
Trident of the seas
Warped sceptre
Mystic robes
AsgarniaVoid armour
Eternal boots
Virtus armour
MorytaniaNightmare staff and orbs
Ahrims armour set
Sanguinesti staff
Slayer helmet
DesertTumukens shadow
Virtus armour
Infinity robes
Ancient spellbook
FremennikSeers ring and ring upgrades
Lunar spellbook
Wrath runes
Saturated heart
KourendAncestral robes
Augury prayer
Kodai wand
Arceuus spellbook
Thammaron's sceptre
Wildy rings
Dagon'hai robes
Malediction ward

Here are the zones that you might want to pick: (feel free to change the unlock orders of the zones)

Route 1 D.K.K

Desert → Kandarin → Kourend


This is the completionist best in slot route. From the Desert you get your ancient spellbook which is a must for magic, your mid tier robes and wand which is infinity robes and master wand. You can also get full Virtus by killing the Leviathan and lastly you get access to your absolute best in slot weapon which is the Tumuken's shadow. Kandarin is another must have for magic, no other region can increase your magic damage as much as this region. You get your best in slot glove slot as well as your amulet slot and also you get access to the trident which is a very easy weapon that you can get that is a must have for raids before shadow. Lastly Kourend, it is not necessary but if you want to have the absolute max of everything you can go there. Full ancestral is the best magic robe there is not to mention having the Arceuus spellbook will greatly boost your overall damage. Another benefit this region has is augury, if you get this prayer you don't really need to unlock the Ruinous powers relic and instead go for another option, this is totally a personal preference.

Route 2 D.K.F

Desert → Kandarin → Fremennik


Desert and Kandarin are your must haves but you can swap out Kourend with anything you like. Here is one option: Fremennik is really close to Kourend in terms of magic damage. You get your best in slot magic ring and more importantly you get access to the saturated heart, which is an upgraded version of the imbued heart. You also get access to the Lunar spell book which is a cool little utility upgrade.

Route 3 D.K.A


Desert → Kandarin → Asgarnia

Although Asgarnia doesn't really have anything that good for magic, it can be a good option since you will be getting your best in slots for all combat styles, which you will need while doing raids. Two cool little upgrades are the eternal boots which are not that good and the boss Whisperer. Yes you can kill the Leviathan already but Whisperer is much easier and is weak to magic attacks so you will be absolutely destroying this boss with your build.

Route 4 W.D.K


Wilderness → Desert → Kandarin

As we talked before Wilderness is the best support region out there so you can apply a similar strategy as the melee version and pick it first. It will provide you with the dagon'hai robes and thammaron's sceptre, which is one of the few magic based weapons that have a special attack. Not to mention voidwakers special attack also hits with magic.

Route 5 K.K.F


Kourend → Kandarin → Fremennik

This route is a bit different, it is a fire surge route with the tome of fire alongside smoke battle staff. It would be nice to fit Morytania in here for those nightmare staffs but it is impossible to do so since Fremennik is a hard requirement for surge spells.

So if you want to go for an easy ride meta build you must pick Kandarin and Desert.

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Here we arrive at the most overpowered build out of them all, the ranged build. Here is the area overlook:

AreaItems & Buffs
KandarinNecklace of anguish
Heavy ballista
Armadyl armour
Armadyl crossbow
Zaryte crossbow
Void armour
MorytaniaKaril's armour and crossbow
Slayer helemet
DesertMasori armour
FremennikArcher's ring and upgrade
Ava's device and upgrade
Venator bow
KourendTwisted bow
Rigour prayer
Dragon hunter crossbow
Twisted buckler
Elven armour
Toxic blowpipe
WildernessWebweaver bow
Odium ward

Route 1 A.D.K

Asgarnia → Desert → Kourend


This is the absolute best ranged route. With these picks you pretty much get access to everything. You will be getting your full Armadyl and best in slot crossbows from Asgarnia. You will be upgrading your Armadyl in the desert and getting a light bearer and in Kourend you will be getting your best prayer, best off-hand and the best 2 handed bow. With this set up you will also want to go for the weapon master relic to fully utilise your build.

Route 2 T.A.D


Tirannwn → Asgarnia → Desert

If you do not want to do 2 raids in 1 league you might want to go for the elven region. Even though it is not as powerful as a twisted bow you can still use BOWFA for your grinds really early on. This place also houses the legendary blowpipe which becomes a machine gun in this League attacking every tick.

Route 3 W.A.D

Wilderness → Asgarnia → Desert


Wilderness doesn't add anything to the build but you can still obtain the webweaver bow and have some fun while raking in a lot of money. You can also get the odium ward for your crossbow.

Route 4 F.A.D


Fremennik → Asgarnia → Desert

This is the route that you want to go for, if you want to have the best bolts and range accuracy. Dragon slayer 2 unlocks the best Ava's device out there and also unlocks the dragon bolts. So if you just want to abuse your crossbow this is the route to go!

For ranged the Zaryte crossbow alongside weapon master is a must have. Hope you found this guide useful and happy Leagues!

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